Sunday, December 9, 2012

Almost 2weeks Until Christmas!

The Christmas trees are starting to come up, the cheesy blow-up Santa Clauses, reindeer and nativity scenes are coming out in front of the house, and everyone is saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays as they hand you your bag in the check-out line. The radio is full of original and redone Christmas songs.  It is INDEED that time of year again, folks, and I'm not sure whether or not to welcome it or tell it to wait another month!

I live in Georgia and it is 60 degrees outside.  WHAT KIND OF CHRISTMAS (unless you are in a tropical climate) SHOULD HAVE 60 DEGREE WEATHER?  Don't get me wrong, I am not expecting snow, but I'd atleast enjoy having to wear a jacket, a scarf, a HAT!  I've been talking with a few other people and it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me.  The only thing I can do is put on all the Christmas type scents I can find because that's the only way its going to feel like Christmas, even if its just inside my little lair!  lol

I should have done this in my last blog, but I would like to congratulate Tiffany Nash for buying her first few warmers and making her first wax purchase at Haley's Heavenly Scents! *Raises champagne glass* "To making many more wax purchases and getting more people addicted!  CHEERS!"  lol Seriously, Tiffany and I are going in on some companies that I have been hesitant to try, only because I hate paying shipping.  Splitting shipping is not so bad... and is much more affordable!! :)

Soooo in the world of shopping and wax, I have made no new wax orders *hangs head in shame*.

I have decided to compile a list of vendors that I am wanting to try.  I haven't tried them yet (most of them) because of shipping, but now that I have someone who enjoys wax as much as I do, we are going to start going in on some wax orders together!! Yay!

Candles by Victoria
Long Cane Primitives
Lil Kitchen Candles
Ten Digit Creations
Ye Olde Candle Cubbard
Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections.

Probably won't be making any new orders until after Christmas (MAYBE!) but these are the vendors that I'd like to try!! I have tried a few things by CBV (Marshmallow Ambrosia and Marshmallow Campfire, both WONDERFUL! Its just the $8.95 shipping that had gotten me!) I have heard great things about Long Cane Primitives, Lil Kitchen Candles, Ten Digit Creations, and Jamie Lauren Cupcakery and Confection from reliable sources!!  I have tried a few things from YOCC and they were amazing!! <3  Pumpkin Souffle... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

I actually got in some orders (I can't believe I forgot either!)

Shayz Scentz!
6packs in Pink Dreams, Almond Cake, Pineapple Pappy, and Pink Toastie Marshmallows

 Cups in  Pink Mousse, Marshy Marshmallow, Minty Pink, Peachy Pink, Pink Lavender Supreme, Pink Serendipity, Pink Vanilla Bean, Pink Sunny Sand, Totally Pink, and Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar.
Samples in Pink Fire and Mystery Scent

Then I got my VCMA Sampler (which I WON!) and only had to pay shipping.  It makes it less than 50cents a tart.  I am happy!
Can Do's Amish Apples, Mimi's House, and Vanilla Woods
Long Cane Primitives Be My Valentine, Peppermint Nibbles, and Christmas Delights
Distinctly Pink's Jack Frost, Have a Very Berry Christmas, and Elf Fluff
K's Kreation's Luck of the Irish, Christmas Dreams, and Hansel & Gretel!

Nice packages huh?  I am letting all of these cure for now!!

I'm going to skip what I've been melting for this week, but special honorary mention for Shayz Scentz Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar!! Yum!

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