Friday, October 26, 2012

Closing the Week

60 hours a week at work is hard, so sometimes I forget to melt (I know, crazy right?) Last night I went out for a little bit after I got off work (errands) and after my husband and I got home, I lied on the bed and fell asleep at 8pm.  I didn't even change out my warmers.

I have been melting scents like:

Shayz Crazy Citrus
Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus
Beaux Savons Frais Pink Noel
Beaux Savons Frais Pineapple Dreams
Haley's Heavenly Scents Pink Sugar
Haley's Heavenly Scents Mulled Cider

Thats all I can think of at the moment.  I melted Shayz Crazy Citrus and Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus together, and it smelled like Juicyfruit gum.  I am not a fan of chewing Juicyfruit gum, but it was a nice smell, not one of my favorites, but it was good.  Beaux Savons Frais Pink Noel is WONDERFUL and I want more! Even in a clamshell, its amazing and so pretty (sparkly and pink! <3) BSF Pineapple Dreams is good, but not a favorite of mine.  Has anyone had a scent that they like better cold than warm?  Like for example, mint chocolate.  I love mint chocolate ice cream (cold) but when I smell it warm, it smells weird.  Same goes for pineapple.  The Pineapple Dreams tart threw well and was great, but its one of those smells that I like to smell coming out of the fridge.
I know I don't have to go into detail, but both HHS's Pink Sugar and Mulled Cider are amazing!!

I also got my Scentsy warmer doing my Scentsy party.  Its so cute!! A Pumpkin warmer!! Its a midsize warmer, and I am going to try it out after I finish this post!! I have an order from HHS and BSF on the way!! I can't wait!!

Thanks guys!!

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