Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I can't believe its actually been two years since writing a blog post.  Two years! And what happened in that two years?  Well, mainly a lot of working, eating, sleeping: rinse and repeat.  Very boring.

Recap: The past two years have not been great financial-wise and my car is a MAJOR, if not whole reason for it.  Having one car and having two people working was pretty difficult, but we are lucky to live near a few establishments that hire pretty frequently. Plus my car (being 30+years old) always needs some sort of repair.  Last time I posted, I was just getting settled from moving from loud, noisy, privacy-invading apartments into a house! We are still renting, but we are getting closer to one to buy!

Fast forward to September 2015.  I was let go from my job. I never liked my job, really kinda hated it, but I have never not worked since I was 16.  I was in tears/emotional shambles for days/weeks. My husband had just put in a notice to his job so he could look for something work-wise.  It was not a great time.

Luckily, we had a little help and my husband got on working in construction!  Sometimes its a whole week, sometimes its a few days but it pays the bills.  We decided together that if he could do that and pay what we needed to pay, that I could stay home.  (WHHHHATT!?) I have no children, so that means, taking care of the house, making sure all the errands are ran, phone calls that are needed to be made, are, and attending to his needs.

There is many a controversy about what kind of wife/woman you want to be.  Nowadays, its about being a modern woman: career first, family later/second.  When I was growing up, my mom stayed home with us until my youngest sister started second grade.  It was great, and it really made me think that everyone else's mom could do that too.  Now that I have my own house and my husband, staying at home has given me a chance to explore and experience the type of person that I am! I have found things that I never knew that I would enjoy!! And I will not lie, many of them are very women-stereotype.

In high school, I was in an advanced English class and was the esteemed, no bars held feminist.  Yeah, me.
I hated the fact that any one could be held back/down for what they were born being.  I also didn't want guys thinking that I was a push over because I was nice.  That happened a lot, and not just with boyfriends.  Towards and into my Senior Year, I realized that I was not GIRL POWER, but I believed in all genders, races, everyone to be equal.

To tie all this in, I laugh and somewhat feel that I need to defend myself when I tell people the hobbies I like, and how I love to take care of my husband.  They ask, "Well, what about you?  When do you take care of you?  My husband can take care of himself.  He doesn't do anything for me." Etc etc.  I ENJOY it! Not only that, its not one-sided.  A few mornings ago, I was asleep with my usual quilt, and my husband got up to get ready for work. I woke up to find another blanket over me.  I had to smile.  My sweet, wonderful husband took the time while groggy/waking up himself to do something nice for me, even though I couldn't be grateful for it right then.

Some of these hobbies are brand new!  Some of these, I've been into for a little while!  My latest hobby has been gardening!  I never thought in a million years that I would have the patience and determination to garden.  Ever.  My father gardened a little bit when I was smaller, and my mother had a black thumb.  Killed cacti and other "non-killable plants".
I went to Home Depot with my in-laws and my husband, and picked out a Sweet Basil, Curly Parsley and Cilantro plant!  They are doing really well so far!!

I have been cooking, healthy cooking, researching nutritional benefits to more and more foods! Everyone has to eat right?  I was so jealous watching cooking videos where people were like, "Yeahhh I just picked this herb right out of my garden." Brilliant.  My plan, is if I am successful this year with my herbs, I want to grow tomatoes, bell peppers, kale, etc.  I can cook/bake with this beautiful produce!! That to me, is amazing!!

My mother-in-law got pots of flowers.  They were beautiful, but I told my husband that I'm not putting the effort in, unless I get something tangible out of it.  I'm a total foodie... 

And this is coming from someone who couldn't boil a pot of water.  Me.  This learning how to cook, is very late-coming!  I have been cooking a little bit (alot but more on that later) ... I've been so into Mexican food lately (thus the cilantro!) Here's one of my little 'creations' that I have been enjoying lately!!

I like to call it a Simple Burrito Bowl! I mix some rice, black beans, avocado, and Goya Criollo.  That is something my husband grew up eating beans with and the ONLY way I will eat any beans!  lol It's delicious!! Definitely something to check out if you haven't ever had it.  Its originally a marinade!! 

I'm always up for new recipes and gardening tips! If anyone has anything they want to share, comment down below! I'll try and make it and make a specific post for it!
Thanks guys!! It's good to be back!  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catching Up Again

For those of you who don't know, I have been retrieving the internet off of my phone after the internet company decided to charge me the same for way less internet.  However, I think I may have found a substitute!! We will see!!

My phone HATES blogspot!  It barely lets me log in before it kicks me right back out!! Drives me crazy!

Therefore: I have been absent from my blogging duties.

UFGATORBUGG (Julie) encouraged me to, when I next time hit the library for coupons (yes I've been couponing and hoarding) that I should write a blogpost!  Sometimes when I go to the library, all the things I want to do when I go to a normal desktop computer instantly flies out of my mind, and I'm like, "What did I want to do again??"  It goes back to that, "I don't need to write this down, I will remember this" lie.

So a little recap:  I have recently (in the past few months) have become one of the administrators for Haley's Heavenly Scents!! (YAYYYY!!!) She is one of my favorite vendors and I'm so proud and happy to be apart of a great team!! And being an administrator, yes I am going to post the sale HHS is having.

Haley's Heavenly Scents SALE!
June 6th-June 8th

Free Shipping over $25
15% off all products
Orders over $50+ gets a free BODY POLISH!

Free shipping over $25
15% off all products

1) $25: Free Shipping and One Free Bag of scallops
2) $50: 2 Free Bags of Scallops and a Clamshell
3) $75: 3 Free Bags of Scallops and a Bag of Mystery Tarts
4) $100: 3 Free Bags of Scallops, One Pound of Brittle, and a Bag of Mystery Tarts
5) $150+: 3 Free Bags of Scallops, TWO Pounds of Brittle, and a Bag of Mystery Tarts

I've been really excited about this sale!! I've already started plotting my next order!!

I also just recently got a HHS order!!!

This had 4 Pink Noel, 3 Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookies, 3 Apricot Twinkies, 2 Granma's Serendipity, 2 Pink Serendipity VSCDB, 2 Granma's Toasted Chubba Dubba, Pink Watermelon Punch, Honeysuckle, Vanilla Bean Noel Twinkies, Mango Lime Smoothie, Downy Lavender Vanilla, and Pink Chiffon.

Freebies: Granma's Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Granma's Wildberry Mousse/Pink Twinkies, and Pink Watermelon/Apricot Twinkies

Cups: Toasted Peeps (Sale) and Grape (Freebie)

I'm also expecting a Shayz Order that I made Thursday!! Lots of Pink Serendipity and Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar!! Just in time for summer!!!

I have also been couponing.  Does anyone coupon like a hobby?? I have been loving sites like and  I plan to take a picture once I make my little "haul" :D 

Hope everyone has been doing well and I want to know what I've been missing!! What vendors have you found/liked?  What scents?  Has anyone tried the Thumbprint Cookie Scent?  Or Cookie Butter Crack?  Inquiring Minds want to know!!

I missed doing this!! I hope I can do another one of these soon!! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aunt Smellman Review Part 2

Hello everyone!  And welcome to the second installment of the Aunt Smellman Review!

If you have not read the first part of the review, it should be two posts back.

I promised more pictures right?? Yes, I did!! And I will deliver!! lol

These were the singles I got!!  They traveled pretty well!! Mandarin Tiki was a little smushed up, but the rest of them were good!! 

Then here are the clamshells I got!

What I wanted to show here is the "Pour Date" that she has
on all the clamshells!! I love that and hope/wish more vendors
would do this!! 

Aunt Smellman told me to wait a week, so I waited a week and melted a few of my clamshells and one or two of my singles! 

Pinkie's Lemon Chiffon/Pinkie's Sugar: Yep you can obviously tell I'm a Pink Sugar fan.  Can't get enough.  I had this melting in a 24watt hot plate warmer and had medium to strong throw for atleast 4-6hours.  I had originally gotten this one for Barry but I thoroughly enjoyed it!! The Lemon Chiffon part isn't a sickly sweet lemon, almost like a candy lemon with a twinge of Pink Sugar.  It was a really nice scent, although I'm surprised I didn't smell more Pink Sugar because it was in there twice.  

Pinkie's Sugar Headbanger: This is Aunt Smellman's version of a double strength Sinus Relief!  When I smelled it on cold, it smelled like a pretty peppermint (probably the result of the Pink Sugar) but it didn't smell like it'd be super strong sinus reliever like the "HeadBanger" part implies.  But when I melted the two cubes, it took OVER!  Peppermint is notoriously a strong scent, and the scent definitely lived up to its name.  It even started giving me a headache a little, so I had to turn it off after an hour.  (Sorry!) If you get this scent, try half a scent shot or one cube.  This was melted in a 24watt hot plate.

Berry Blast: This was one of the singles that I had received.  I had received a few singles in the past that when melted in my lightbulb warmer, was SUPER STRONG!  So strong, that I'd have to cut them in half!  I put Berry Blast in my kitchen and this one definitely wasn't as strong as the other singles that I had tried.  I smelled a little when it traveled in my living room (about fifteen feet) but it was a light scent for me.

Toasted Marshmallow/Birthday Cake: I tried melting this one in my lightbulb warmer and it was light.  However, I tried it again in my 24watt hot plate and it was a good thrower there!! I got a good throw for about 2-3 hours then it trickled into a light scent.  

Overall: I think I would order from Aunt Smellman again.  Aunt Smellman has some good scents, that threw well for me and even surprised me.  And there are some scents that I probably wouldn't reorder.  I'm still melting and finding new scents that surprise me.  One scent that I keep forgetting to try that I have is Pinkie's Sugar Pouty Pucker.  It smells SOO good cold and I think it'll be a great performer!! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Regular Regular Post!

Finally made it to the library to tell you guys about Aunt Smellman and talk about our regularly waxy scheduled programs!

I have been melting some seriously awesome wax melts this week!! For example:

TBG Cleopatra's Cream Bath - This one lasts forever!! It's on its second day and I'm inlove!
TBG Gardenia Coconut Cream - This one I really thought I wasn't going to like, because I'm not a big Gardenia fan, but this is SUCH a good combo!  I'll reorder it again and again!
Shayz Pink Sugar Vanilla Bean
Shayz Pink Dreams  - This one smelled different than I remember it.  It had some weird citrus to it this time... versus having a soothing effect.  It may have been the warmer I was using. 
RG Strawberry Serendipity
Daphne's Serendipity Vanilla Butter Fudge
Daphne's Hot Pink Lime Serendipity - This is such an interesting combo too!! Love it!
HHS Pink Noel
Shayz Pink Toastie Marshmallow
Front Porch  Sweet Dreams 
Streetman's Lavender Sheets
K's Kreations Sea Island Strawberries

I also put in a RTS order to Scent Illusions!  I have seen a few of my people who I know are picky about scents, that I trust their opinion, talk about Scent Illusions!  So I figured why not? 

I got these beautiful pies: one in raspberry/pomegranate/cotton candy and fresh squeezed orange/coconut/cupcake for $22 shipped!! They sound amazing and I can't wait to try them and display them in my wax shelf!

The only order I am still waiting on is from Haley's Heavenly Scents, which I placed on 3/05, so I'm still way within TAT!  I don't mind from waiting for HHS (even though I'm impatient as all get out!) because I know Janet always comes through!!  And never disappoints!

I hope everyone is melting some fabulous things!! I'd love to hear about them!! Sound off in the comments!

Aunt Smellman Review Part 1

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII EVERYBODY!!! (In a Grover type voice from Sesame Street)

I tell you what, having a phone with internet has its perks, but it also has its drawbacks!!

I have missed blogging!! Between working and being lazy at home (because who wants to willingly leave their wax and nice comfortable home?) I've barely made it to the library!

Luckily, I found an opening to make another order which I will make a separate post about!

This particular post is the first part of my two part Aunt Smellman review!!!

Aunt Smellman, around two weeks ago, made a post for Youtube vloggers and bloggers that stated for a review for her wax, she would give a discount for the reviewed order.

Prior to this order, I have never ordered from Aunt Smellman in the past, but have received a few tarts from Round Robins, destashes, and swaps.  What I have tried had always put Aunt Smellman on my "Need to Order From Very Soon" list. 

I thought to myself, "No better time than the present!" and sent her a list of different scents and products which she invoiced me for.

Here is what I ordered:
Clam Shell: Pinkie's Tangerine Lavender 
Custom Blend: Aloha Pineapple/Vanilla Bean Noel  
Custom Blend: Toasted Marshmallow/Birthday Cake
Custom Blend: Pinkie's Lemon Chiffon/Pinkie's Sugar
Custom Blend: Headbanger/Pinkie's Sugar 
Custom Blend: Pouty Pucker/ Pinkie's Sugar 
Berry Blast
Bora Bora 
Breezes and Sunshine
Cashmere Sweater
False Eyelashes
Hot Pink Lime
Lickity Split
Mandarin Tiki
Paris Twilight
Rachel's Blue Moon
Raspberry Macaroon
Satin Serendipity
Vampires In Love
Pink Sands
Lavender Martini
Lavender Lemonade 

I ordered on March 11th and got the order today (March 25th) so it took about two weeks!! 

I took everything out of the envelope (I wasn't sure if I could share these pictures on this post from my phone (still learning) but the second part of the review will have PLENTY more pictures!!) And everything was well packed (with packing paper and peanuts).  Nothing was cracked or broken.

There was an invoice for my order and a business card included in the package.

One of the tarts that I had ordered (Rachel's Blue Moon) had been discontinued so Aunt Smellman replaced that one tart with three tarts for me to try.  Which was just fine with me :) 

I have asked Aunt Smellman how long to let these tarts cure for and she told me to wait one week before melting.  

My second part of this review will be after the one week curing time and will contain more pictures and some melted reviews!! Stay tuned!!

Her website is .  In my opinion, her website is very easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and what I love from any vendor webpage, has pictures of each product to go along with the listing.  

I can't wait to start melting!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Short and Sweet!

Hi everyone!!

Well I moved and everything went great with that!!  The only thing that is a downside, is that my internet provider told me that since I moved, that I get way less internet for the same price.  So I've only been able to get on with my phone, and won't let me post any blog posts!! Ugghh!! Which sucks cuz I've been able to take some pretty good pictures with my phone!

So I have been going to the library to do the things that I can't do on my phone!!

Be on the lookout for an Aunt Smellman review coming up!  Also got some fun orders between my last post and this one!!

I will be back!!  Hopefully in the next week or so!! <3

Have a great weekend everyone!! And keep on melting!! <3

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back on the FP BandWagon

I am sitting here with a big bowl of raeman noodles and thought of something I wanted to impart upon you all!!

I really enjoy the Roast Beef raeman noodles, which are hard to find in my area and can be found normally at one grocery store.  It's good, different, and doesn't have this bad stench that most of the other packets have.  I eat raeman noodles by choice, because they are cheap, easy, fill you up, and I don't have to think too much while making them or if I am going to mess them up.  Because when I cook, that happens.  The best part is, I have perfected the science how to cook them the way I like them, so they come out the same every single time! 

Eventually, the noodles by themselves get kinda boring.  I've found articles in different magazines (even health magazines) that tell you how to spice up your raeman!! My favorites have been raeman with scrambled eggs, cream cheese & kale, butter & shredded cheese, and I just made a new concoction where I pulsed some celery, potato, and onion and put it in there with a little parmesan cheese!!  Pretty good!!

If any of you help yourself to raeman noodles, definitely give one or two of these a try!! Or if you have a cool little raeman recipe, I'd love to hear it! <3

Back to wax!! I have been treating myself to tiny Front Porch orders here and there, and between a few restocks, got these!

4Pack Lavender Noel
4Pack Sandalwood
4Pack Lavender Pink Chiffon
4Pack Sweet Dreams
Single Lavender Marshmallow ZB
Single Marshmallow Mango Bread

What kinda sucks, is that I am 50cents away from the $25 mark to get refunded ten percent.  I'm thinking about just grabbing a single or something to put it over.  It's not like there aren't tons of scents I'm wanting to get.  I just love FP's lavender!! <3  I made a whole list of scents based on FP's new scent list that I want to try/get on my virtual sticky note program!  It's a LONG list!

I really forgot after not ordering FP for a long while how ADDICTING it is, with the free shipping incentive!  I mean, really really easy to just get a single or a four pack because you aren't paying any extra in shipping.  Soooooo nice to indulge a tiny (HUGE) want to order sometimes :D

It seems I have gravitated over to somewhat earthy/spa type of scents for the spring and summer.  Especially spring though.  It's just so relaxing to have a lavender or sandalwood scent on with a little fruit mixed in!  I'm still loving bakery, Pink Sugar and Serendipity too, but I think I am going to try to have EVERYTHING blended with that lavender from FP.  I'm obsessed, what can I say?  lol

Still waiting on my Shayz and my second FP order (above)!  My The Bathing Garden order (SO EXCITED!) should be shipping out Monday because I paid on the 24th! So I should be getting it, hopefully on Wednesday! 

And to make matters even more exciting, my moving day is on the 28th or the 1st of March!  So slowly packing everything up as time grows closer.  I'm moving to a different apartment in the same apartment complex, so nothing too different, just a little manual labor to keep the blood flowing and the bank account better padded! <3

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe weekend!!