Thursday, January 23, 2014

My January

Remember that Textbroker site that I had mentioned in my previous article?  The one where you can get a little extra money (for me to spend on wax orders, that is!) for writing articles about pre-decided topics.  It is CRAMPING my blog posting STYLE!  So I took the day off.

My New Year's Resolution was to cook more, in the crockpot and out.  There is little that I love more (except for well, wax) than for my taste buds to be surprised, stunned, and pleasured by new dishes!  I would love to try Thai food, Japanese (other than sushi) food, Indian food, etc.  And really just want to learn how to cook regular things!  I aspire to be that mom-type who clips coupons and uses the crockpot while shuffling her kids off to soccer practice and dance recitals.  But before I do all that, I learn to cook and dine to unique and flavorful dishes!   I have been experimenting with crockpot "dump cakes" where all you do, is put a can of fruit (any kind), cake mix (any kind), and a stick of butter (in that order) and let it cook for three hours on high.  That sounds like my kind of recipe!

So you think, OK, this girl has got to have a bunch of orders with all this Textbroker money we've been hearing about.  Sadly, so I'm told, bills trump wax. (Who came up with that idea?)  I finally made a nice big order with The Bathing Garden when she restocked this past Monday January 19th.   I could not be MORE EXCITED about my order!!  I didn't order any scrubs this time, because I am still using my four scrubs that I bought in November plus I really really need more wax!  Here's what I ordered!!

The Bathing Garden 1/19/14

A) Marshmallow Cookie Jar
B) Marshmallow Cookie Jar
C) Marshmallow Frosted Tangerine
D) Sleepy
E) Sleepy
F) Pomegranate Lime Sweet Tart
G) Cheshire Cat
H) Cleopatra's Cream Bath
I) Illusions of the Labyrinth
J) Guava Berry Gelato
K) Gardenia Coconut Cream

Some of these are "whims" that I just have heard so much about and need to see if they are worth the hype!  Like Illusions of the Labyrinth is supposed to be a Lush Calacas dupe, and I have never even smelled the Lush dupe, and since it is a unique fruity blend, I wanted to try it!

PLUS I won a contest on Vintage Chic Scents and got a clamshell, a 3pack of roses, and a scent shot, along with two samples!

Clamshell was in Walk of Fame
Roses were in Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'
Scentshot was in The Saturday Evening Post

Samples were in Aunt Bee and War of the Worlds.

Everything smells great cold sniff, I am being good and letting them cure!

I also took a page out of Sunnee's old playbook and decided to keep my empties as a way of incentive to keep them and how they add up!! This is over the past few weeks!!

TBG Marshmallow Cookie Jar
TBG Boo Berry
TBG Sugar Leaf
HHS Pink Noel Cake Batter
FP Pumpkin Blueberry Bread
CBV Peachy Pink Coral
JLCCW Strawberry Passion/Sugar Cookie Brulee
PPS Pink Dipity
HHS Twinkies
CBV Stress Relief
Streetman Bonfire on the Beach
TBG North Pole Ozone
Butterfly Lane Pink Cupcake
Streetman Raspberry ISCDB
TBG Sleepy
HHS Buttermilk Sugar Cookie
HHS Raspberry Zinger
HHS Pink Chiffon
FP Banana Marshmallow Cookies
PPS Fresh Baked Bread
Kimrie Anne's Orange Sherbert/Rainbow Sherbert
Crosscreek Elf Treats
Aunt Smellman Honey Lavender
Aunt Smellman Lavender Martini
L3 Pink Raspberry Peach Sorbet
HHS Granma's Spiced Apples & Peaches
Kimrie's BooBerry Birthday Cake
FP Sugary Apples
CFOW Sugary French Toast
K's Kreation's Sweet Potato Pie
Aunt Smellman Pumpkin Pie
Aunt Smellman Toasted Birthday Cake
LSC Pink Sugar Melons
Kimrie Anne's Pink Lavender Butter Fudge
Kimrie Anne's Serendipity Cream Pie
Kimrie Anne's Brown Sugar Cookie Dough
Kimrie Anne's Pink Wildberry Mousse Vanilla Sugar Cone
Streetman's Lavender Sheets
FP Spicy Apples and Peaches
LCP Pistachio Coconut Fluff ZB
Butterfly Lane Frosted Sugar Cookie Dough
HHS Toasted Bubble Gum Cotton Candy
HHS Pink Noel
HHS Granma's Monkey Farts
Shayz Blueberry Marshmallow
Shayz Pink Toastie Marshmallow
HHS Pistachio Coconut Fluff
HHS Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies
HHS Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookies
Crosscreek Pink Sugared Spruce

It's been a few weeks, which is probably why my list is so long!! Long list of empties!! I do like the look of all the empties!!

I have to shout out to Crosscreek, I ordered with a friend and got five singles each in a Christmas sampler.  I put on Elf's Treats, in my bulb warmer, a single mind you, and it was blowing into my living room and across my apartment.  SO STRONG!! The other's I had were good but not as mind-blowingly strong as that one.

I hope everyone is adjusting to writing 2014!! I know it's taken me a little getting used to!!

Have a great week!!