Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catching Up Again

For those of you who don't know, I have been retrieving the internet off of my phone after the internet company decided to charge me the same for way less internet.  However, I think I may have found a substitute!! We will see!!

My phone HATES blogspot!  It barely lets me log in before it kicks me right back out!! Drives me crazy!

Therefore: I have been absent from my blogging duties.

UFGATORBUGG (Julie) encouraged me to, when I next time hit the library for coupons (yes I've been couponing and hoarding) that I should write a blogpost!  Sometimes when I go to the library, all the things I want to do when I go to a normal desktop computer instantly flies out of my mind, and I'm like, "What did I want to do again??"  It goes back to that, "I don't need to write this down, I will remember this" lie.

So a little recap:  I have recently (in the past few months) have become one of the administrators for Haley's Heavenly Scents!! (YAYYYY!!!) She is one of my favorite vendors and I'm so proud and happy to be apart of a great team!! And being an administrator, yes I am going to post the sale HHS is having.

Haley's Heavenly Scents SALE!
June 6th-June 8th

Free Shipping over $25
15% off all products
Orders over $50+ gets a free BODY POLISH!

Free shipping over $25
15% off all products

1) $25: Free Shipping and One Free Bag of scallops
2) $50: 2 Free Bags of Scallops and a Clamshell
3) $75: 3 Free Bags of Scallops and a Bag of Mystery Tarts
4) $100: 3 Free Bags of Scallops, One Pound of Brittle, and a Bag of Mystery Tarts
5) $150+: 3 Free Bags of Scallops, TWO Pounds of Brittle, and a Bag of Mystery Tarts

I've been really excited about this sale!! I've already started plotting my next order!!

I also just recently got a HHS order!!!

This had 4 Pink Noel, 3 Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookies, 3 Apricot Twinkies, 2 Granma's Serendipity, 2 Pink Serendipity VSCDB, 2 Granma's Toasted Chubba Dubba, Pink Watermelon Punch, Honeysuckle, Vanilla Bean Noel Twinkies, Mango Lime Smoothie, Downy Lavender Vanilla, and Pink Chiffon.

Freebies: Granma's Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Granma's Wildberry Mousse/Pink Twinkies, and Pink Watermelon/Apricot Twinkies

Cups: Toasted Peeps (Sale) and Grape (Freebie)

I'm also expecting a Shayz Order that I made Thursday!! Lots of Pink Serendipity and Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar!! Just in time for summer!!!

I have also been couponing.  Does anyone coupon like a hobby?? I have been loving sites like coupons.com and redplum.com.  I plan to take a picture once I make my little "haul" :D 

Hope everyone has been doing well and I want to know what I've been missing!! What vendors have you found/liked?  What scents?  Has anyone tried the Thumbprint Cookie Scent?  Or Cookie Butter Crack?  Inquiring Minds want to know!!

I missed doing this!! I hope I can do another one of these soon!!