Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Weekend Madness!

I have seen EVERYONE posting their Black Friday hauls!! And I will do no different.  This is because I went FRIDAY night instead of Thursday night, even after Walmart, Home Depot, and the mall was picked over... and I STILL got most of what I wanted!! Either my tastes are not the same as the masses... or I just SCORED BIG TIME!! I prefer the latter... but don't care which one realistically.  Haha!

OK Wal-Mart:

Rival Mini Chopper: $3.88 -(I had went on Thanksgiving and hid one of these, knowing they would be gone!  It was still in my hiding place when I got there Friday night!! I was soooo happy!! And dancing around, I won't lie! HA!)
Iron Man DVD- $1.96 - I'm pretty sure we got the last one!! That was a GREAT find! We love Iron Man!
Stanley 150 piece Socket Set- $50- This is one of Barry's Christmas presents, and we were looking at some smaller ones.  Seriously, a 30piece was $15.  It was so much better to get the bigger one!!!  Plus Barry has been wanting one for a long time!

Home Depot:

2-Ton Hydraulic Jack: $20- We have been needing one for the car, and Barry has been wanting one!! So we finally got one!!
15 Piece Screwdriver Set: $10- Another tool set Barry has been wanting.  He loves his tools! <3
2set Heavy Duty Work Gloves: $8.88- Something really good if Barry has to go and work outside!

Gap: I love Gap during Black Friday!! I have some things from high school that I still have and love to wear that I got on Black Friday from year's past!

8 long sleeve shirts (some thermal, some not), and a pajama set for Barry!: $50 TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Gap rocks!

I also made some wax orders!!!

Haleys Heavenly Scents:

6Pack Pink Serpendipty
6Pack Granmas Creamy Vanilla Bean Noel Zucchini
2 6Packs Pink Sugar
6 Pack Pink Sands
6 Pack Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
2oz TART CUPS Black Cherry Noel
2oz TART CUPS Blackberry Noel
2oz TART CUPS Cinnamon Noel
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Creamy Pink Zucchini
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Creamy Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Zucchini
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Creamy Waffle Cone Zucchini
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Creamy Zucchini Bread
2oz TART CUPS Marshmallow Spice Latte
2oz TART CUPS Pink Noel
2oz TART CUPS Pink Pineapple Orchid
2oz TART CUPS Serpendipty Noel
2oz TART CUPS Snow Angels
2oz TART CUPS Southern Home
2oz TART CUPS Sugar Cookie Noel
2oz TART CUPS Toasted Marshmallow Zucchini Bread
2oz TART CUPS Vanilla Bean Noel
2oz TART CUPS Cotton Candy Funnel Cake
2oz TART CUPS Granmas Blackberry Jam
2oz TART CUPS Peppermint Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
2oz TART CUPS Sugar Cookie Dough Funnel Cake
2oz TART CUPS Wildberry Vanilla Bean Noel Mousse
2oz TART CUPS Whipped Pink Peppermints

These may be a little different when they get here.  I made a heat of the moment purchase on the 11/23/2012 and remembered most of what I got, and a few were guesses.  Then me and a friend are going in in a purchase too!  She is new to wax and I told her HHS was the best place to get wax and warmers!!!

Shayz Scentz:
6pack Pink Toastie Marshmallows
6pack of Almond Cake
6Pack of Pineapple Pappy
6Pack of Pink Dreams
Pink Mousse
Marshy Marshmallow
Minty Pink
Peachy Pink
Pink Lavender Supreme
Pink Serendipity
Pink Vanilla Bean
Pink Sunny Sand
Totally Pink
Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar.

Ohhh its going to be a great December month!! WAX WAX AND MORE WAX!!! BRING IT ON!!!

I can't leave you guys hanging without telling you what I've been melting this week.  Its been a long week... but I will definitely tell you!

OK I didn't actually end up changing out the warmers until Wednesday from Saturday night which still had the HHS Granma's Creamy Pumpkin Crunch Zucchini, Granma's Creamy Vanilla Bean Noel Zucchini, and the other ones that you can see from my last post.  I melted HHS Pink Sugar in two warmers, SMT Buttercreme and Rosegirl's Cinnamon Sugar/Graham Crackers that I got from a destash.  I had put the warmers in the freezer last night from that and changed them to HHS Apple Cider Bread, Smores, Candy Corn, Country Bumpkin, Whipped Caramel Cinnamon Latte, and Candles By Victoria Marshmallow Campfire.  

SMT Buttercream- it was good but it's just not a scent that I would order again.  I have seen Candy Cane Marshmallow Noel on their facebook group page... omg WANT!
Rosegirl's Cinnamon Sugar/Graham Cracker- I wouldn't order it again if I had the chance.  Its OK, Rosegirls is a little too expensive for me anyhow.
HHS Apple Cider Bread: YES! REORDER! YUMMY!
HHS: Smores: Another Reorder... absolutely DELICIOUS!
HHS Candy Corn: Not a reorder for me.  Just not a fan
HHS Country Bumpkin: Not a reorder either. Just not a fan of the scent.  Got both the Candy Corn and this in a sampler pack so I didn't pick them out.
HHS Whipped Caramel Cinnamon Latte:  I know, I have gone on and on about how I don't like a multitude of scents, including caramel and alot of latte scents.  This one is actually really good!! I'd order this one in a six pack!! I don't really smell that caramel note that I don't like in most of all the caramel scents that I have smelled.  YAY Janet for this one!
CBV Marshmallow Campfire: I got this one from a destash and I like it.  I don't think I'd order from her just from this scent but its good!! If you guys are thinking about ordering from CBV and want to try it, I would recommend it!!

Thanks everyone!! Have a great week!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Today is the day that we are doing Thanksgiving instead of Thursday.  We got one of those already-made turkeys at Ingles, I'm making REAL mashed potatoes, canned corn, and a store bought pumpkin pie.  We are only two people and I can't cook really well, so I figure, keep it simple!!!

Since its Thanksgiving, I have to melt stuff that coincides with the holiday!  I have HHS Pumpkin Pie Spice, Creamy Pumpkin Crunch Zucchini, Creamy Vanilla Bean Noel Zucchini, and YOCC Pumpkin Souffle!  Its sooooo amazing!! I put them on last night before I went to sleep, so now its not as strong.  I may keep the Pumpkin Souffle and switch out the others... but omg yummm!!!!!!  The Pumpkin Souffle, I only have two left and have been trying to use sparingly!!  I need to order more! lol

I have also melted my two blends from HHS: Granma's Creamy Zucchini Bread mixed with Monkey Farts.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!! LOVE it!

I melted Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Cone last night.  That was good, but I probably wouldn't get it again... it was more appley than I remember.  Maybe next time I should do Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Cone.  Leave that pesky apple out! haha!

I've also been burning Slatkin's Pumpkin Cupcake and Marshmallow Fireside!! LOVE these!!

I also had on Beaux Savons Frais Pink Noel and HHS Pink Serendipity.  I have been finding so many scents I am inlove with lately, that I'm going to go broke trying to get them all!!

I'm pretty sure thats about it!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

November, November, November!

Another week has come and gone and we are now one week closer to Thanksgiving.  Can anyone believe it is a week and a half away?  I know, I know, I am as shocked as you.  My husband and I are probably doing our own thing at the house, with a small turkey in the crock-pot, homemade mashed potatoes, and something like corn for a vegetable.  We are probably having our Thanksgiving in a week ... Barry has to work THanksgiving morning and night... UGH!  But I get it off (Yay!)

I went to Olive Garden yesterday... here's my husband and I there.  We LOVE the Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara.  Has anyone tried it?  Its absolutely TDF!

So wax and melts.  You guys know during the week I try to melt, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  I am SUPER tired when I get home!  So here's what I remember actually being able to melt:

Cinnamon Vanilla by HHS- <3
Poison Pie by HHS- 50% like.  Its OK but wouldn't order it again.  Too much blueberry smell for me
Pink Marshmallow Cake by Butterfly Lane- <3 Going to get a loaf in this when she gets pans.  LOVE!
Pink Sugar by Angel-Made-Scents- I love any pink sugar scent.  :D
Pink Marshmallow by Shayz Scentz- <3 Definite reorder!
Spiced Cranberries by HHS-<3 Reorder in 6pack
Marshmallow Fireside by Slatkin- There is never going to be a scent that is as good as this!! <3 <3 <3
Pumpkin Patch by Slatkin- <3
Mrs Clause Cookies by HHS- There are lot of people who love this scent, but I am not one of them.
Granma's Toasty Marshmallow Zucchini Bread by HHS- I think this is the spicy zucchini bread, but it was GOOD!  I am sooo surprised... but its so great!!! Love Love Love!
Creamy Chai Latte by Lasting Scent Candle- This is sooooooo wonderful.  I am so glad I got two!  I got this and GTMZB by HHS in a destash!! mmmm mmmm mmm!!

I can't remember anything else at the moment.  I got my Haley's order!!!

I got:

6pack of Vanilla Cinnamon
6pack of Celtic Moonspice
6pack of Monkey Farts and Granma's Creamy Zucchini Bread
6pack of Apple Cinnamon and Sugar Cookie Cone
1 Cup in Candy Cane Noel - this smells like Marshmallow Peppermint from Slatkin from last year!
1 Cup of Granma's Creamy VBN Bread
1 Cup of Poison Pie
1 Cup of Light Blue by D&G- I have gotten this before... but was so excited to let it cure last time.  I want to make sure that it is stronger when it cures before I get it in a six pack.  It is really good though.  Gotta be patient enough to let it cure this time!
1 Cup of Cinnamon Doughnuts- This is the only one I did not like!  I thought it was going to be a Slatkin Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut dupe.  I do not like this one at all.

Can't wait to try them out and make ANOTHER Haley's order!! It seems like I am always wanting to make another order or I'm waiting on an order!  HHS has my wallet and taken it by STORM!  lol

I also went to Bath and Body Works yesterday in a different mall.  They had it all set up for Forever Red.  I was lucky enough to have just gotten paid.  I got two Forever Red HFO's, 2 Frosted Cranberry HFO's, and 2 Marshmallow Fireside HFO's.  My husband and I have been on a Marshmallow Fireside kick lately and don't want to be without it... EVER!  I also participated in B3G3 and got 4 Cashmere Glow shower gels, 1 Paris Amour TMC and 1 Cashmere Glow TMC.  Used survey coupons both times!

Also went to TJMAXX and scored a Peppermint Mocha Swirl candle for $8!

I ALSO got to go to a bigger and better Walmart.  THEY HAD MY WARMERS!!! The Holiday ones!! I had my heart set on the Santa Claus one... but then I saw the Snowman one that GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! *GASP!!** I had to have it.  Here's my pretty newbie all lit up with HHS Spiced Cranberries!

Can't wait to hear people's Thanksgiving plans and what you are MELTING for Thanksgiving!!! I still haven't decided.  Maybe something cidery....

Thanks so much for reading!! Have a great week and should be making another post on Sunday!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reviewing Some Scents in October

Its been a long week!! Worked 13 days in a row!

Being that it was a long week, I have been melting scents, and I forgot half of what I melted!! *Gasp!* Wax Blasphemy, I know!

Here's what I do remember:

HHS Pink Serendipity: Oh-my-God! LOVE IT!! Strong, pink sugary with hints of coconut and other stuff.  And let me tell you, I did not think I was going to even like Serendipity because I'm not a huge coconut fan.  It just seemed like one of those scents that everyone else likes, but when you yourself get it, its just not your cup of tea.  But I love it, I love it!  I want a six pack of this SOO bad!

CFTKR Pink Serendipity: I got this and the HHS Pink Serendipity in a destash.  I love this one too!! This is the first CFTKR scent I have ever tried!! I may just have to bite the bullet and order from her one day!! From the way everyone talks about CFTKR, its very VERY tempting!

fFront Porch Pumpkin Buttercream:  This one smells nice, it wasn't very strong for me (which is weird because most Front Porch scents are very strong!

Front Porch Pumpkin Iced Cupcakes:  I didn't smell any pumpkin in this one, just sweet cupcakes.  I was hoping for more pumpkin.

Shayz Scentz Spicy Vanilla Almond: Mmmmmmm this one is a great one!! I really do love this one!! Strong, spicy but not too spicy.  Very nice!! A must-try!

Front Porch Pumpkin Funnel Cake: This one I smelled mainly pumpkin and not alot of the funnel cake.

-I am beginning to feel like Front Porch isn't for me anymore, but I am going to be using up my tarts from FP in the next few months.

Slatkin Pumpkin Patch: Love this scent!!  Its the scent Pumpkin Carving but renamed, from last year.   I wish they had come back to all stores.  Its SUCH a nice cozy scent!!

Slatkin Cranberry Pear Bellini:  If you all like pink sugar, this is a good candle to burn with pink sugar scents.  Its pretty and goes well with them, without overpowering all the other scents!!  I love this candle because its fruity, but holiday-fruity!

Slatkin Warm Vanilla Sugar:  I don't like this one in the bodycare.  Most vanilla scents (with the exception of the Apricot Vanilla, Lemon Vanilla, and Berry Vanilla) smell HORRIBLE on me! Like old-lady-smell.  Thats why I can't wear Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works.  But I have the candle and the oil!! I really like this in home fragrance! Very nice!

Thats all I can remember for now!! Today is my half day and tomorrow is my total day off!! So I WILL be melting like a crazy person!!

For those of you who like Scentsy or those who haven't tried Scentsy before, I am hosting a party through a consultant-friend of mine.  Remember Christmas is just around the corner and the warmers + wax are great gifts!

I have another friend, Stacey Kaplan (KFYECATS) is hosting a giveaway for Tiffany's Candles!  They are someone I've been wanting to try!! Here's the link below and enter!!

Remember to subscribe and comment, and like Tiffany's Candles page!! She has all the links on her video!!

Thanks guys!! Have a great smelling weekend!!