Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bath and Body Works

I have always loved a good smell.  Whats better than a good scent, whether its on your body or scenting your house?

Let me tell you a little about myself: I have been a Bath and Body Works addict/fanatic since 2003 when Burts Bees was still in stores, the old packaging now was really new then, and the scents were basic and beautiful.  I still remember sharing $10 off $30 survey coupons with my sisters (We got one each) and shopping ONLY at the Semi-Annual-Sale.  We got only bodycare because my mother hated candles (any kind) and would only buy potpourri which she never kept up with.  So no candles, no oils, no tarts, just bodycare.  I was happy with the time.

The Semi-Annual Sale of Summer 2010 began my journey into candles, oils, tarts, basically WAX in general.  Usually I got candles at yardsales for 50cents-$1 and would scoff at paying $6 or more for a candle.  However, this year was different.  I spotted my first wax love: Pineapple Orchid.  Beautiful, pink, and sitting there, plotting its new home with me.  My husband, then boyfriend, loved this candle too, so he was all for getting a few here, few there.  I also stumbled upon 75% off 3wicks in Green Daisy, Sunflower, Orange Sapphire on a table that I just had to have.  But Pineapple Orchid was what inspired all the wax that has yet entered my apartment from then until now. 

I am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works candles!!  Only 3wicks, because the 4oz tunnel so horribly.  A little bit of tunneling, I am OK with, but when I can get the 3wicks for about as much as I pay for a 4oz, I'll pass.  Some of the 3wicks I have had, do drown too.  BUT I don't mind fixing those; I usually use a paper towel and soak up some of the wax.  It usually helps big time and helps it burn on to its full glory!! Something I want to try, that I've seen some people mention, is when their candle drowns, they pour the melted wax into tart molds, then relight the candle.  I think that is BRILLANT and INNOVATIVE.  I just need to find some tart molds.  Any suggestions where I can find them??

So at the moment, I have around 140 3wick Bath and Body Work candles.  I have them all in alphabetical order and by season.  Yes, it is OCD and very over-organized, but its something that I love to do!! I'll mix it up sometimes and redo it from alphabetical order to rainbow order, then back to alphabetical order.  And then the Aromatherapy scents have their own shelf too.  I will post a picture or two of my collection of Bath and Body Works candles!!

I have started collecting Bath and Body Works Home Fragrance Oils about a year and a half ago, at the June 2011 Semi-Annual-Sale.  It started when I got my warmer with 3 oils (all in a package together) for 75% off at the December 2010 Semi-Annual Sale.  I figured it wouldn't hurt if I tried it.  For 75% off, ANYTHING is possible! LOL I was IN-LOVE!  If you ladies haven't tried Home Fragrance Oils yet, its something to very heavily consider!! They are amazing and VERY fragrant! 

This is my collection right here of oils with some 4oz that I bought before I gave up 4oz.  The oils, like my candles, are organized by alphabetical order and season.  The first shelf is Summer 2011, the second shelf is 2012 New Scents, the 3rd shelf is Fall of 2011, and the last shelf is Winter 2011. 

I am not going to impart all of my candle/tart/oil knowledge on you all at once.  I will try to space it out.  I would consider myself between a novice and an expert on all wax/candles/tarts/oils so I have some more stuff to review and talk about! 

Hope you all enjoy and check back for more interesting stuff about some good scents!


  1. First of all, I love the title that you have chosen for your blog....very cute and appropriate. I love reading blogs that discuss home fragrance and body care products. I'm already enjoying this blog and I am looking forward to more posts. I have seen tart molds at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  2. Thank you so much Vnetta!! I had a hard time coming up with a title that would be both witty and appropriate-to-topic. I will look at Bed, Bath, and Beyond! Thanks so much!!