Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post Christmas 2012

Anyone ready for the New Year?  2013?  It feels weird to even type!! I'm sure alot of us are still going to be writing 2012 for the whole month of January trying to get used to 2013, instead of 2012.

For me, alot of things have happened in 2012.  First of all, I got majorly addicted to WAX!! Yes, I have only been into wax (tarts) for a year!  It started with Yankee tarts, buying them off of Ebay from a kind seller who basically sold them to me for a $1 a tart, which is the same during the Yankee Sale Tartapalooza.  Then my friend was telling me about Front Porch tarts. So I tried Turtle Cheesecake, Ultimate Bakery, and Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread.  Thats what started me on Front Porch.  I started joining groups, learning about other vendors, and all of it spiraled to what is now a massive collection (in my opinion anyways!!) lol!

I also got married February 16th, 2012 to the best man in the whole wide world!!! 
That was the big things.  We also had Christmas photos!! I got PRESENTS!!  (I know, duh) but I got cool stuff!!

 I got a Lil Kitchen Candle lot!  3 Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread, 2 Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Zucchini, 2 Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, 1 Pink Sparkletini, Serendipity, Pink Candy Fluff!

Then Bath and Body Works, took advantage of a B3G3 shower gels, 2 Sparkling Blackberry Woods, 2 Midnight Pomegranate, and 2 Cashmere Glow!  Then $6 FFM's in Paris Amour, Cashmere Glow, Sparkling Blackberry Woods, and Midnight Pomegranate.  Gave another Cashmere Glow to my Sister in Law!

Also got that mixer that I got at Black Friday, got it wrapped up for me.  And some clothes from Gap!

Now for my melts!! I have been melting off and on!!
Barry put in Front Porch Pink Laundry and Cactus and Sea Salt <- both favorites!  High throw and great smells!! Also put on Pink Serendipity and Minty Pink by Shayz <- both are REORDERS!! :D :D

I have on now Watermelon Margarita by Crosscreek (love!), Mai Tai Twist by Nene's Kitchen Melts (love!), YOCC's Pink Kaleidoscope (Of course I love!), and Vanilla Grapefruit by Missy's Tempting Tarts (love me some Grapefruit!! <3

I've been so tired, most of my melts have been staying on for two or three days before I have the energy to change them out!  So that's why my melts are so infrequent.  I've been going to bed at 7PM, enough said!  LOL I'm hoping to mayyybbbeee get out of my current job and one of the MANY bonuses is MORE MELTING TIME!!!!!!!!  So cross your fingers for me!!

I plan on changing out my warmers today to something cozy!! Thanks guys!! Talk to you soon!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nearing the end... and MADE IT!

I am going ahead and doing this week's blog entry early this weekend, only because I'm sick and can't go back to sleep.  Plus my weekend is going to be a little funny.  I have to work until 2PM tomorrow (whereas I usually work until 10:30-11AM) and get Sunday off and Tuesday off.  I am so freakin' jealous of you people who actually get Christmas vacations.  My feet don't know what a vacation feels like anymore... unless you count when my hubby rubs them!! And believe me, that's a vacation to my feet <3  Thanks babe!!

So here it goes:

First: I GOT MY HALEY'S ORDER!!!!  YES YES YES YES YES!!! Pictures!!!!


What came out of the box!

After I sorted it!

This is from my box, my friend came by and gave me the rest of my stuff!! Soooooo wonderful!! <3 I ended up with two bags of Pink Sugar, two bags of Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, one bag of Pink Serendipity, one bag of Pink Sands, and one bag of Granma's Creamy VBN Bread!

Cups are: Strawberry Funnelcake (freebie), Jack Frost, Black Cherry Noel, Cotton Candy Funnel Cake, Whipped Pink Peppermints, 2 Pink Pineapple Orchid, Blueberry Funnel Cake, Toasted Marshmallow Zucchini Bread, Cinnamon Noel, Wildberry Mousse VBN, Peppermint SCDB, Granma's Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, 3 Serendipity Noel, Candy Cane Claus, Southern Home, Snow Angels, Marshmallow Spice Latte, Granma's Zucchini Bread, Granma's PINK Zucchini Bread, and Blackberry Noel.   Ohhhh its all amazing!!

My husband is SOOO cool!  Seriously!  He made piles of the tarts in piles he really really likes, kinda likes, and doesn't like.  Luckily the likes piles was bigger than the not-likes.  He really really likes the Pink Pineapple Orchid, Serendipity Noel, Snow Angels and Wildberry Mousse VBN.  And of course, we agreed on all the bags before I ordered them, so obviously those are favorites too!! 

He (me neither!) couldn't wait to let them cure, so we put in Pink Serendipity, Pink Sugar, and Pink SCDB.  Amazing amazing amazing!!! <3 <3 <3!

I also got a lot from Lil Kitchen Candles!! $16 shipped for 12 2oz cups!  I didn't get to pick the scents, but they all sound really good!! I've heard great things about them from a woman who knows about her tarts!! She has good taste!! Will post pictures when I get them!!
Still waiting on SMT! I am still being patient... trying to be.  I love SMT :)  Its hard to be patient... I'm not a patient person!! Their stuff is just so good!!   Did I mention that I got a mini destash?  I got chunks (omg yum!) from SMT in Peppermint Noel and Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake.  And a scallop in Apricot Vanilla <-- melted right away, absolutely perfect! Also got Rosegirls Pumpkin Chai tarts!! They smell really good!! 

Thats about it.  How does everyone feel surviving the end of the world?  lol!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nine Days Until Christmas 2012

First of all, I know there are a few vendors out there that are going to try to work Christmas.  STOP RIGHT THERE!!  Everyone deserves to have Christmas with their families!! We will all live with having our wax packages out a day or two later.  Everyone deserves to have Christmas, ATLEAST Christmas Day off!  Enjoy yourselves! You do great work the other 364 days out of the year!!!

I am still waiting for my Haley's Heavenly Scents order and Sniff My Tarts order.  I am pretty sure HHS is shipping out tomorrow (both orders, the one with my friend and the other that I made on my own!) Sooooo many great HHS goodies!!  And Amy and Donna over at SMT have been working really hard with their sale orders, so I'm OK getting mine whenever! :)
I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to get them!!!!  I will be taking pictures when I get my HHS orders!! Holy crap!! There will be sooo many!!!!!!!

I am melting: Shayz Scentz Gingersnap (YUM), Front Porch Twilight in the Woods (going to try this from HHS before trying to order from FP in a 4pack), Front Porch Cozy Fall Nights (I soo want to reorder), and FP Brown Sugar and Cinnamon (Not a fan).  I also have Slatkin Spiced Cider oil and Slatkin Toasted Pistachio Delight candle from last year going!! Its such a cozy cozy day!! <3

I have to give honorable special mention to Front Porch's Group Hug!  OMG! I was hesitant to try this.  The description is "Beautiful fragrant blend of sweet lavender, pink sugar, mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk".  The lavender+musk+bergamot, even with the pink sugar and other fruits, was worrysome for me.  I'm not a musky scent lover.... I try to stay away, but I did pick up one, hoping maybe it was maybe more Pink Sugar-heavy?   You can basically smell pink sugar and orange... the lavender in it makes it smell pretty.  Does that make sense to anyone?  It sweetens the orange some to where it smells similar to NightTime Tea from Bath and Body Works.  Its a very nice scent!! Definitely getting a 4pack of it, until I can get another vendor to dupe it!   (Haley's Heavenly Scents!)

I have been melting some great scents and have come up with some good blends from Haley's Heavenly Scents.  Pink Sugared Strawberry+Coconut+Vanilla Bean Noel!  I did that the other day and it smelled AMAZING!! The first strawberry tart (Pink Sugared Strawberry from HHS)that I have smelled that didn't smell funky, generic, or just plain cheap.  AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!

I have on now LSC Citrus Bread, Aunt Nena's Juicy, Orchid Lake Candles Iced Lemon Biscotti, HHS Whipped Wildberry Scone and YOCC Pink Kaleidoscope.  Yay!! I can definitely smell the Citrus Bread!! 

Another tart that I have melted that I have to say is fantastic is SMT's Cotton Candy.  I'm usually weary about getting Cotton Candy scents because they are faint, almost nonexistent when melted.  But SMT's is strong.  Granted, I put it on in my bedroom, but nice and strong it was!! Even my husband said something about it!! :)

Thanks guys!! I want to hear all about what you are doing for Christmas and what you are melting for Christmas.  Anyone giving any wax-related gifts?  I still have to pick out my Christmas melts!  Is anyone going to the Bath and Body Works SAS?  I am SOOOO going!! I am going to work all day Saturday to go, but I'm going to go!  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Almost 2weeks Until Christmas!

The Christmas trees are starting to come up, the cheesy blow-up Santa Clauses, reindeer and nativity scenes are coming out in front of the house, and everyone is saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays as they hand you your bag in the check-out line. The radio is full of original and redone Christmas songs.  It is INDEED that time of year again, folks, and I'm not sure whether or not to welcome it or tell it to wait another month!

I live in Georgia and it is 60 degrees outside.  WHAT KIND OF CHRISTMAS (unless you are in a tropical climate) SHOULD HAVE 60 DEGREE WEATHER?  Don't get me wrong, I am not expecting snow, but I'd atleast enjoy having to wear a jacket, a scarf, a HAT!  I've been talking with a few other people and it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me.  The only thing I can do is put on all the Christmas type scents I can find because that's the only way its going to feel like Christmas, even if its just inside my little lair!  lol

I should have done this in my last blog, but I would like to congratulate Tiffany Nash for buying her first few warmers and making her first wax purchase at Haley's Heavenly Scents! *Raises champagne glass* "To making many more wax purchases and getting more people addicted!  CHEERS!"  lol Seriously, Tiffany and I are going in on some companies that I have been hesitant to try, only because I hate paying shipping.  Splitting shipping is not so bad... and is much more affordable!! :)

Soooo in the world of shopping and wax, I have made no new wax orders *hangs head in shame*.

I have decided to compile a list of vendors that I am wanting to try.  I haven't tried them yet (most of them) because of shipping, but now that I have someone who enjoys wax as much as I do, we are going to start going in on some wax orders together!! Yay!

Candles by Victoria
Long Cane Primitives
Lil Kitchen Candles
Ten Digit Creations
Ye Olde Candle Cubbard
Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections.

Probably won't be making any new orders until after Christmas (MAYBE!) but these are the vendors that I'd like to try!! I have tried a few things by CBV (Marshmallow Ambrosia and Marshmallow Campfire, both WONDERFUL! Its just the $8.95 shipping that had gotten me!) I have heard great things about Long Cane Primitives, Lil Kitchen Candles, Ten Digit Creations, and Jamie Lauren Cupcakery and Confection from reliable sources!!  I have tried a few things from YOCC and they were amazing!! <3  Pumpkin Souffle... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

I actually got in some orders (I can't believe I forgot either!)

Shayz Scentz!
6packs in Pink Dreams, Almond Cake, Pineapple Pappy, and Pink Toastie Marshmallows

 Cups in  Pink Mousse, Marshy Marshmallow, Minty Pink, Peachy Pink, Pink Lavender Supreme, Pink Serendipity, Pink Vanilla Bean, Pink Sunny Sand, Totally Pink, and Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar.
Samples in Pink Fire and Mystery Scent

Then I got my VCMA Sampler (which I WON!) and only had to pay shipping.  It makes it less than 50cents a tart.  I am happy!
Can Do's Amish Apples, Mimi's House, and Vanilla Woods
Long Cane Primitives Be My Valentine, Peppermint Nibbles, and Christmas Delights
Distinctly Pink's Jack Frost, Have a Very Berry Christmas, and Elf Fluff
K's Kreation's Luck of the Irish, Christmas Dreams, and Hansel & Gretel!

Nice packages huh?  I am letting all of these cure for now!!

I'm going to skip what I've been melting for this week, but special honorary mention for Shayz Scentz Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar!! Yum!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its Beginning to Look Alot Like December!

Anyone ever  had a week where they feeling going Rambo on everyone?  Yep... this was that kind of week for me.

Luckily, I realized two things.  One, I didn't go Rambo on everyone.  Kudos for me, it took a lot of willpower but I did it!!  Second, I feel that tarts and good smells are really good therapeutic agents!  That and my husband is what have been calming me down here lately.

First, my recent orders. Ha, ha, ha!  I am pretty sure I already told you guys about the Shayz Scentz and HHS orders I made.  I added on to my HHS order!  Jack Frost and Candy Cane Claus Cookies for sure.  The rest, I don't remember, but I'll definitely be reviewing them when I get them!

Then with all the commotion, Sniff My Tarts opened back up with a sale!  Like they needed one!  I ordered 10 packs of racecars in different scents.  They weren't on sale, but I think the racecars are better for me anyway, I was trying out some scents I've never tried but have been wanting to try!

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake
Orange Zucchini
Tropical Fusion
Serendipity Marshmallow Smoothie
Pink Noel
Pink Chiffon
Candy Cane Marshallow Noel
Campfire Dessert!

I can't wait for these!! :) So excited!  Some of them, Barry picked out, most of them, I picked!!  Alot of people were doing blends... I just started doing blends at HHS, and even though they turned out well, I usually have to conjure up the confidence to make a blend!! So I'll stick with the regular scents for now! Ha!

Now for scents I have been melting:

Shayz Scentz Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar- so Strong! Definitely a reorder
Shayz Scentz Cinnamon Toast- I wasn't sure how I'd like this one, but its a reorder for sure!! Nice and cinnamony without being too spicy!
Auntie Di's Delights Brown Sugar and Fig- This was a very nice duped scent!! I am going to look at her FB page when I go on FB.
CBV Marshmallow Ambrosia- Another very nice Candles by Victoria scent!  Its just too bad she charges alot for shipping!! Maybe I'll break down and order sometime!
Distinctly Pink's Country Home- This was nice, I put it in my Scentsy warmer, and its doing quite nicely!
I want to say alot of Pink Sugar scents and other stuff.  I know I melted Pink Serendipity by CFTKR in my NEEWWWWW Santa Claus warmer from BH&G that my Walmart FINALLY GOT!!!!!  I think that is the only CFTKR scent I've liked so far.

I got contest winnings from Missy's Tempting Tarts!! I got Mango Tangerine, Vanilla Grapefruit, Honey Graham Cracker, and Cinn Vanilla!! They all smell amazing!!

Thank you guys!! Talk to you later!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Weekend Madness!

I have seen EVERYONE posting their Black Friday hauls!! And I will do no different.  This is because I went FRIDAY night instead of Thursday night, even after Walmart, Home Depot, and the mall was picked over... and I STILL got most of what I wanted!! Either my tastes are not the same as the masses... or I just SCORED BIG TIME!! I prefer the latter... but don't care which one realistically.  Haha!

OK Wal-Mart:

Rival Mini Chopper: $3.88 -(I had went on Thanksgiving and hid one of these, knowing they would be gone!  It was still in my hiding place when I got there Friday night!! I was soooo happy!! And dancing around, I won't lie! HA!)
Iron Man DVD- $1.96 - I'm pretty sure we got the last one!! That was a GREAT find! We love Iron Man!
Stanley 150 piece Socket Set- $50- This is one of Barry's Christmas presents, and we were looking at some smaller ones.  Seriously, a 30piece was $15.  It was so much better to get the bigger one!!!  Plus Barry has been wanting one for a long time!

Home Depot:

2-Ton Hydraulic Jack: $20- We have been needing one for the car, and Barry has been wanting one!! So we finally got one!!
15 Piece Screwdriver Set: $10- Another tool set Barry has been wanting.  He loves his tools! <3
2set Heavy Duty Work Gloves: $8.88- Something really good if Barry has to go and work outside!

Gap: I love Gap during Black Friday!! I have some things from high school that I still have and love to wear that I got on Black Friday from year's past!

8 long sleeve shirts (some thermal, some not), and a pajama set for Barry!: $50 TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Gap rocks!

I also made some wax orders!!!

Haleys Heavenly Scents:

6Pack Pink Serpendipty
6Pack Granmas Creamy Vanilla Bean Noel Zucchini
2 6Packs Pink Sugar
6 Pack Pink Sands
6 Pack Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
2oz TART CUPS Black Cherry Noel
2oz TART CUPS Blackberry Noel
2oz TART CUPS Cinnamon Noel
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Creamy Pink Zucchini
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Creamy Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Zucchini
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Creamy Waffle Cone Zucchini
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Creamy Zucchini Bread
2oz TART CUPS Marshmallow Spice Latte
2oz TART CUPS Pink Noel
2oz TART CUPS Pink Pineapple Orchid
2oz TART CUPS Serpendipty Noel
2oz TART CUPS Snow Angels
2oz TART CUPS Southern Home
2oz TART CUPS Sugar Cookie Noel
2oz TART CUPS Toasted Marshmallow Zucchini Bread
2oz TART CUPS Vanilla Bean Noel
2oz TART CUPS Cotton Candy Funnel Cake
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Blackberry Jam
2oz TART CUPS Peppermint Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
2oz TART CUPS Sugar Cookie Dough Funnel Cake
2oz TART CUPS Wildberry Vanilla Bean Noel Mousse
2oz TART CUPS Whipped Pink Peppermints

These may be a little different when they get here.  I made a heat of the moment purchase on the 11/23/2012 and remembered most of what I got, and a few were guesses.  Then me and a friend are going in in a purchase too!  She is new to wax and I told her HHS was the best place to get wax and warmers!!!

Shayz Scentz:
6pack Pink Toastie Marshmallows
6pack of Almond Cake
6Pack of Pineapple Pappy
6Pack of Pink Dreams
Pink Mousse
Marshy Marshmallow
Minty Pink
Peachy Pink
Pink Lavender Supreme
Pink Serendipity
Pink Vanilla Bean
Pink Sunny Sand
Totally Pink
Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar.

Ohhh its going to be a great December month!! WAX WAX AND MORE WAX!!! BRING IT ON!!!

I can't leave you guys hanging without telling you what I've been melting this week.  Its been a long week... but I will definitely tell you!

OK I didn't actually end up changing out the warmers until Wednesday from Saturday night which still had the HHS Granma's Creamy Pumpkin Crunch Zucchini, Granma's Creamy Vanilla Bean Noel Zucchini, and the other ones that you can see from my last post.  I melted HHS Pink Sugar in two warmers, SMT Buttercreme and Rosegirl's Cinnamon Sugar/Graham Crackers that I got from a destash.  I had put the warmers in the freezer last night from that and changed them to HHS Apple Cider Bread, Smores, Candy Corn, Country Bumpkin, Whipped Caramel Cinnamon Latte, and Candles By Victoria Marshmallow Campfire.  

SMT Buttercream- it was good but it's just not a scent that I would order again.  I have seen Candy Cane Marshmallow Noel on their facebook group page... omg WANT!
Rosegirl's Cinnamon Sugar/Graham Cracker- I wouldn't order it again if I had the chance.  Its OK, Rosegirls is a little too expensive for me anyhow.
HHS Apple Cider Bread: YES! REORDER! YUMMY!
HHS: Smores: Another Reorder... absolutely DELICIOUS!
HHS Candy Corn: Not a reorder for me.  Just not a fan
HHS Country Bumpkin: Not a reorder either. Just not a fan of the scent.  Got both the Candy Corn and this in a sampler pack so I didn't pick them out.
HHS Whipped Caramel Cinnamon Latte:  I know, I have gone on and on about how I don't like a multitude of scents, including caramel and alot of latte scents.  This one is actually really good!! I'd order this one in a six pack!! I don't really smell that caramel note that I don't like in most of all the caramel scents that I have smelled.  YAY Janet for this one!
CBV Marshmallow Campfire: I got this one from a destash and I like it.  I don't think I'd order from her just from this scent but its good!! If you guys are thinking about ordering from CBV and want to try it, I would recommend it!!

Thanks everyone!! Have a great week!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Today is the day that we are doing Thanksgiving instead of Thursday.  We got one of those already-made turkeys at Ingles, I'm making REAL mashed potatoes, canned corn, and a store bought pumpkin pie.  We are only two people and I can't cook really well, so I figure, keep it simple!!!

Since its Thanksgiving, I have to melt stuff that coincides with the holiday!  I have HHS Pumpkin Pie Spice, Creamy Pumpkin Crunch Zucchini, Creamy Vanilla Bean Noel Zucchini, and YOCC Pumpkin Souffle!  Its sooooo amazing!! I put them on last night before I went to sleep, so now its not as strong.  I may keep the Pumpkin Souffle and switch out the others... but omg yummm!!!!!!  The Pumpkin Souffle, I only have two left and have been trying to use sparingly!!  I need to order more! lol

I have also melted my two blends from HHS: Granma's Creamy Zucchini Bread mixed with Monkey Farts.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!! LOVE it!

I melted Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Cone last night.  That was good, but I probably wouldn't get it again... it was more appley than I remember.  Maybe next time I should do Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Cone.  Leave that pesky apple out! haha!

I've also been burning Slatkin's Pumpkin Cupcake and Marshmallow Fireside!! LOVE these!!

I also had on Beaux Savons Frais Pink Noel and HHS Pink Serendipity.  I have been finding so many scents I am inlove with lately, that I'm going to go broke trying to get them all!!

I'm pretty sure thats about it!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November, November, November!

Another week has come and gone and we are now one week closer to Thanksgiving.  Can anyone believe it is a week and a half away?  I know, I know, I am as shocked as you.  My husband and I are probably doing our own thing at the house, with a small turkey in the crock-pot, homemade mashed potatoes, and something like corn for a vegetable.  We are probably having our Thanksgiving in a week ... Barry has to work THanksgiving morning and night... UGH!  But I get it off (Yay!)

I went to Olive Garden yesterday... here's my husband and I there.  We LOVE the Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara.  Has anyone tried it?  Its absolutely TDF!

So wax and melts.  You guys know during the week I try to melt, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  I am SUPER tired when I get home!  So here's what I remember actually being able to melt:

Cinnamon Vanilla by HHS- <3
Poison Pie by HHS- 50% like.  Its OK but wouldn't order it again.  Too much blueberry smell for me
Pink Marshmallow Cake by Butterfly Lane- <3 Going to get a loaf in this when she gets pans.  LOVE!
Pink Sugar by Angel-Made-Scents- I love any pink sugar scent.  :D
Pink Marshmallow by Shayz Scentz- <3 Definite reorder!
Spiced Cranberries by HHS-<3 Reorder in 6pack
Marshmallow Fireside by Slatkin- There is never going to be a scent that is as good as this!! <3 <3 <3
Pumpkin Patch by Slatkin- <3
Mrs Clause Cookies by HHS- There are lot of people who love this scent, but I am not one of them.
Granma's Toasty Marshmallow Zucchini Bread by HHS- I think this is the spicy zucchini bread, but it was GOOD!  I am sooo surprised... but its so great!!! Love Love Love!
Creamy Chai Latte by Lasting Scent Candle- This is sooooooo wonderful.  I am so glad I got two!  I got this and GTMZB by HHS in a destash!! mmmm mmmm mmm!!

I can't remember anything else at the moment.  I got my Haley's order!!!

I got:

6pack of Vanilla Cinnamon
6pack of Celtic Moonspice
6pack of Monkey Farts and Granma's Creamy Zucchini Bread
6pack of Apple Cinnamon and Sugar Cookie Cone
1 Cup in Candy Cane Noel - this smells like Marshmallow Peppermint from Slatkin from last year!
1 Cup of Granma's Creamy VBN Bread
1 Cup of Poison Pie
1 Cup of Light Blue by D&G- I have gotten this before... but was so excited to let it cure last time.  I want to make sure that it is stronger when it cures before I get it in a six pack.  It is really good though.  Gotta be patient enough to let it cure this time!
1 Cup of Cinnamon Doughnuts- This is the only one I did not like!  I thought it was going to be a Slatkin Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut dupe.  I do not like this one at all.

Can't wait to try them out and make ANOTHER Haley's order!! It seems like I am always wanting to make another order or I'm waiting on an order!  HHS has my wallet and taken it by STORM!  lol

I also went to Bath and Body Works yesterday in a different mall.  They had it all set up for Forever Red.  I was lucky enough to have just gotten paid.  I got two Forever Red HFO's, 2 Frosted Cranberry HFO's, and 2 Marshmallow Fireside HFO's.  My husband and I have been on a Marshmallow Fireside kick lately and don't want to be without it... EVER!  I also participated in B3G3 and got 4 Cashmere Glow shower gels, 1 Paris Amour TMC and 1 Cashmere Glow TMC.  Used survey coupons both times!

Also went to TJMAXX and scored a Peppermint Mocha Swirl candle for $8!

I ALSO got to go to a bigger and better Walmart.  THEY HAD MY WARMERS!!! The Holiday ones!! I had my heart set on the Santa Claus one... but then I saw the Snowman one that GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! *GASP!!** I had to have it.  Here's my pretty newbie all lit up with HHS Spiced Cranberries!

Can't wait to hear people's Thanksgiving plans and what you are MELTING for Thanksgiving!!! I still haven't decided.  Maybe something cidery....

Thanks so much for reading!! Have a great week and should be making another post on Sunday!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reviewing Some Scents in October

Its been a long week!! Worked 13 days in a row!

Being that it was a long week, I have been melting scents, and I forgot half of what I melted!! *Gasp!* Wax Blasphemy, I know!

Here's what I do remember:

HHS Pink Serendipity: Oh-my-God! LOVE IT!! Strong, pink sugary with hints of coconut and other stuff.  And let me tell you, I did not think I was going to even like Serendipity because I'm not a huge coconut fan.  It just seemed like one of those scents that everyone else likes, but when you yourself get it, its just not your cup of tea.  But I love it, I love it!  I want a six pack of this SOO bad!

CFTKR Pink Serendipity: I got this and the HHS Pink Serendipity in a destash.  I love this one too!! This is the first CFTKR scent I have ever tried!! I may just have to bite the bullet and order from her one day!! From the way everyone talks about CFTKR, its very VERY tempting!

fFront Porch Pumpkin Buttercream:  This one smells nice, it wasn't very strong for me (which is weird because most Front Porch scents are very strong!

Front Porch Pumpkin Iced Cupcakes:  I didn't smell any pumpkin in this one, just sweet cupcakes.  I was hoping for more pumpkin.

Shayz Scentz Spicy Vanilla Almond: Mmmmmmm this one is a great one!! I really do love this one!! Strong, spicy but not too spicy.  Very nice!! A must-try!

Front Porch Pumpkin Funnel Cake: This one I smelled mainly pumpkin and not alot of the funnel cake.

-I am beginning to feel like Front Porch isn't for me anymore, but I am going to be using up my tarts from FP in the next few months.

Slatkin Pumpkin Patch: Love this scent!!  Its the scent Pumpkin Carving but renamed, from last year.   I wish they had come back to all stores.  Its SUCH a nice cozy scent!!

Slatkin Cranberry Pear Bellini:  If you all like pink sugar, this is a good candle to burn with pink sugar scents.  Its pretty and goes well with them, without overpowering all the other scents!!  I love this candle because its fruity, but holiday-fruity!

Slatkin Warm Vanilla Sugar:  I don't like this one in the bodycare.  Most vanilla scents (with the exception of the Apricot Vanilla, Lemon Vanilla, and Berry Vanilla) smell HORRIBLE on me! Like old-lady-smell.  Thats why I can't wear Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works.  But I have the candle and the oil!! I really like this in home fragrance! Very nice!

Thats all I can remember for now!! Today is my half day and tomorrow is my total day off!! So I WILL be melting like a crazy person!!

For those of you who like Scentsy or those who haven't tried Scentsy before, I am hosting a party through a consultant-friend of mine.  Remember Christmas is just around the corner and the warmers + wax are great gifts!

I have another friend, Stacey Kaplan (KFYECATS) is hosting a giveaway for Tiffany's Candles!  They are someone I've been wanting to try!! Here's the link below and enter!!

Remember to subscribe and comment, and like Tiffany's Candles page!! She has all the links on her video!!

Thanks guys!! Have a great smelling weekend!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Closing the Week

60 hours a week at work is hard, so sometimes I forget to melt (I know, crazy right?) Last night I went out for a little bit after I got off work (errands) and after my husband and I got home, I lied on the bed and fell asleep at 8pm.  I didn't even change out my warmers.

I have been melting scents like:

Shayz Crazy Citrus
Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus
Beaux Savons Frais Pink Noel
Beaux Savons Frais Pineapple Dreams
Haley's Heavenly Scents Pink Sugar
Haley's Heavenly Scents Mulled Cider

Thats all I can think of at the moment.  I melted Shayz Crazy Citrus and Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus together, and it smelled like Juicyfruit gum.  I am not a fan of chewing Juicyfruit gum, but it was a nice smell, not one of my favorites, but it was good.  Beaux Savons Frais Pink Noel is WONDERFUL and I want more! Even in a clamshell, its amazing and so pretty (sparkly and pink! <3) BSF Pineapple Dreams is good, but not a favorite of mine.  Has anyone had a scent that they like better cold than warm?  Like for example, mint chocolate.  I love mint chocolate ice cream (cold) but when I smell it warm, it smells weird.  Same goes for pineapple.  The Pineapple Dreams tart threw well and was great, but its one of those smells that I like to smell coming out of the fridge.
I know I don't have to go into detail, but both HHS's Pink Sugar and Mulled Cider are amazing!!

I also got my Scentsy warmer doing my Scentsy party.  Its so cute!! A Pumpkin warmer!! Its a midsize warmer, and I am going to try it out after I finish this post!! I have an order from HHS and BSF on the way!! I can't wait!!

Thanks guys!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick Post!

Quick Post for me today!! Its Friday (YAYYY!!! TGIF!!!) and I have my half day at work tomorrow... so the weekend is coming upon us, friends!!!

I have been melting and burning a good bit here lately!! Pumpkin Zucchini Bread from Beaux Savons Frais, Front Porch Strawberry Mallow Bread, Slatkin Spiced Cider, etc etc.  All of these are fantastic!!! Definite reorders (except for the Strawberry Mallow Bread).  I am not a huge fan of strawberry scents, but ordered it because I thought the idea was cool.  At first it smells like a milkshake (which was yummy, actually!) Then I got a HUGE dose of bread, and no strawberry/mallow.  I wouldn't order it again, but it was good while it lasted.  

I am burning Slatkin's Spiced Cider, only because I was too lazy last night to replace what I had in my warmer the other night.  But in my defense, I went to sleep at 6:30PM.  Yes, I was tired!!

Alright, everyone, thank you for stopping by, reading, and hopefully I will have something a bit more in depth and more fun to read this weekend!! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Haley's Order and Bath and Body Works.

Have any of you ever had it to where you couldn't stay up past NINE O CLOCK?!?!?!   I feel like an old biddy... lol

So news.... you guys came for wax news huh?  That's good because I have some!!!

I have been working so hard and my check was better than normal, so I was finally able to put in my Haley's Heavenly Scents order tonight that I have been bugging people with all week!!  So here it is, what I ordered!!

Combo Warmer Gift Set
Scents - Vanilla Cinnamon
Scents - Celtic Moonspice
Colors - Blue 
2oz TART CUPS - Cinnamon Doughnuts
2oz TART CUPS - Granmas Creamy Vanilla Bean Noel Zucchini
2oz TART CUPS - Candy Cane Noel 
2oz TART CUPS - Light Blue TYPE Dolce and Cabbana dupe 
2oz Tart Cups - Poison Pie
My two free six packs are blends of Apple Cinnamon and Sugar Cookie Cone, then another blend of Monkey Farts and Granma's Creamy Zucchini Bread!!! 

The blend of Monkey Farts is supposed to be a recreation of Farty Bread from Front Porch, but since it never is in stock, I MUST RESORT to mixing my OWN!  lol I hope its good!! It is the first time mixing scents and making my own combo but I am confident that Janet will make excellent blends!

I also went to Bath and Body Works today.  I FINALLY got the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 3 wick!! My store has been sold out for weeks, and I found it sitting by itself on a bodycare display.  That bad-boy was MINNEEE!!!!  I also got to smell and got the last Sandalwood Vanilla.  I am usually not a sandalwood fan, but I liked this one cold!! Then with the 3/$20, I got a Vanilla Snowflake.  I burned it tonight and definitely is a unique scent, but I do like it!!!

I sent my husband on a Yugioh duel with his friend this morning.  It's the friend's first regional tournament ever and my husband's first one in 7 or 8 years.  I am almost as excited for them as I am about my wax!! I thought I'd share!!

I also did my first video.  Please, please be kind.  It is 7 in the morning here... but I wanted to do it!! And yes, I live in Georgia, and I hate my southern accent.  I try to downplay it as much as I can, but it still manages to seep in ... 

Its a terrible thumbnail... but I think its an OK video.  I hope to do more and get more comfortable doing them!! But this is me!! 

OK I am melting Pumpkin Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread from Haley's Heavenly Scents!  I really like it!! I might get that in a six pack next time!!   I have also melted HHS Apple Cinnamon <-- so GOOD!  And I'm not even an Apple person!!   Thats why I had it mixed with Sugar Cookie Cone!! Sugar Cookie Cone is new!!  So I really wanted it mixed with something!! 

I melted Front Porch's Pumpkin Marshmallow.  Its not as great as I hoped.  Which is rare with Front Porch.  But its OK.  One less scent I love.  Haley's has great pumpkin scents anyways!!  I also had Sugar Cookie by Front Porch too, and by the time it was melted, I was ASLEEP!  lol  But luckily, I have a four pack in it, so I can try it again! lol

I plan on melting today like CRAZY!!! This is my day off for the week!! So I am excited!!

Talk to you all later!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Day Off In Eight Days: SERIOUS MELT!

Hello all my friends!!

Manager-training has kicked my butt!! But I'm hanging in there!!

As for melting, I have been doing some melting!! Not as much as before, but I definitely have been!! Today is my first day off in eight days, so there will be SERIOUS melting going on today!! And I do mean, SERIOUS!  Lol

And then, on my serious melting day, one of my warmer's light bulbs went out (NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!)  I had Front Porch's Cinnamon Bread and Celtic Moonspice ready to be put in the warmers.  Well, I put in the Celtic Moonspice and left the Cinnamon Bread for later.  Celtic Moonspice is LOVELY!!!!!  First time I've ever tried a Celtic Moonspice scent from any vendor.  Its fabulous.  Definitely Front Porch 4pack material!!!  I also have Slatkin Smores Home Fragrance Oil from last year.  Love it together with Celtic Moonspice!

I also had the pleasure of getting in a Beaux Savons Frais order!! I had a cup in Grapefruit, Candy Girl, and Pineapple Dreams.  I also got a mini bread loaf in Blueberry Zucchini Bread and Pumpkin Zucchini Bread!! Sooooo very excited!!   I have already tried Grapefruit and split it between my two electric warmers.  It was so strong and so NICE smelling!! Its definitely the type of scent that you'd need to get your start to your day!! Its soooo nice and my favorite grapefruit from any vendor to this point!! Absolutely amazing!  I am going to see what kind of bundles she has, because this is a favorite of mine!!  I also melted it with Slatkin Cranberry Pear Bellini!!  Wonderful fruity combo!

For the month of September, I got to host a party through a consultant, a friend of mine, through Scentsy.  My party ended on September 30th.  I didn't get all the sales that I wanted, but it was my first time doing a party like that.  I got a hostess gift (the Pumpkin warmer that was 10% off for the month of September) and 6 Scentsy bars in the following scents: Awakening, Cinnamon Vanilla, Havana Cabana, Paradise Punch, Pumpkin Marshmallow, and Sunkissed Citrus.  I should be getting these in the next week or so.  I have only had Honey and Oats from Scentsy, so I am SUPER excited to try out these scents!!

I am hoping to order from Haley's Heavenly Scents again to get a warmer and 4-5 six pack of scents that I am really liking here lately!! The combo warmer is $20, and you get the warmer and two 6pack of tarts.  That an AMAZING DEAL!!  Alot of places have the warmer for almost just that, so its like you are getting the wax for free! :)  I Love it!! Plus free shipping!!

I am waiting for a Front Porch order.  It was supposed to be shipping sometime recently... I think on Wednesday.  So I am hoping for it to appear soon!! I have a 4pack of Sugar Cookie Dough Bread on my way!! YES!! :)  And some others!

Here are some of my new candles that I have tried so far from Slatkin/Bath and Body Works!

Nutmeg & Spice from Slatkin: AWESOME!! Took a little while to get the scent throw I wanted... but it was nice and strong, all night long!

Cafe Au Lait: Needed to be sweeter and a so-so scent throw.  They could have done better with this one.  I ended up returning the two that I got.

Pumpkin Cupcake: Definitely a keeper.  Sweet, but not too sweet. Pumpkin without being too pumpkin. Love it!!   And I hate Frosted Cupcake, so its a surprise!

Paris Amour: Great as a candle/HFO scent!! Very happy with this one and I love the jar!! So pretty!!

Cider Lane:  This smells EXACTLY like the apple farm that I went to as a child in my opinion.  My husband doesn't really care for it... but its the first apple scent that I've loved in years!! I am getting atleast three more!! It brings back so many memories!!

I still haven't tried Vanilla Snowflake or Peppermint Mocha yet.  I feel like I'm cheating on my fall scents when I think about trying them out!  lol

My Bath and Body Works store got in a few Christmas things and put them out early.  I saw Frosted Cranberry and Winter room sprays, Winter Cranberry soap, and snowflake candle holders.  All the stuff so far is sooooo cute!!! <3 I can't wait for more stuff!! I am waiting on Honey Vanilla Dreams and Eucalyptus Tea from the Aromatherapy line.  I haven't smelled Forever Red, so I'm excited for that too!   Plus I have to get more of the fall candles before they go away... I need more Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pumpkin Carving (if my test store has it, I doubt it), 1 Autumn Day, a few more Cider Lane, a few more Pumpkin Cupcake, and more Nutmeg and Spice!! :)

Well thats about it, my dears!! I have been at manager's training, so alot of the time I left my plates in the freezer or left the same scent on for days!!  It's been a long hard week, folks!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Little Time for Wax" .... I said, with evident dispair!

The title says what I am feeling.  I have found that I am, for the next week/week and a half, I am going to have little to no time for wax.   I am completely disheartened and sad.  There is some GOOD news to the bad news.  My "No Time For Wax" is completely temporary!!! Thank God!

I currently work at Subway as a sandwich artist.  It is a low "peon" kind of job but I have done it since April and shockingly, I have found that I have enjoyed it, considering its a food/service job and all.  I have never called out, always stayed later when necessary, and always do my job to the best of my ability.  And did I mention, I improved my speed immensely!  That, I am proud of.

So one of the stores in my district had a manager that wanted to transfer to a busier store, thus leaving this one store without a manager.  The manager at my store had already quit with no notice, so I was opening (doing the manager's job without the paperwork, all for $7.25 an hour!).  My district manager extended to me the offer of the store manager's job at the other store! With a significant pay-raise and "Manager" status, I JUMPED at the chance!! So my last day at my old store (which I am going to miss greatly, it was a fun store!) was Wednesday and I work at my new store this weekend to get a feel for it!! Then I am off to training until the end of Friday.  I am off Saturday and Sunday then starting my new store (For real this time!) on Monday October 8th 2012.  I am SO NERVOUS!!

So I have been melting for the past few days so I won't have truly terrible wax withdrawal right off the bat.  I won't go into too much detail (I will tell you if its not a reorderable scent (too little scent throw, or I didn't like it.) I am supposed to be going to bed soon and I'm drifting off as I type!)  Right now I am melting Cheryl's Candles Oak Barrel Cider (a freebie and soooooo nice!! <3) combined with Orchid Lakes Friendship Cookies sample.  Then I have Slatkin Eggnog Cheer <3 and half of LSC's Pink Sugar Buns!    Great combo!

Before that I had.... Slatkin Marshmallow Fireside: candle and oil!  Love this, very classic!

Before MF, I had HHS Battle of the Sexes, HHS Coconut!  LOVE that combo!! Might have that combined one day for me!!

And before that, I don't remember.  I haven't been writing them down as I should have lately.  But its pretty accurate. I may have forgotten a few scents.  But nothing major, I promise.

Thank you guys!! Hope to see you all in a week or so!! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

News In!

Its finally happening.  The weather is indeed, starting to change!! FINALLY!!! I have been WAITING for it to get cooler!! Yayyy!!! That makes me very happy.  Of course, now when my husband turns on the A/C to go to sleep... I'm FREEZING!!

I believe in my last post, I hadn't gotten my Haley's Heavenly Scents order yet.  I have had it for a week now!  I have been letting them cure so today's (technically last night, yes I cheated lol!) the day I can start melting them!! Since I got them, I can give you guys a definite list of what I actually got.

Haley's Heavenly Scents Birthday Order:

Apple Cinnamon
Cinnamon Vanilla
Candy Corn
Autumn Pear
Mrs. Clause Cookies
Autumn Lodge
Pink Serendipity
Butternut Pumpkin
Spiced Cranberries
Granma's Pumpkin Crunch Zucchini
Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Battle of the Sexes
Granma's Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Pumpkin Spice
Country Bumpkin
Loopy Ice Cream Cake
Farmhouse Cider
Fresh Linen
Apple Cider Bread
Pumpkin Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread
2Pilgrim's Pie
Whipped Caramel Cinnamon Latte
Juniper Breeze
Mulled Cider
Pineapple Orchid
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

All of these are new scents to me.  Its the first time I have tried Serendipity anything!  And I like it!! I see what all the fuss is about now!  I haven't melted it yet or anything, but cold its really good!!  The 2 Pilgrim's Pie thing was kind've a mistake.  It was one of her sale scents... and it was also in the fall sampler pack.  Its OK.  It smells nice! :)  Not my favorite, but its a fall scent!

I also made.... a SLATKIN/Bath and Body Works test store order!! Bath and Body Works had a 40% off coupon this past week and I took full advantage of it!!

I got:

4 Paris Amour
2 Vanilla Snowflake
2 Pumpkin Cupcake
2 Nutmeg&Spice
2 Cafe Au Lait
1 $20 electric oil warmer
1 Paris Amour oil
1 Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut oil

All for the price of ... wait for it.... $40.66!!!  This is with shipping and tax!  Keep in mind, these are all 3wicks!  I don't get the 4oz and very very rarely ever do I get the mini candles.  Go big or go home, am I right?  Lol  I also had a merchandise credit for $8.56 of it, which paid for the oil warmer and two oils.  But STILL!  Incredible deal!!! I was going to order 12 more 3wicks yesterday if my order hadn't shipped out already, but it had.  Oh well... I will order more next 2 for $20!

This is from the Johnson City, TN test store!  For those of you who do not know, a test store is a store that carries scents and/or products to "test" the market for.  And if they do well, they make it to all stores.  If they do not, they get sent straight to outlets or are marked down in the test store.  This particular test store, when you are making phone orders, will let you stack coupons.  I stacked a 10 off 30 survey coupon and a 40% off.  So 40% off of $30 is $18, then the $10 off, is $8.56 with tax.  Makes it soooo worth ordering! Usually when I can't find a 40% off coupon, I do a 20% off coupon.  Which is still good, but 40% off, WOW!  Usually I hate paying shipping, but with this, its like you get free shipping PLUS an extra $$ amount off!

Last but absolutely not least, I made a Shayz Scentz order!! Her "Pick 5" is going from $4.50 to $5.50 and even though a dollar isn't a HUGE difference... I like to save money when I can!  So I made a nice order from her too!!  Here's what I got!!


My free ones are another Pink Sugar, another Pink Sugar Cookies, and Spicy Vanilla Almond.  SVA is not the usual scent that I would have gotten for myself, but it was an extra in my last order and I was surprised by how much I liked it!!   So I had to get it again!! Apparently it was a test scent.  Shay sent it out to various customers to see the response.  Its great for anyone who wants to request it!

When Haleys Heavenly Scents opens back up, I plan on getting my first "Hot Plate" warmer with a bunch of tarts to get my 2 free 6packs! I have no idea what scents I want... I am planning on melting a few of my new ones to see which ones I want again.  Which ones are 6pack worthy!! LOL

Then around the time I make a HHS order, I will be making another Sniff My Tarts order.  I am going to be getting a box like I did last time... probably in Bakery and Pink Sugar scents!! My last box was awesome!! I got 2lbs for $21, free shipping!! :D :D Thats my plan!

Last but not least, I got a notebook (a few) in the Back To School Clearance section.  They were all 30cents and PINK one subject notebooks.  I thought to myself, what a great way to catalogue and record the different scents and companies that I like!!  So I am making myself an inventory list of candles and tarts that I have!!  Here's the notebook below.  It will be referred as "The Scent Bible" so when I talk about it, you know what I mean!! LOL!  :D

It doesn't look like anything special.... to any OUTSIDER that is.  But it will have crucial information about tarts and candles... Strength, and if its reorderable!  Most importantly, if its REORDERABLE!!

I was burning a Slatkin Vanilla Cinnamon candle (but it was on its last limbs and went out... RIP! *whimpers*) I loved that candle.  Thankfully I have four more but its not enough.  I want to see if Slatkin's Cinnamon Frosting is a close if almost a dupe to Vanilla Cinnamon.  *fingers CROSSED!*  I have HHS Coconut Vanilla Bean Noel which I can't smell over HHS Cinnamon Vanilla.  Good?  Bad?? Maybe I just put a light and a strong scent together.  But HHS Cinnamon Vanilla is a reorderable scent and a 6pack worthy scent!! Gotta love it!! Nice and strong WITH A/C going and has been going for 15 hours!  Yessssss!!

I have been melting tarts... but alot of them were random tarts... most of them I had to toss before they got all the way melted.  Here are the few that I had recorded that I felt were worth writing down:

           Scentsy Honey & Oats:  Smells good, not completely caramelly smelling like I thought it                     was going to, but it smells nice and is actually making me sleepy!

           Distinctly Pink's Sweet and Creamy: just like the name.  Very nice but not super strong.  It            was melted with the Scentsy Honey and Oat and I think it made a good addition to the scent but probably not a good stand-alone scent.

Thanks for reading!! Let me know what you've been melting and if you've found any good scents that were surprises for you!

And I'm sorry about the little to no pictures for the last couple of posts.  I have been working like a dog and haven't been photographing like I should.  I will try to do better!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Planning and Planned Orders

I have had two days off, (which hasn't happened in quite a while!) so I have had a chance to go over to a vendor or two that I haven't been able to before and check out prices/scents and shipping!

Pics, Petals, and Scents is having a promotion where you get 12 scent sticks free with any purchase!!  I would do that, only I have $5 to spend on tarts right now, and shipping to my house is $5.10.  I will definitely order another time though!

I also went to Haley's Heavenly Scents to see if there was anything else I wanted to add to my order and check out stuff for next time!! Since I didn't share with you all and I shared with my wax groups, here's what I remember me actually ordering from HHS.  Someone needs to remind me to copy and paste my cart right before I hit the "Pay" button because right after I do, my list is gone, and I don't remember WHAT I HAVE ORDERED and it drives me CRAZY!  So here's what I had written down of my order!

Juniper Breeze
Mrs. Clause Cookies
Pineapple Orchid
Pink Serpendipty
Vanilla Cinnamon
Battle of the Sexes
Fall Sampler Pack
Whipped Caramel Cinnamon Latte
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Spiced Cranberries
Fresh Linen
Loopy Ice Cream Cake
Pilgrim's Pie
Pumpkin Pie Spice

I can't WAIT for this to come!! I ordered on the 24th of August.  And her TAT is 2-3 weeks (just fine with me, because her stuff is completely worth the wait!)  But half way through her TAT, I start to get antsy and stuff because I want to see my stuff.  To smell my stuff.  Does anyone else feel like that?  I feel really bad bothering Janet, I know she works extremely hard.. I guess I just like progress reports.  Weird?  Not weird? Needy? Maybe... :( Hmmm....

Then I got to looking at Bath and Body Works's candles!! I have seen lists of fall test candles, regular "in-all-stores" fall candles, and winter test and nontest candles.  I have compiled a list of all the candles I want.  If what I think is going to happen, happens (more $$$$$$$$$$$$!!) Then I will be ordering alot of these candles all at once! I love ordering from the test store because I know I am getting my money's worth!


Roasted Pumpkin Butter
Blueberry Pumpkin Patch
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Pumpkin Cupcake
Nutmeg & Spice
Cranberry Woods
Brandied Pear?
Autumn Day?
Paris Amour
Cafe Au Lait

Warm Vanilla Sugar
Brown Sugar and Fig
Kitchen Spice


Enchanted Woods?
Twisted Peppermint
Frosted Cranberry
Spiced Apple Toddy
Merry Mistletoe
Peach Bellini
White Barn?
Sandalwood Vanilla
Marshmallow Fireside
Cinnamon Frosting
Merry Cookie
Peppermint Mocha
Vanilla Bean Noel

The ones with ?'s next to them I am unsure about.  Still have to smell them or atleast find scent descriptions!  And then the ones online, will just be those three.  No sense in buying ones you can get in stores, online.  My Bath and Body Works is less than 5minutes away! So I definitely spend less in gas (if thats even believeable!) then I would in shipping!

I have to credit Cia Malone and her blog Shopping Sweetheart for the list of fall test candles and the entire winter list!!  She has an incredible blog, keeps up with all of the latest at Bath and Body Works, and finds new information about before we have heard anything about it anywhere else!!  I frequent the Bath and Body Works Facebook page, and she is a fellow follower of the BBW Facebook page!!

Thats all I have been doing!! Plotting and replotting orders and bugging vendors about updates! But I can't wait for my HHS order and I can't wait to do a MEGA BBW test store order!! YES! :D :D

And of course, my home never goes without something melting or burning.  My husband Barry is coming down with a flu or a cold or something, so I have MoneyPenny's Rosemary Mint that I got from a wonderful destash!  I also have Front Porch's Peppermint Noel, which I have actually liked more than I thought I would!! Its a strong peppermint, not so much a sweet peppermint!  I had thought about burning Slatkin's Twisted Peppermint, but I have one left from 2010 in 25oz that I'm saving for Christmas!  I even got Barry some actual Rosemary to chew on because TIP: If you have a sore throat or a cough, it is a good idea to chew on rosemary because of the eucalyptol in it will help loosen the phlegm and soothe a sore throat!  And the best part, doesn't have to taste bad!! You can put alot in mashed potatoes (my idea) or where I read this from ( Eating Organic Facebook Page) they say you can put it with Brie Cheese or apples!  I'd go with the mashed potatoes though!

Thanks again everyone!! Have a great day and Happy Burning/Melting!

And In The News...

Hi everyone!!!

First, I would like to explain my last blog post.  The intent of that entry was not only document recipes for my own personal use, but to share with my fellow reader(s) as well!  I am still kind of "starting out" in life so I have been on a Raeman noodles and Diet Coke 2liter diet!  And believe me, I am getting tired of Raeman noodles! So I wanted to find recipes and ways to maximize my dollar for real food.  My main objective is that it is real food and it is cost effective.  I would LIKE it to be healthy... but sometimes that is not always the case.  Seriously, has anyone seen the cost of peanuts and other sorts of health foods?  It would drive even the most health-conscious people to the frozen side of the grocery store!

But I did kinda hit a steal eating out!  My meal the entire DAY was about right at the $5 mark!  I ate at Sonic Drive-In (hehe yep!) They were having their breakfast burritos half off!!  So I had a Zesty Cheesesteak and a Smoked Chipotle breakfast burrito. ($3.25)  Then I had a coupon for two corn dogs for 99cents!  One for Barry and one for me!  ($.50)  Then we went during Happy Hour where all the slushies and drinks are half off, so we got a large Cherry Limeade to split! ($.53, shared).  Then because their ice cream machine was broken, we ventured to McDonalds and I got a Smores Pie for 89cents!!

So $5.17 (give or take a little with tax and stuff) for the whole day!! Yes!!

Anyhow, back to some scents!

Cheryl's Candles and Gifts

Mango Sorbet- This is one of those scents where I can quite describe how good it is!  Its tangy, and sweet all at the same time!! It smells almost even better than it does cold!! Its what I'd want if I were to actually get Mango Sorbet!! Yum yum yum!

Starfruit and Mango- Similar to Mango Sorbet, except it reminds me of Slatkin's Starfruit Crush a little bit!! Very nice and, both this and Mango Sorbet are nice and strong!! Have lasted almost 6 hours and they were just 1oz cups!!

I recommend both of these scents AND this company!! She has over 1400 (Nope, that number isn't a typo!) and she is a wonderfully sweet woman!! She is on vacation right now but she should be back sometime in the next week or so!!  Next time she has a sale on tarts where I can participate, I am definitely going back for more!  Even Barry commented how nice they smelled!!

Front Porch Candle Company

Pumpkin Spice Cake- Delicious! Not too much spice but just enough to make it cozy!

I know I said I wasn't going to order from FP anymore, but now that I have downloaded Google Chrome as my internet browser, I now can order from her site every so often.  I am still not going to order from her as much as I was (I keep thinking how many tarts and six packs I could have gotten at Haley's Heavenly Scents or somewhere else and it just makes me mad!) but I still have some favorites from her that I have not gotten in 4packs.  So the quest continues.


Warm Welcome- Very sweet pumpkin! Very nice and strong!

Bath and Body Works/Slatkin

Leaves- This is from last year!! If you guys haven't tried it and don't mind a little bit of spice, its good!! I think it smells like Apple Cider some, but its sooo good!! (I'm not a huge fan of apple, try not to get it in scents because I feel like apples are more generic scents!)

Smells like fall!! How about in your homes?? Anyone breaking out the fall scents yet?  Decorations?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Starting to Feel Like Fall, Inside Anyway

Usually I have not been a big fan of fall scents.  In the past two years, I have converted where now I have a large amount of fall scents as well as summer and spring scents!  Even though some days it still reaches 90 degrees outside, I couldn't wait to break out the fall scents!!  I have Slatkin's Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin burning, Ye Olde Candle Cubbard's Pumpkin Souffle, and Shayz Scentz Pumpkin Crunch Cookies.  I am a huge pumpkin fan!! Its a cozy scent and depending on the person, it can be spicy or it can be a sweet scent.  Very very versatile! 

This time around, I come much more prepared than I have been the last few times.  This week, I have been taking NOTES on my computer's sticky note program.  This program has been a lifesaver for me!! I lose the actual sticky notes or little mini notes that I would have around the house, but these stay right where I can find them!! Inside my desktop screen!! Hehehee :D

TO THE REVIEWS!! I have been melting mostly Haley's Heavenly Scents and Shayz Scentz this week.  So thats the pattern, in case anyone notices :D

Haley's Heavenly Scents:

Toasted Marshmallow- I love HHS and I love Toasted Marshmallow scents.  So I thought, for sure, this one would be in the bag, and a definite reorder.  But it smells funny to me.  I think it may be because that was the one that kinda melted a little bit when I got it, and the tart cup had fell off.  I don't know if it has anything to do with it.  But it just smelled really weird to me and I couldn't wait for it to melt all the way to change it out.  Alot of other people really love it so its probably just me. 

Fruity Slices- Wonderful!! A nice fruity and strong scent!! No other scents in it but fruit!! If you love fruity smells, you'll love this one!!

Whipped Peaches and Cream- I, or rather, my husband had the A/C running while I had this scent on, so after the A/C was off, it was kinda strong, but a really nice peach scent!! For anyone who really likes these kind of scents, HHS's version is great!

Sniff My Tarts

Peaches and Cream- I had this melting with HHS's Whipped Peaches and Cream, and while I had the A/C running I could barely smell it (which is VERY unlike SMT!) so I am attributing no scent to the A/c.  When I did have the A/C off, which was a day later, it was semi-strong.  So I'm thinking this was a good scent to order too!! Even semi-strong, it was a nice peach scent!

Lasting Scent Candles

Pink Marshmallow Shortbread- Holy beejeebies jeepers, holy beejeebies jeepers, oh my! (Sorry, weird nerd moment!) But I put HALF of this puppy in and its throwing SOOOOOO strong!! I may just have to break down and half an order (to get free shipping) with someone.  These are amazing and so strong!! I know why everyone really likes these!!


Mother's Day Sugar Cookies- Oh the smell of sugar cookies and I don't even have to bake for them!! Yayy!!  Nice and strong (using two cubes) and so worth it!! I may get a few more of these before they leave for good!

Disclaimer: NOT WAX RELATED!

I am going to put a HUGE DISCLAIMER for all my readers and start off by saying, this is UN-WAX RELATED!!!!!!  So if this displeases you, please continue to one of my other posts that are. 

OK, lately I have been yearning for ways to make more flavorful, various ingredient meals, like the ones you see on Food Network (YUM!) but won't kill my food budget.  Generally speaking, I'm happy eating raeman noodles, but raeman noodles are no longer cutting it, for my palate.  Not only do I have a budget issue, I also have a picky-husband issue.  He likes no vegetables except for carrots, green onions, and potatoes.  Which is fine, except when alot of these recipes have all sorts of vegetables that are price-conscious, but I cannot use. 

So what is a girl to do?  One thing.  RESEARCH!  I'm just so happy that I'm decent at it and have the internet at my disposal.  I have been looking at Food Network's facebook page lately, more aggressively in the past month or so, and found this website: The Good Food And Tips Page!  They have tips about how if you buy in bulk, and especially on sale, you will get more for your money.  And other tips, like grating your own cheese!! Here I've been buying shredded cheese for the past three years without even thinking about grating my own!! And its not a completely amish, time-consuming tip either!  I just have to see how much a grater is at my local Wal-Mart!  Plus with a grater, not only can you grate cheese, but you can grate the peel of a lemon, lime, or orange to put in certain dishes or drinks that call for it!  I used to think that was just for fancy people.  How uninformed I am!  They even have recipes for some certain things, like hummus, your own salad dressing, and other things too!  Definitely check this one out!

I should also mention, that I am not a mom (YET!) to any children.  I am recently married (as of February 16th 2012) and have been living on my own without any help from parents or family members since 2009.  I have been working since two months after I turned 16.  So I appreciate the meaning of money, the value of a dollar, and being able to get as much as humanly possible with my money!  Thats how I got into Bath and Body Works in the first place.  But since I don't have my mom to ask, I'm sort of on my own to figure it out for myself!   Plus I can be more prepared for when I do have children, it won't be a cold hard wake-up call clipping coupons and looking through the sale-ads. 

After I got done looking at The Good Food and Tips Page, there was another link that the page had that led to the SNAP-ED USDA Page.  I don't use SNAP but it seems that welfare programs that give out certain money to help families with food, have great nutritional recipes!  I went with a friend of mine who uses WIC, with her to a mini class about the importance of nutrition and then they handed all of us a cookbook as we were walking out the door.  I guess they didn't know I was just sitting in but I was happy for the cookbook!! It was Sesame Street themed, but the recipes are good!  Some are mediocre, but they have homeade chicken nuggets, pumpkin muffins, homeade fish sticks, and other things that are delicious sounding and can be made for us adults too! 

The SNAP-ED page has some good recipes too.  These are just mainly recipes approved by the United States Department of Agriculture and certain nutrition groups associated with the USDA.  They also state how much it costs to make the meal and how much it is per serving.  Some are more expensive than others, but generally a good website!

Another website, that my good wax-friend pointed me to, (Thanks Tina Ann!) is the $5 Dinner Mom website!!  I haven't looked too thoroughly at it yet, but already I am finding recipes that are delicious and calculated how much you are spending per item that you use and are all under $5!  I have already found PUMPKIN FRENCH TOAST!! (MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Love everything and anything pumpkin!!) on this website.   I just wanted to document and let you guys know, if you want to try anything, these are the websites to look on!! And any other sites that you have found that have some good but not too difficult recipes, I wanna know!!

Thanks everyone!!

I am including my list of recipes that I have found that, once I get the husband's approval (he's got to want to eat this stuff too!), then I will test them out and see how they are and stuff.  I also managed to find another blog that I feel is very worth the topic of new foods that are budget worthy and tasty while keeping it healthy!  La Cucina PrimaDonna is the link.  She is a young Italian opera singer that makes Italian recipes more healthy using substitutes while still keeping the allure of the tasty Italian recipes! 

Here are the list of my recipes and their links that I have acquired so far that I am going to try:
I will warn you that not all of them may be healthy.  I do try to be healthy with the recipes that I am finding, but I'm trying to look for more budget-worthy recipes that still are varietous!  Thank you!

Creamy Potato Lasagna

Spaghetti Pie

Fish Tacos

Skillet Noodles and Beef

Meat/Rice Cakes

Taco Pizza

Tuna Melt Burger


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday ReCap

Hi, everyone!!

I just celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday, August 22nd 2012!  It was amazing to say the least!  Every 21st birthday means that you get to drink legally, so that is what I did!! I bought a bottle of Bacardi Rum and a shot of Patron!  Really liked that Patron!

But to my smelly stuff!! My husband knows me by now, knows what to get me!  He got me a Scentsationals "Karma" electric warmer and a clamshell of Better Homes and Gardens Soft Cashmere Amber! 
Yesterday on my birthday I melted the BH&G Soft Cashmere Amber (of course!) with Ye Olde Candle Cubbard's Pumpkin Souffle!!  Yummm!! Then I proceeded to add Slatkin's/Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut oil!! Absolutely delicious!! 
OK to the reviews!! I forgot to make notes of what I have melted so I am going off the top of my head!! I did that last time and I'm pretty sure I remembered all that I melted last time!! Not so sure this time, thats two weeks worth!
Shayz Scentz Pink Toastie Marshmallows-

HOLY CRAP!!! Amazing! And to think, I was going to destash this scent and give it away!! HahA! Not likely!! Ohhhh my poor PTM baby!! lol Its strong and fragrant and lasted for three days before I got tired of it, not because it ran out of scent!! Just like the Almond Cake!! I really see why lots of people really love Shayz Scentz!  This being said, since sales are abundant with Shayz, I always wait for a sale.  I think it is better that way, more bang for your buck!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Whipped Pumpkin Spice Latte-
Amazing!  I don't know if its the cool whip in it or not, but I do not smell alot of latte.  Which is good, because I can melt it around my husband!! He hates most, if not all coffee scents.  Its like Slatkin's Pumpkin Patch with a little less spice and a tiny bit of coffee. Very nice and good!! I am hoping to get a 5pack of it when I make my next Haley's order!!

Candles From the Keeping Room- Watermelon Sour Candy
I had gotten this scent from a destash.  I usually love watermelon scents so I got this one and a few others.  It seems like the CFTKR scents that I have tried, haven't been too strong.  I'm disappointed in this scent... It had potential but it wasn't strong nor did it last long.  I guess it would be good for people who couldn't handle strong scents and got bored fast.   It sucks, because I've heard people say good things about CFTKR, but they just aren't for me.
I can't remember much else... I have definitely been melting more... I have been melting some scents for 2-3 days.   I'll add more or make notes to put on my next post if I remember more!