Friday, June 22, 2012

Slatkin and Co.

I have lots of wax knowledge to impart on my audience, so I try to space it out one dedicated post a day.  Today, I won't necessarily dedicate to a particular company, rather my wax activity for the day!

Today has been a lazy day for me.  I enjoy watching pre-recorded cartoons and sit in bed with my laptop in my PJ's on my lazy days.  But MOST importantly, I love to melt/burn something FABULOUS to smell up my apartment!! 

I was looking at my Slatkin candle bookshelf and couldn't help but notice all of the less than half empty jars that I had.  I told myself, "Thats no good." So in anticipation for future candle purchases, I decided upon myself to enjoy the fragrance these jars had left, and then put them in the R.I.P. section of this blog.  Right now, I have Slatkin's Flirt from the Good Life collection.  This candle is part of the candle collection that is suppposed to be replacing the current Aromatherapy Home Fragrance section of Bath and Body Works.  I have tried Love and Happy too, but Flirt was my favorite.  I ended up returning both Love and Happy about a month ago, but I'll be happy to tell you guys about them. :D  I don't know the actual notes of them (tried to find them but can't at the moment)

Love: This one was a straight up strawberry scent.  Don't get me wrong, strawberry is nice every once and a while but after so many strawberry scents, I have gotten tired of them.  So I felt I could live without this one.

Happy: If you have ventured to Bath and Body Work's SAS, then you have indeed smelled Carribean Salsa.  I think Happy is pretty darn close, if not spot on to Carribean Salsa.  So don't worry if you don't buy Carribean Salsa and want to. 

Flirt: This one has mandarin and berries in it.  It has both a sweet and a fruity tart note.  Its unique and I really like this one.  This may be the psychological effect, but it does make me flirty and generally happy. 

I have lit up and went through about 6 or 7 candle jars that were less than half full.  I went through a Tiki Beach, White Sand, Raspberry Sun Tea, French Garden, Oceanside and a Coco Lobo. After my Flirt candle, I still have a Honeysuckle that probably won't take me a long time to go through.  So now I have more room for more candles!!!

I still have Front Porch's Pink Lemonade going on my electric warmer in the living room!! It is still strong and as fragrant as ever.  Thats a MAJOR plus on  Front Porch Candle Company's side.  I put it in 24 hours ago and its still going strong!! I am going to do a post dedicated to Front Porch Candle Company, considering they were my VERY first online-only tart vendor I have ever tried!!!  I am going to wait until my husband leaves for work (Night Shift) to put in a nice Yankee tart. I am thinking about something fresh. Anyone have any ideas?

I also have NEWSS... I have just made the leap of trying Haley's Heavenly Scents!! I have heard SOOO many great things about her!! I did the deal where you spend $25 and you get 2 free 6pack of scallops!! I heard her scallops are huge!! So... let me tell you what I got for $25.30

Blackberry Fizz
Blueberry Hotcakes
Cotton Candy
Dream Angels (VS Scent)
Endless Love (VS Scent)
Fresh Baked Bread
Fruit Slices
Lemon Chiffon
Pure Seduction (VS Scent)
Vanilla Lime
Whipped Wildberry Scone
Pistachio Pudding
Toasted Marshmallow
Pink Sands
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
Blonde Moment
Whipped Peaches and Cream
Whipped Pumpkin Spice Latte
Chai Tea
Lemon Lavender
Pink Key Lime Waffle Cone
White Cake

I made my two free packs in Coconut and Buttermilk Pancakes.  I figured these are base scents, so I could mix them with a fruit scent from Haley's or one of the other vendors that I have and mix things up!! I just ordered today so I am hoping that they will be here sometime next week.  Again, I am SO excited!!

Thank you for reading my blog.  Please like, comment, subscribe, etc etc.  And let me know what you are burning/melting.  Do you guys do any candle re-con to make room in your stash for your impending candle purchases? 

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