Saturday, June 30, 2012

Front Porch and Slatkin

I've been working like a dog.  But I've been melting once my dear husband goes to work.  So here's what I've been melting (over the course of a few days, of course!)

Front Porch-
Frosted Prairie Bread: YUMMY!  I personally run the other way from cherry scents, super sweet scents, most bakery scents etc etc.  But this cherry sweet bakery scent is WONDERFUL!  You know that smell that comes from maraschino cherries?  It's that only softened a little bit by the "bread" in the scent.  It is delicious!! Absolutely wonderful, and I recommend it to anyone who asks!

Lemonberry Crumble: This one smells good.  A nice blend of blueberry and lemon.  I only wish it were a little stronger.  But still a great scent!! :)

Funnel Cake: This is my kind of cake scent.  Its not TOO sweet but its sweet just like actual cake!  Nice and strong!! I smelled it from my front door from my bedroom! Delicious!!  I recommend this one too to bakery lovers and nonbakery lovers alike. 

Slatkin and Co-
Starfruit Crush: I love this scent.  I really do.  If anyone has had a behaving Starfruit Crush out there, let me know.  Because I have maybe 6 and the couple that I have burned, have been mischeviously bad burners!!  I couldn't keep my wicks lit! I have a feeling I am going to have to chop up all of the ones I bought for tarts.  I guess it could be worse....

Summer Watermelon: For all of you watermelon lovers, this is the ULTIMATE in Watermelon!! It smells like Jolly Rancher Watermelon!! It is delicious and I hoarded this baby!! It didn't make it past the test stage (I have NO IDEA why!) so it didn't make it into all stores.  But those of us who were fortunate enough to have ordered it, have been pretty happy with it (from what I've seen in posts and comments!)  Absolutely Delicious!

I believe thats all that I have melted up to this point.  I have FP's Funnel Cake in now and enjoying the yumminess!! Its still going after 24 hours!  Yum! Yum! Yum!  lol

I added a few more tarts to my Haley's Heavenly Scents Order.  I can't remember RIGHT off hand, but this is what I THINK I ordered.  lol

Pink Sugar
Hawaiian Punch
Pink Strawberries
Prairie Kitchen
I am hoping that Janet from Haley's Heavenly Scents ships it out on Monday.  But I think I can be patient.  I am just really excited to get them!!

Thats all tonight!! Hope you guys enjoy!! Let me know what you are burning/melting!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ode to Slatkin's Tiki Beach!

 Tiki Beach

Oh how beautiful are you with your sweet beachy fragrance
Strong and fragrant, delectable and pretty
Ode to this beautiful beachy fragrance
You will always be a major favorite!

OK so this poem is a bit on the lame side, but Slatkin's Tiki Beach is AMAZING!  The candle burns well and strong.  I have it in candles, oils, and I just got the roomspray at the second wave of the SAS 6/22/2012.  I may have to go back and get more.  <3

What do you all have burning/melting today?  Tell me in the comments!!  And feel free to recommend vendors and different scents!!  Thanks!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Front Porch Candle Company

Here is another dedicative post.  Enjoy!

This post is solely for Front Porch Candle Company.  This is the first online-only vendor that I have ever tried.  I have always been very skeptical about ordering online.  For one thing, you can't smell what you are getting.  And what if you get it, and you don't like it?  You can't return it and you are out however much you spent on it, on a piece of wax that smells like something atrocious.  Also, shipping has always been a big factor to me.  I HATE paying for shipping.  Its not really going towards the making of actual tarts or candles.  I'd rather pay a little bit more for the actual tart and get free shipping. 

Well, thats exactly what I got with Front Porch!  I was lucky enough to find out about this company through a friend of mine who is VERY knowledgeable about tarts/candles.  I would always see her post, saying things like, "I am melting "    " tart from Front Porch!"  I was so curious and a little jealous about all the different scents she was experiencing.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Slatkin candles, but with 20-30 candle scents coming out and being clearanced out at the end of every season, selection of scents is somewhat limited.   This is about the time I started looking into Yankee Candle Company scents and looking on their Facebook too. 

So, one night, after what feels like a month of looking and looking at the website, second guessing myself,finally allowed myself to order.  For those of you who haven't ordered from Front Porch yet, Front Porch has free shipping no matter how BIG or SMALL your purchase is.  I ordered a Turtle Cheesecake and a Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread.  A week and a half later, I ordered a Gain Laundry tart.  The individual tarts are $1.75, which is what I got.  I remember my first order taking about a week and a day to get to me, but BOY was I happy to see them in the mail!

A little background information about Front Porch!  Angie is the woman who runs the company: website and Facebook page.  She is SUCH A SWEET LADY!  She genuinely tries to make her customers happy.  Which is evident when you see her likes on her Facebook page climb week after week.  She offers 4packs of scents as well for $4.75.  She has grubby tarts and tart cups in both individual and 4packs.  She has "Sampler Packs", she even offers a few of the scents in 12packs! And of course, candles.  I have not had the privilege to order any candles (I will, one day!) but I have heard great things as far as throw and no burning issues.  Her tarts are ready-to-order/ready-to-ship and she has now changed her system from adding ALOT stock once a week to adding 4-7 scents once a day Monday through Saturday.  She also has warmers and bodycare on her site too.  She has a "deal" that if you order $25 worth of merchandise, that you get a free 4pack of grubby tarts in your choice of scent that she has available.  

Front Porch has amazing tarts.  Their throws last anywhere from 1day to 5 days (Yes, I am not exaggerating!).  I got a Love Spell tart and it lasted for 5 days.  Smelling beautiful, I may add!! Nice and strong too!!  Here's a picture of my Front Porch Candle Company collection!

In the box, is the 4packs.  I've gotten a few more since, but I have scents like Pink Lemonade, Citrus Laundry, Red Velvet Cake, Citrus Explosion, Lilac Laundry, Gain Laundry, Pink Lime, Cactus and Sea Salt, Mimosa and Mandarin, etc etc.  I, personally, especially in the summer and spring time, a HUGE fan of citrus and laundry scents.  I try to order per-the-season.  I did order a few sweet scents but am saving those for fall and winter. 

Now, if you are to order from Front Porch, something I'm not quite fond of, but overall, its OK.  Orders over $17 get a shipping confirmation and a tracking number.  If it is under $17, it would be a good idea to ask on Facebook when your bubble envelope was mailed out so you can keep an eye on your mail!  Plus, in my personal experience, the orders over $17 get to its recipients faster than the ones that are under $17.  Thats another incentive for ordering more, for those of us that are impatient! 

Overall, Front Porch gets an A in my book.  It will always hold a special place in my heart for being my first online vendor!  She has a nice variety of good scents.  They don't have a fake waxy smell like I was afraid of when I first tried them.  She adds a variety of stock (just make sure you ask on Front Porch's Facebook page!), and she always responds to e-mails quickly!   Most of all, the tarts are FAANNNTAAASSTTTTIIIICCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!  Great, great tarts!

Tonight I am melting Raspberry Cream Cupcake by Country Gift Shoppe.  This is just starting to melt and every once and a while, I am smell a whiff of raspberry and cupcake.  Its a sweet scent with a nice fruity twist to it.  I wish it were stronger and more consistent but if you wanted a tart to melt if you were only going to be in the house for a couple of hours, this would be good.  :)
I did have Vanilla Crunch going last night by the same company.  Oh my God, this one is HEAVEN!  Absolute heaven!  And I am not a bakery fan most of the time, so I'm glad this one was included as a freebie! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Slatkin and Co.

I have lots of wax knowledge to impart on my audience, so I try to space it out one dedicated post a day.  Today, I won't necessarily dedicate to a particular company, rather my wax activity for the day!

Today has been a lazy day for me.  I enjoy watching pre-recorded cartoons and sit in bed with my laptop in my PJ's on my lazy days.  But MOST importantly, I love to melt/burn something FABULOUS to smell up my apartment!! 

I was looking at my Slatkin candle bookshelf and couldn't help but notice all of the less than half empty jars that I had.  I told myself, "Thats no good." So in anticipation for future candle purchases, I decided upon myself to enjoy the fragrance these jars had left, and then put them in the R.I.P. section of this blog.  Right now, I have Slatkin's Flirt from the Good Life collection.  This candle is part of the candle collection that is suppposed to be replacing the current Aromatherapy Home Fragrance section of Bath and Body Works.  I have tried Love and Happy too, but Flirt was my favorite.  I ended up returning both Love and Happy about a month ago, but I'll be happy to tell you guys about them. :D  I don't know the actual notes of them (tried to find them but can't at the moment)

Love: This one was a straight up strawberry scent.  Don't get me wrong, strawberry is nice every once and a while but after so many strawberry scents, I have gotten tired of them.  So I felt I could live without this one.

Happy: If you have ventured to Bath and Body Work's SAS, then you have indeed smelled Carribean Salsa.  I think Happy is pretty darn close, if not spot on to Carribean Salsa.  So don't worry if you don't buy Carribean Salsa and want to. 

Flirt: This one has mandarin and berries in it.  It has both a sweet and a fruity tart note.  Its unique and I really like this one.  This may be the psychological effect, but it does make me flirty and generally happy. 

I have lit up and went through about 6 or 7 candle jars that were less than half full.  I went through a Tiki Beach, White Sand, Raspberry Sun Tea, French Garden, Oceanside and a Coco Lobo. After my Flirt candle, I still have a Honeysuckle that probably won't take me a long time to go through.  So now I have more room for more candles!!!

I still have Front Porch's Pink Lemonade going on my electric warmer in the living room!! It is still strong and as fragrant as ever.  Thats a MAJOR plus on  Front Porch Candle Company's side.  I put it in 24 hours ago and its still going strong!! I am going to do a post dedicated to Front Porch Candle Company, considering they were my VERY first online-only tart vendor I have ever tried!!!  I am going to wait until my husband leaves for work (Night Shift) to put in a nice Yankee tart. I am thinking about something fresh. Anyone have any ideas?

I also have NEWSS... I have just made the leap of trying Haley's Heavenly Scents!! I have heard SOOO many great things about her!! I did the deal where you spend $25 and you get 2 free 6pack of scallops!! I heard her scallops are huge!! So... let me tell you what I got for $25.30

Blackberry Fizz
Blueberry Hotcakes
Cotton Candy
Dream Angels (VS Scent)
Endless Love (VS Scent)
Fresh Baked Bread
Fruit Slices
Lemon Chiffon
Pure Seduction (VS Scent)
Vanilla Lime
Whipped Wildberry Scone
Pistachio Pudding
Toasted Marshmallow
Pink Sands
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
Blonde Moment
Whipped Peaches and Cream
Whipped Pumpkin Spice Latte
Chai Tea
Lemon Lavender
Pink Key Lime Waffle Cone
White Cake

I made my two free packs in Coconut and Buttermilk Pancakes.  I figured these are base scents, so I could mix them with a fruit scent from Haley's or one of the other vendors that I have and mix things up!! I just ordered today so I am hoping that they will be here sometime next week.  Again, I am SO excited!!

Thank you for reading my blog.  Please like, comment, subscribe, etc etc.  And let me know what you are burning/melting.  Do you guys do any candle re-con to make room in your stash for your impending candle purchases? 

Yankee Candle Company

New day, new post :)

I would like to dedicate this post to Yankee Candle Company.  I have gotten into Yankee within the past 6months.  I have many friends who loved Bath and Body Works and would also love Yankee.  They would talk about different scents that they had in large jars or tumblers or tarts galore!  Suffice it to say, I got curious.  I started looking on the Yankee Candle Company Site and saw the scents my lovely friends were talking and raving about plus many more.  I would have to say, that my obsession started in October or November of 2011. 

I would never order online for tarts (unless it was the SAS and I had a giftcard).  I always ordered off of Ebay.  There are two Ebay sellers that have 99cent (start bids) tarts and votives ALL THE TIME.  They are more than willing to combine shipping and send you a multitude of tarts and votives.  I have sometimes opened the box or the mailer envelope to find freebies as well!!

So with all of this "incentive" to start collecting Yankee tarts, I began bidding (and ladies, if you are new to bidding on Ebay, I will admit, here and now, that is DOES get ADDICTING!) on all sorts of different tarts and votives, mainly tarts though.   I would see pictures on Yankee Candle Facebook Page  of people's amazing collections of tarts and how they would store them.  I am a sucker for nice organization of storage.  I love color order, alphabetical order, season order;basically anything with some sort of order or pattern to it.  Makes me happy to look at and organize myself! 


I now have over 100 summer/spring tarts and probably 50-60 winter/fall ones!! :)  I have been collecting more than I have been melting, only because I have one electric Better Homes and Gardens warmer and there are other tarts that have been jeopardizing my poor little electric warmer.  Luckily, I happened upon a deal (rather, a mishap, a glitch) online during Yankee's June 2012 SAS and got 5 Tulip Crackle tealight warmers and just paid shipping. 

I am currently melting Yankee's Cherry Lemonade in this warmer here! It smells soo good.  Kind've tart, kind've sweet.  I really like it.  And its strong!! If I was hearing good things about the smooth wax tumblers, I would want one in this scent!! Its very VERY nice!

I also have Front Porch's Pink Lemonade melting in my electric warmer.  This one is very nice too but in a different type of way.  Whereas Yankee's Cherry Lemonade is tart, Front Porch's Pink Lemonade is sweet.  They are both good together... if you have both of these tarts, try them out together!! Tart and Sweet together!!
I am going to go ahead and cut this short.  Thanks for reading and I will be posting very soon!! Be sure to like, comment, subscribe and be on the lookout for more posts!! And I'd love to hear what you have been melting!! I always need good ideas/combos/mixologies!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bath and Body Works

I have always loved a good smell.  Whats better than a good scent, whether its on your body or scenting your house?

Let me tell you a little about myself: I have been a Bath and Body Works addict/fanatic since 2003 when Burts Bees was still in stores, the old packaging now was really new then, and the scents were basic and beautiful.  I still remember sharing $10 off $30 survey coupons with my sisters (We got one each) and shopping ONLY at the Semi-Annual-Sale.  We got only bodycare because my mother hated candles (any kind) and would only buy potpourri which she never kept up with.  So no candles, no oils, no tarts, just bodycare.  I was happy with the time.

The Semi-Annual Sale of Summer 2010 began my journey into candles, oils, tarts, basically WAX in general.  Usually I got candles at yardsales for 50cents-$1 and would scoff at paying $6 or more for a candle.  However, this year was different.  I spotted my first wax love: Pineapple Orchid.  Beautiful, pink, and sitting there, plotting its new home with me.  My husband, then boyfriend, loved this candle too, so he was all for getting a few here, few there.  I also stumbled upon 75% off 3wicks in Green Daisy, Sunflower, Orange Sapphire on a table that I just had to have.  But Pineapple Orchid was what inspired all the wax that has yet entered my apartment from then until now. 

I am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works candles!!  Only 3wicks, because the 4oz tunnel so horribly.  A little bit of tunneling, I am OK with, but when I can get the 3wicks for about as much as I pay for a 4oz, I'll pass.  Some of the 3wicks I have had, do drown too.  BUT I don't mind fixing those; I usually use a paper towel and soak up some of the wax.  It usually helps big time and helps it burn on to its full glory!! Something I want to try, that I've seen some people mention, is when their candle drowns, they pour the melted wax into tart molds, then relight the candle.  I think that is BRILLANT and INNOVATIVE.  I just need to find some tart molds.  Any suggestions where I can find them??

So at the moment, I have around 140 3wick Bath and Body Work candles.  I have them all in alphabetical order and by season.  Yes, it is OCD and very over-organized, but its something that I love to do!! I'll mix it up sometimes and redo it from alphabetical order to rainbow order, then back to alphabetical order.  And then the Aromatherapy scents have their own shelf too.  I will post a picture or two of my collection of Bath and Body Works candles!!

I have started collecting Bath and Body Works Home Fragrance Oils about a year and a half ago, at the June 2011 Semi-Annual-Sale.  It started when I got my warmer with 3 oils (all in a package together) for 75% off at the December 2010 Semi-Annual Sale.  I figured it wouldn't hurt if I tried it.  For 75% off, ANYTHING is possible! LOL I was IN-LOVE!  If you ladies haven't tried Home Fragrance Oils yet, its something to very heavily consider!! They are amazing and VERY fragrant! 

This is my collection right here of oils with some 4oz that I bought before I gave up 4oz.  The oils, like my candles, are organized by alphabetical order and season.  The first shelf is Summer 2011, the second shelf is 2012 New Scents, the 3rd shelf is Fall of 2011, and the last shelf is Winter 2011. 

I am not going to impart all of my candle/tart/oil knowledge on you all at once.  I will try to space it out.  I would consider myself between a novice and an expert on all wax/candles/tarts/oils so I have some more stuff to review and talk about! 

Hope you all enjoy and check back for more interesting stuff about some good scents!