Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I Melted This Week

Usually I do this accompanied with an order, but I wanted to go ahead and start off my list for the new week, so this will have to suffice for now! lol

Since I've been getting better at keeping up with this, I'm going to try to do this every week or so!! No one wants to know every description, unless you ask below, I'd be happy to oblige, so I will let you know my favorites and dislikes!!

SMT Pink Serendipity- This was in the form of a beautiful DETAILED cupcake (Thank you Lauren)
TBG Sugar and Spice
PL Black Raspberry
Aunt Nena's Butt Naked
S&S Mystery
RG Satsuma/Raspberry Sauce/Coconut Macaroon
FP Blueberry Cotton Candy
HHS Buttermints- I wanted to like this one, but it wasn't in the cards.  I wanted a creamy peppermint and this just wasn't it.  My HHS Toasted Sugar Cookie/Peppermint CBIC was better in my opinion!!
HHS Granma's Serendipity
HHS Serendipity ISCDB
TBG Vintage Circus
LSC Pink Sands
S&S Cinnabun Sugar Cookies - FAVORITE!! Lasted for three days!! This is a definite reorder!!
HHS Granma's Keylime Pie- Everytime I melt this, I like it more and more!
HHS Cake Batter Ice Cream
LCP Toasted Marshmallow Pink Ribbon Cookies
TBG Serendipity Cream Pie - So good and strong for having not cured!!
Scentsy Welcome Home
CBV Leesha - This one was just not for me.  It was a weird type of spicy that was just not for me.
BL Mandarin Coconut
CBV Captain Crunch Berries - I'm normally not a cereal person, but this was a great scent.  Like a soft cranberry creamy zucchini bread scent to me.  I liked it!
TBG Rainbow Candy Cream Soda
FP Party Punch
HHS Sweet Pumpkin Bread
HHS Granma's Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies - Love!

No pictures this time,.  Any scent that you guys have been wanting more of/can't get enough of?

Can't wait to hear about everyone's wax excursions for the week!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Bathing Garden

Ooooooo HOOOOO!!! :D :D :D :D

OK So I have been annoying everyone with my excitement and ga-ga-ness over TBG.  Lol So I finally got my, I believe it was, the September 13th restock order!! WOOHOOO! :D

And I finally got past my laziness to take some decent pictures!! I took some inspiration from a few fellow bloggers who have beautiful pictures each and every post.  They're not professional, but they are definitely an improvement in my opinion!

Here is my order!! Freebies Included!  I love the Black Cat
Note!! So cute! <3

My clamshells!! From left to right, top to bottom: Serendipity Cream
Pie (freebie), Frosted Vanilla Graham Crackers, Rainbow Candy
Cream Soda, Pumpkin Masquerade, Wolfsbane Bites, Pie Crust
Over Lavender.

My Scrubs!  I ordered a 4oz Marshmallow Layered Pink
Sugar Scrub!  And I received an Evernight 2oz Freebie Scrub!

I just want to say, that you always have vendors change names
a little bit so it's not exactly the same as other vendor's scent names.
(ie: Frosted Pink Sugar, Toasted Pink Sugar, Pink Sugar Swirl, etc)
I never dreamed to have a literal layering of Marshmallow Fluff on
top of the Pink Sugar scrub.  I'm almost afraid to use it because it looks
so delicate and soft!  I'm incredibly excited to! 

This was my freebie.  This was already on my list to get
most definitely.  I LOVE Serendipity and Coconut Cream Pie
So when I saw this after I grabbed and unwrapped it, I was like
*Fist Pump in the Air* YESSSSSS!!!  As you can tell, I couldn't
wait to put this baby in the warmer.  I tried out the one cube without
curing at all, despite my attempts to tell my husband it wouldn't be
as strong with curing.  It is smelling sooo good and stronger than
I imagined it would be without curing!! If it's on the next restock list,
I definitely plan on buying more!! This is great!!! 
Mmmmmm... this is definitely your warmer type of scent.  Barry
says he picks up a hazelnut type of scent, and I can kinda see
where he gets it.  I, however, get this warm, sweet almost sugary
cinnamon scent.  I think it's definitely going to make some cool fall
nights warmer!! :D <3 
I have heard so many things about this one!  To me, this smells
like Red, Orange, Pink Starbursts.  I'm hoping the Cream Soda
part comes out when melting!! This smells like a really cool scent,
definitely stands apart from the other fruity scents!
I can't help but smile at that weird but awesome smiling Pumpkin
Face!! It's so cute!! It's my first TBG Clamshell with a decal and
I couldn't be more excited!! That's so awesome!! Pumpkin Masquerade
has this warmth to it! A little spicy, a little cinnamony, very good!
I think this one is going to throw very well! 
Ohhh this one smells so amazing!  I took a trip to New Hampshire
when I was around ten or eleven, in the dead of winter.  And I swear,
this was how it smelled like up there.  It's beautiful!  Not your average
peppermint, but a sweet spearmint type. Then you can smell the cookie
in it too.  It's dreamy almost! I'm really happy with this one!! And
look at the mint crumbles!! 
I was really excited about this one too! This one is a little more
herbal lavender than I would have liked, hoping the Pie Crust
note will even it out! But I am really really happy to have a
lavender scent back in my home!! I have been really enjoying
lavender while I go to sleep.  So calming, especially with alot of sweetness
added to it.  I really like it alot! And I used to hate lavender.  Haha! 

I also think the two tone ones are really cool too!! I love all the creativity, prettiness, and extra stuff that goes into making these.  I know, it really shouldn't matter.  After all, wax is wax, and it will always amount to a melted liquid pool, no matter if it's ugly or pretty.  But I think it's OK to be drooling over the pretty stuff!! Hahahaa!!

I have some money set aside so I can order next time she restocks, which I hope is soon!! I'm impatient, I know!! lol I may even order an 8oz scrub!! I'm so intrigued by these scrubs.  I've never been much of a scrub girl because of how abrasive they are.  But these are so great, they lather and are a little coarse (Sugar, yeah), but not even a quarter of how abrasive some Bath and Body Works scrubs I've tried, have been. I think I'm starting a new hobby ;)

I also hope to maybe order from Haley's Heavenly Scents and perhaps Streetman's as well!! I have gift cards for both places, and I hope to use them soon!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Swap with Tori!

Hi everyone!!

OK So today, I have a swap I did with Miss Tori!!

Me and Tori have done about three swaps so far.  They have been fantastic!! I am really lucky to have found a great swapper, especially reading about a few people who have had poor luck swapping packages.  Either getting less than quality product or not getting a package at all!

I just want to go ahead and put this out there: short and sweet.  When you are online, and have friends on Facebook who only know you through the internet; how you carry yourself and your honest word is all that you really have to build your reputation.  It takes ten times the amount of the time to build that trust than to break it.  And with people in the wax world getting better and better about keeping lists of people to look out for or to avoid dealing with, you have to work that much harder to get that trust back.

OK rant over and back to the wax!! I have had this wax since Friday.  But between working, cleaning, and spending time with the husband the past few days, I've just had time to quickly go through it!

The first two times that we had done a swap, we had used a flat rate envelope, and stuffed those envelopes solid!  This time around, Tori found out that it was as much or cheaper to do a regional A box!  A box! For cheaper! More wax+Ship cheaper= DEFINITELY!

So now I have pictures in categories and descriptions to go with them!  Woohoo!

Here they are, in all their glory!!

This is the picture where I got one from each company.  The "Random"
Pile.  Clamshell from Partylite in Black Raspberry, Scentsy "Welcome
Home", Closet Full of Wax "Butt Naked", K's Kreations "Autumn Magic"
Streetman's Snap Stick "Love Potion #7", Skinny Dip Soaps "Sweet
Kiwi", Candles From the Keeping Room "Raspberry Coconut Zucchini
Bread", Long Cane Primitives "Iced Lemon Bread", Orchid Lake
Candles "Halo", and Tiffany's Scoopable in "Vanilla Bean Noel"

This is the "Random Non-Wax" picture!  Tori doesn't
care much for Pink Sugar, but knew I love it!  So she sent me a
K's Kreations scent satchet in "Pink Sugar" and The Bathing
Garden mini scrub in "Sea of Tears"
This is the JLCCW Photo!  Two hearts in "Cheer Bear Dough" and
a bundt cake in "Cotton Candy"!
My Haley's Heavenly Scents Photo!  Angels in "Lemonberry Cake",
Two scallops in "Serendipity ICSDB", one scallop in "Serendipity
Noel", one scallop in "Hot Orange Danish", and a mixture
that we were talking about "Toasted Fireside" with an extra dose of
"Toasted Marshmallow"! 
My Front Porch picture!  "Party Punch", "Zucchini Noel",
"Lavender Orange Danish", "Blueberry Cotton Candy", "Apple
Blueberry Bread", "Strawberry Pear", "Tropical Island Marshmallow",
and "Rainbow Sherbert".  
So I have been obsessive over The Bathing Garden lately
so I was really excited to see these!!
2 cubes each in "Blush", "Raspberry Hearts",
"Rainbow Candy Cream Soda", "Vintage Circus",
and "Sparkle & Spice".
My Butterfly Lane photo!  Chunk in "Mixed Blocks with an overpour
of Toasted Marshmallow", a chunky cupcake of "Black Cherry/
Peppermint", a scallop in "Strawberry Smoothie", a mystery chunk,
a heart in "Bite Me", and cups in "Mulberry Moonspice", "Mandarin
Coconut", and "Frosted Sugar Cookie"! 
My Sugar and Spice Gourmet!  Sorry it's blurry!
Marshmallow Zucchini Noel and a Mystery Cup!

Rosegirls!  Pie slice in Strawberry Jam/Marshmallow Smoothie/Zucchini
Bread, and chunks in Satsuma/Raspberry Sauce/Coconut Macaroon
and Watermelon/Strawberry Jam/Swizzle Sticks
Ava's Country Cupboard 2 scallops of Snickerdoodle!  

I have also been keeping up with what I've been melting! (I Know, finally!) So here's the list!! :D

CBV Cinnamon Donuts
HHS Granma's Amish Cinnamon Bread
LCP Lavender Peppermint Vanilla
LCP Watermelon Ice Cream Bread
JLCCW Lavender Mist
HHS Pink Noel
HHS Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookies
TBG Guava Berry Gelato
HHS Toasted Sugar Cookie/Peppermint Cake Batter
HHS Satsuma
HHS Georgia Peach
HHS Banana Pudding
PPS Very Berry Cream ZB
HHS Granma's Serendipity
HHS Toasted Serendipity
JLCCW Lavender Mist
Bella's Sweet Serendipity Sugar
TBG Monster Mashup
HHS Pink Chiffon
HHS Purple Cow Ice Cream Poundcake
Ava's Warm Vanilla Nutmeg
HHS Sugar Cookie Vanilla Latte

Also, in other news, I just received a CNS from the Bathing Garden!! So be on the lookout for a post Wednesday or Thursday!!

Thanks everyone!! And thank you Tori, for such an amazing swap, yet again!! <3 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lolo Loves Scents CBV Destash

The week has been good, and has ended great!

First I want to go ahead and mention that I made a The Bathing Garden order!! Here's what I got!

Clamshells in:

Pumpkin Masquerade
Rainbow Candy Cream Soda
Sugared Pie Crust over Lavender
Wolfsbane's Bites
Frosted Vanilla Graham Cracker

4OZ scrub in Pink Sugar Layered Marshmallow

I am UNBELIEVABLY excited, got hooked on TBG from my last order, which is almost gone!! :( :( Think this may be a climbing for a top spot vendor!! Woohoo!

I follow Lauren at Lolo Loves Scents and Sunnee at Fragrance Obsessed and they write a heck of a blog!  These two ladies write beautiful blogs, full of pictures and informative information!! I don't know what I'd do without these helpful tips and sweet anecdotes!  <3

Lauren was offering a CBV destash on her blog and I was the first to e-mail her that I was interested!!

She e-mailed me the scents, and I e-mailed her, yes I want it!! I had to wait until Wednesday to pay, because Wednesday was pay day!!

So I had gotten it in last night! I was off yesterday, and my husband took the mail key.  So I was stuck at home dreaming of all the CBV scent shots waiting in my mailbox, dying to be unwrapped and opened!!

I met my husband at the door, kissed him hello, and ran off with the mail key!!

This is what I found:

All of the beautiful CBV cups in their new home!!
Sugar Kisses- Smells very sugary with a hint of fruit
Pazazzy-smells like Sparkling Cranberry Cider.  I'm going
to see how it is warm, but it's good cold.
Granny's Pie Crust- has a good mellow sweet confection
smell to it.  I'm excited about this one!
Sleigh Bells- I smell mint with that old Victorian style
Vanilla.  I can't tell if I can smell something else.
Captain Crunch Berries- Usually I hate EVERY SINGLE
cereal scent.  But this one smells like a warm cranberry
bread scent.  I will definitely report on this one! Pleasantly
surprised on cold smell!
Nut House- This is supposed to be a dupe for Pistachio Pudding
Cake.  I like it cold sniff, I just hope it's not too heavy on the

Bella Swan- I am no Twilight fan, but this smells really good!! I think
this is like a grape vanilla type scent, very light on the grape.  Maybe
a little floral in there?  It smells pretty!
Cinnamon Raisin Bread- I think I smell everything (cinnamon, raisin, and bread)
pretty evenly!  Surprisingly, since usually I can never smell the raisin.
But this smells really good! Cozy!
Carmen Miranda- This I smell peach.  Something else too, but definitely peach. Can't
Pinpoint WHATELSE.  hahaha
Stress Relief- This one smells like my husband's dandruff shampoo with a little
more mint.  Ehh....
Fair Day- I think this one is funnel cake and caramel with a tiny bit of apple.
Not a huge fan of it cold, we'll see warm
Peachy Pink Coral- This is another I was really excited about.  This smells like
a Fuzzy Navel or some sort of peach Starburst.  I love this scent.  I hope
it's as great warm!!

Leesha- This one I'm not so sure about.  It smells kinda sweet incense-y so
I'm not too sure.  We'll see...
Cinnamon Donuts- This smells like pure fresh cinnamon out of the bottle!  I don't
smell too much of a confection added, but I think that might come out
when it is warm!  Love it COLD!
Sonny and Cher- I can't decide whether or not I like this.  There is cranberry in it
BUT there is this spiciness to it, this hard spiciness.  Not sure, not sure
Feathers Everywhere- This is the nicest fresh scent I've found.  It's not industrial,
it doesn't have that strong cleaner scent.  If anyone's smelled a down blanket with the feathers,
this is what that reminds me of.  It's fresh but airy.
Viva La Juicy- This is a very perfumey scent, I can't wait to see how this does in the warmer.
Three Ring Circus- I can kinda smell peanuts, not sure what else.  Maybe even
cotton candy!

Then Lauren was really sweet and included a few (and I loosely use this term "few) freebies for my birthday

Lasting Scent Pink Sands, Sugar and Spice Gourmet Pistachio
Coconut Fluff, and Pink Coconut Butter Fudge
Hearts in Butterfly Lane Serendipity and a mini loaf in Butterfly Lane
Serendipity/Pina Colada
Sniff My Tarts Mystery Chunks, Pink Serendipity, Ice Cream Scoop
Serendipity Smoothie, and Circus Concession
Here are the randoms: Bella's Sweet Serendipity Sugar, Rosegirl's
Ooey Gooey Baked ZB, Ten Digit Creations Pistachio Coconut
Fluff, Pics Petals & Scents Very Berry ZB, and Pink Serendipity from
Sweet Fixations

This was SUCH an awesome destash, even aside from the "Birthday" wax, I love the CBV and the extras!! <3 Lauren is definitely an awesome person to buy a destash from! Thank you, Lauren, so much!!  Can't wait!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RAOK Package

OK first let me explain RAOK's for those who have never heard of this expression.

RAOK stands for "Random Act Of Kindness" which means someone sends you something like a present, whether it be wax or any something of emotional magnitude (Yes, I get emotional about my wax!).

I'm not really sure if mine was random, since she had messaged me about it and I knew before hand, but I was random in the picking part, I suppose!

So this wonderful lady (I will keep her name anonymous for the purpose of this blog entry) messaged me after receiving her Haley's Heavenly Scents order and was like, "Hey!! Would you like some things that I may not have liked?"

Who turns down wax?  I told her, "Sure!!" Gave her my address.

Sure enough, it showed up in my mailbox after attempting to donate plasma.  Long story short, I have very deep veins, and I got poked and prodded in both arms before releasing me for too difficult of veins to work with.  My left arm wasn't that bad, my right arm feels like it got ran over a bunch of times.  I will spare you a picture, because my arm is white and ghastly, plus no one wants to see that anyways.  I even have "tire marks" up and down my upper arm where the cuff squeezed my arm too tight.  No WONDER I never donated blood in high school!  'Nuff said!

So my husband drove me home, checked the mail, and there was the RAOK package!  It was a little bit of a surprise because I, for some reason, even though she told me she would send it out on Saturday, didn't think she had sent it out.  But it was there, nonetheless, and had perfect timing to coax my attention away from my arm and enjoying new wax!

Here are some pictures!!

The package in its entirety!! Beautiful!! <3 

I got some Haley's Heavenly Scents Hearts in Banana Pudding,
Cake Batter Ice Cream, and Cherry Bubble Gum

I also got a Haley's Heavenly Scent scent shot of Lemon Pound Cake
and Front Porch Serendipity Cotton Candy.  Not sure exactly
if it used to be a loaf, or something. It didn't endure the heat
too well, but it smells FANTASTIC!! So I don't care!! :D

So I just want to thank my anonymous "Wax Fairy" for being so kind and thinking of me.

I hope to post a few entries, as I should be getting in some different packages by Friday!  So be on the lookout! Thanks!