Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post Christmas 2012

Anyone ready for the New Year?  2013?  It feels weird to even type!! I'm sure alot of us are still going to be writing 2012 for the whole month of January trying to get used to 2013, instead of 2012.

For me, alot of things have happened in 2012.  First of all, I got majorly addicted to WAX!! Yes, I have only been into wax (tarts) for a year!  It started with Yankee tarts, buying them off of Ebay from a kind seller who basically sold them to me for a $1 a tart, which is the same during the Yankee Sale Tartapalooza.  Then my friend was telling me about Front Porch tarts. So I tried Turtle Cheesecake, Ultimate Bakery, and Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread.  Thats what started me on Front Porch.  I started joining groups, learning about other vendors, and all of it spiraled to what is now a massive collection (in my opinion anyways!!) lol!

I also got married February 16th, 2012 to the best man in the whole wide world!!! 
That was the big things.  We also had Christmas photos!! I got PRESENTS!!  (I know, duh) but I got cool stuff!!

 I got a Lil Kitchen Candle lot!  3 Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread, 2 Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Zucchini, 2 Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, 1 Pink Sparkletini, Serendipity, Pink Candy Fluff!

Then Bath and Body Works, took advantage of a B3G3 shower gels, 2 Sparkling Blackberry Woods, 2 Midnight Pomegranate, and 2 Cashmere Glow!  Then $6 FFM's in Paris Amour, Cashmere Glow, Sparkling Blackberry Woods, and Midnight Pomegranate.  Gave another Cashmere Glow to my Sister in Law!

Also got that mixer that I got at Black Friday, got it wrapped up for me.  And some clothes from Gap!

Now for my melts!! I have been melting off and on!!
Barry put in Front Porch Pink Laundry and Cactus and Sea Salt <- both favorites!  High throw and great smells!! Also put on Pink Serendipity and Minty Pink by Shayz <- both are REORDERS!! :D :D

I have on now Watermelon Margarita by Crosscreek (love!), Mai Tai Twist by Nene's Kitchen Melts (love!), YOCC's Pink Kaleidoscope (Of course I love!), and Vanilla Grapefruit by Missy's Tempting Tarts (love me some Grapefruit!! <3

I've been so tired, most of my melts have been staying on for two or three days before I have the energy to change them out!  So that's why my melts are so infrequent.  I've been going to bed at 7PM, enough said!  LOL I'm hoping to mayyybbbeee get out of my current job and one of the MANY bonuses is MORE MELTING TIME!!!!!!!!  So cross your fingers for me!!

I plan on changing out my warmers today to something cozy!! Thanks guys!! Talk to you soon!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nearing the end... and MADE IT!

I am going ahead and doing this week's blog entry early this weekend, only because I'm sick and can't go back to sleep.  Plus my weekend is going to be a little funny.  I have to work until 2PM tomorrow (whereas I usually work until 10:30-11AM) and get Sunday off and Tuesday off.  I am so freakin' jealous of you people who actually get Christmas vacations.  My feet don't know what a vacation feels like anymore... unless you count when my hubby rubs them!! And believe me, that's a vacation to my feet <3  Thanks babe!!

So here it goes:

First: I GOT MY HALEY'S ORDER!!!!  YES YES YES YES YES!!! Pictures!!!!


What came out of the box!

After I sorted it!

This is from my box, my friend came by and gave me the rest of my stuff!! Soooooo wonderful!! <3 I ended up with two bags of Pink Sugar, two bags of Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, one bag of Pink Serendipity, one bag of Pink Sands, and one bag of Granma's Creamy VBN Bread!

Cups are: Strawberry Funnelcake (freebie), Jack Frost, Black Cherry Noel, Cotton Candy Funnel Cake, Whipped Pink Peppermints, 2 Pink Pineapple Orchid, Blueberry Funnel Cake, Toasted Marshmallow Zucchini Bread, Cinnamon Noel, Wildberry Mousse VBN, Peppermint SCDB, Granma's Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, 3 Serendipity Noel, Candy Cane Claus, Southern Home, Snow Angels, Marshmallow Spice Latte, Granma's Zucchini Bread, Granma's PINK Zucchini Bread, and Blackberry Noel.   Ohhhh its all amazing!!

My husband is SOOO cool!  Seriously!  He made piles of the tarts in piles he really really likes, kinda likes, and doesn't like.  Luckily the likes piles was bigger than the not-likes.  He really really likes the Pink Pineapple Orchid, Serendipity Noel, Snow Angels and Wildberry Mousse VBN.  And of course, we agreed on all the bags before I ordered them, so obviously those are favorites too!! 

He (me neither!) couldn't wait to let them cure, so we put in Pink Serendipity, Pink Sugar, and Pink SCDB.  Amazing amazing amazing!!! <3 <3 <3!

I also got a lot from Lil Kitchen Candles!! $16 shipped for 12 2oz cups!  I didn't get to pick the scents, but they all sound really good!! I've heard great things about them from a woman who knows about her tarts!! She has good taste!! Will post pictures when I get them!!
Still waiting on SMT! I am still being patient... trying to be.  I love SMT :)  Its hard to be patient... I'm not a patient person!! Their stuff is just so good!!   Did I mention that I got a mini destash?  I got chunks (omg yum!) from SMT in Peppermint Noel and Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake.  And a scallop in Apricot Vanilla <-- melted right away, absolutely perfect! Also got Rosegirls Pumpkin Chai tarts!! They smell really good!! 

Thats about it.  How does everyone feel surviving the end of the world?  lol!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nine Days Until Christmas 2012

First of all, I know there are a few vendors out there that are going to try to work Christmas.  STOP RIGHT THERE!!  Everyone deserves to have Christmas with their families!! We will all live with having our wax packages out a day or two later.  Everyone deserves to have Christmas, ATLEAST Christmas Day off!  Enjoy yourselves! You do great work the other 364 days out of the year!!!

I am still waiting for my Haley's Heavenly Scents order and Sniff My Tarts order.  I am pretty sure HHS is shipping out tomorrow (both orders, the one with my friend and the other that I made on my own!) Sooooo many great HHS goodies!!  And Amy and Donna over at SMT have been working really hard with their sale orders, so I'm OK getting mine whenever! :)
I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to get them!!!!  I will be taking pictures when I get my HHS orders!! Holy crap!! There will be sooo many!!!!!!!

I am melting: Shayz Scentz Gingersnap (YUM), Front Porch Twilight in the Woods (going to try this from HHS before trying to order from FP in a 4pack), Front Porch Cozy Fall Nights (I soo want to reorder), and FP Brown Sugar and Cinnamon (Not a fan).  I also have Slatkin Spiced Cider oil and Slatkin Toasted Pistachio Delight candle from last year going!! Its such a cozy cozy day!! <3

I have to give honorable special mention to Front Porch's Group Hug!  OMG! I was hesitant to try this.  The description is "Beautiful fragrant blend of sweet lavender, pink sugar, mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk".  The lavender+musk+bergamot, even with the pink sugar and other fruits, was worrysome for me.  I'm not a musky scent lover.... I try to stay away, but I did pick up one, hoping maybe it was maybe more Pink Sugar-heavy?   You can basically smell pink sugar and orange... the lavender in it makes it smell pretty.  Does that make sense to anyone?  It sweetens the orange some to where it smells similar to NightTime Tea from Bath and Body Works.  Its a very nice scent!! Definitely getting a 4pack of it, until I can get another vendor to dupe it!   (Haley's Heavenly Scents!)

I have been melting some great scents and have come up with some good blends from Haley's Heavenly Scents.  Pink Sugared Strawberry+Coconut+Vanilla Bean Noel!  I did that the other day and it smelled AMAZING!! The first strawberry tart (Pink Sugared Strawberry from HHS)that I have smelled that didn't smell funky, generic, or just plain cheap.  AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!

I have on now LSC Citrus Bread, Aunt Nena's Juicy, Orchid Lake Candles Iced Lemon Biscotti, HHS Whipped Wildberry Scone and YOCC Pink Kaleidoscope.  Yay!! I can definitely smell the Citrus Bread!! 

Another tart that I have melted that I have to say is fantastic is SMT's Cotton Candy.  I'm usually weary about getting Cotton Candy scents because they are faint, almost nonexistent when melted.  But SMT's is strong.  Granted, I put it on in my bedroom, but nice and strong it was!! Even my husband said something about it!! :)

Thanks guys!! I want to hear all about what you are doing for Christmas and what you are melting for Christmas.  Anyone giving any wax-related gifts?  I still have to pick out my Christmas melts!  Is anyone going to the Bath and Body Works SAS?  I am SOOOO going!! I am going to work all day Saturday to go, but I'm going to go!  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Almost 2weeks Until Christmas!

The Christmas trees are starting to come up, the cheesy blow-up Santa Clauses, reindeer and nativity scenes are coming out in front of the house, and everyone is saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays as they hand you your bag in the check-out line. The radio is full of original and redone Christmas songs.  It is INDEED that time of year again, folks, and I'm not sure whether or not to welcome it or tell it to wait another month!

I live in Georgia and it is 60 degrees outside.  WHAT KIND OF CHRISTMAS (unless you are in a tropical climate) SHOULD HAVE 60 DEGREE WEATHER?  Don't get me wrong, I am not expecting snow, but I'd atleast enjoy having to wear a jacket, a scarf, a HAT!  I've been talking with a few other people and it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me.  The only thing I can do is put on all the Christmas type scents I can find because that's the only way its going to feel like Christmas, even if its just inside my little lair!  lol

I should have done this in my last blog, but I would like to congratulate Tiffany Nash for buying her first few warmers and making her first wax purchase at Haley's Heavenly Scents! *Raises champagne glass* "To making many more wax purchases and getting more people addicted!  CHEERS!"  lol Seriously, Tiffany and I are going in on some companies that I have been hesitant to try, only because I hate paying shipping.  Splitting shipping is not so bad... and is much more affordable!! :)

Soooo in the world of shopping and wax, I have made no new wax orders *hangs head in shame*.

I have decided to compile a list of vendors that I am wanting to try.  I haven't tried them yet (most of them) because of shipping, but now that I have someone who enjoys wax as much as I do, we are going to start going in on some wax orders together!! Yay!

Candles by Victoria
Long Cane Primitives
Lil Kitchen Candles
Ten Digit Creations
Ye Olde Candle Cubbard
Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections.

Probably won't be making any new orders until after Christmas (MAYBE!) but these are the vendors that I'd like to try!! I have tried a few things by CBV (Marshmallow Ambrosia and Marshmallow Campfire, both WONDERFUL! Its just the $8.95 shipping that had gotten me!) I have heard great things about Long Cane Primitives, Lil Kitchen Candles, Ten Digit Creations, and Jamie Lauren Cupcakery and Confection from reliable sources!!  I have tried a few things from YOCC and they were amazing!! <3  Pumpkin Souffle... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

I actually got in some orders (I can't believe I forgot either!)

Shayz Scentz!
6packs in Pink Dreams, Almond Cake, Pineapple Pappy, and Pink Toastie Marshmallows

 Cups in  Pink Mousse, Marshy Marshmallow, Minty Pink, Peachy Pink, Pink Lavender Supreme, Pink Serendipity, Pink Vanilla Bean, Pink Sunny Sand, Totally Pink, and Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar.
Samples in Pink Fire and Mystery Scent

Then I got my VCMA Sampler (which I WON!) and only had to pay shipping.  It makes it less than 50cents a tart.  I am happy!
Can Do's Amish Apples, Mimi's House, and Vanilla Woods
Long Cane Primitives Be My Valentine, Peppermint Nibbles, and Christmas Delights
Distinctly Pink's Jack Frost, Have a Very Berry Christmas, and Elf Fluff
K's Kreation's Luck of the Irish, Christmas Dreams, and Hansel & Gretel!

Nice packages huh?  I am letting all of these cure for now!!

I'm going to skip what I've been melting for this week, but special honorary mention for Shayz Scentz Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar!! Yum!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its Beginning to Look Alot Like December!

Anyone ever  had a week where they feeling going Rambo on everyone?  Yep... this was that kind of week for me.

Luckily, I realized two things.  One, I didn't go Rambo on everyone.  Kudos for me, it took a lot of willpower but I did it!!  Second, I feel that tarts and good smells are really good therapeutic agents!  That and my husband is what have been calming me down here lately.

First, my recent orders. Ha, ha, ha!  I am pretty sure I already told you guys about the Shayz Scentz and HHS orders I made.  I added on to my HHS order!  Jack Frost and Candy Cane Claus Cookies for sure.  The rest, I don't remember, but I'll definitely be reviewing them when I get them!

Then with all the commotion, Sniff My Tarts opened back up with a sale!  Like they needed one!  I ordered 10 packs of racecars in different scents.  They weren't on sale, but I think the racecars are better for me anyway, I was trying out some scents I've never tried but have been wanting to try!

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake
Orange Zucchini
Tropical Fusion
Serendipity Marshmallow Smoothie
Pink Noel
Pink Chiffon
Candy Cane Marshallow Noel
Campfire Dessert!

I can't wait for these!! :) So excited!  Some of them, Barry picked out, most of them, I picked!!  Alot of people were doing blends... I just started doing blends at HHS, and even though they turned out well, I usually have to conjure up the confidence to make a blend!! So I'll stick with the regular scents for now! Ha!

Now for scents I have been melting:

Shayz Scentz Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar- so Strong! Definitely a reorder
Shayz Scentz Cinnamon Toast- I wasn't sure how I'd like this one, but its a reorder for sure!! Nice and cinnamony without being too spicy!
Auntie Di's Delights Brown Sugar and Fig- This was a very nice duped scent!! I am going to look at her FB page when I go on FB.
CBV Marshmallow Ambrosia- Another very nice Candles by Victoria scent!  Its just too bad she charges alot for shipping!! Maybe I'll break down and order sometime!
Distinctly Pink's Country Home- This was nice, I put it in my Scentsy warmer, and its doing quite nicely!
I want to say alot of Pink Sugar scents and other stuff.  I know I melted Pink Serendipity by CFTKR in my NEEWWWWW Santa Claus warmer from BH&G that my Walmart FINALLY GOT!!!!!  I think that is the only CFTKR scent I've liked so far.

I got contest winnings from Missy's Tempting Tarts!! I got Mango Tangerine, Vanilla Grapefruit, Honey Graham Cracker, and Cinn Vanilla!! They all smell amazing!!

Thank you guys!! Talk to you later!