Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I Have Melted Plus NEW ORDER!

Good afternoon fellow waxies!!

The week has FLOWN BY!  

I work in retail/grocery, and probably in the first time since I was sixteen, I have had the ENTIRE WEEKEND OFF!! I have forgotten what that feels like!! I love it!! I probably won't be so lucky again the next schedule, but I have enjoyed luxuriously lounging around in my PJ's instead of rushing crowds of people through my line.  Woohoo!

What shows do you all watch?  I have been watching episodes on Cucirca because I don't have cable and this is the only way to watch my shows!! I follow/watch: 2 Broke Girls, Castle, Covert Affairs, Drop Dead Diva, Grey's Anatomy, Necessary Roughness, Orphan Black, Revenge, Rizzoli & Isles, Switched at Birth, The Big Bang Theory, and The Carrie Diaries.  This site is perfect, because it updates within 24 hours within when the episode aired on cable/TV.  Plus NO COMMERCIALS!! 

OK, so this week, I have placed a HHS order!! I still need to figure out how to use my gift certificate, but here is what I am planning on getting!! 


Tart Brittle Pistachio Coconut Fluff Tart Brittle Granmas Monkey Farts Prim Words Vanilla Butter Fudge Twinkies Granmas Spiced Apples & Peaches Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread Toasted Bubble Gum Cotton Candy Lemon Drop Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread Granmas Peppermint Fluff Granmas Apricot Zucchini Bread Creamy Vanilla Nutmeg Pink Noel 2oz TART CUPS Country Chic Sweet Potatoes & Brown Sugar Granmas Pumpkin Blueberry Vanilla Sandalwood

Free Six Packs:

1)Buttermilk Pancakes/New Sugar Cookie
2) Pink Cake Batter Ice Cream
3) Pink Lavender/Whipped ICSDB

I am so excited about these!! Pink Cotton Candy ICSDB, is so me!! I have to refill my Pink Noel brittle bag. AND I FINALLY GET MY PRECIOUS PISTACHIO COCONUT FLUFF!! YAYYYYY!! And my precious Granma's Monkey Farts too!! I love them both!! I love Country Chic as well, but I want to test it out to see how well it does in wax! If it throws well, it'll be a reorder for sure! And I can't wait to try Vanilla Sandalwood, Granma's Pumpkin Blueberry, and Sweet Potatoes & Brown Sugar!! I am hoping that Creamy Vanilla Nutmeg is the dupe for Slatkin's that they discontinued a few years back!! I love that scent!! Plus I got Twinkies and Vanilla Butter Fudge to blend on my own versus in blends already!! There are just so many!! I couldn't choose!

Then there's the story of what I melted:

Melting Diary-

HHS Granma's Toasted Pumpkin Crunch- Definitely a great pumpkin scent, smooth, and creamy and good! Love it! <3 HHS Granma's Sweet Pumpkin Bread HHS Cinnamon Vanilla HHS Granma's Amish Cinnamon Bread FP Apple Blueberry Bread- A little more apple than blueberry for me, but it's really good! JLCCW Nana's Kitchen- I love this creamy cinnamon scent!! TBG Guava Berry Gelato- FAVORITE!! Getting this in a 8oz scrub soon! Slatkin Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin HHS Fluffy Pink Toasted Marshmallow LCP Danish Butter Cookie Zucchini Bread LSC Pink Marshmallow Shortbread TBG Serendipity Cream Pie S&S Pistachio Coconut Fluff - I finally can melt some of the Pistachio Coconut Fluff I have been hoarding!! Because it's awesome! Sweet Fixations Pink Serendipity HHS Granma's Apple Cinnamon- Definitely surprised that I like this one as much as I do!! That and Granma's Pumpkin Apple Butter!! Yummmmmmmmmmm!! <3 HHS Hot Orange Danish HHS Apple Cinnamon ISCDB HHS Serendipity Noel HHS Cinnamon Noel HHS Granma's Sweet Pumpkin Bread HHS Sugar Cookie Vanilla Latte- This one I thought would be a sure-winner, but something about it seems buttery, and it's not for me. RG Watermelon Swizzle Sticks LCP Vanilla Mint Noel- Definitely one of the few mint scents I really enjoy!! Not SUPER minty, but a nice creamy mint! LCP Pink Ribbon Cookies

Have a great week everyone!! I hope to get my TBG order this next week!! So be on the lookout!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Week's Spoils

It's been a semi-long week.  But it's the WWEEEEKKKEENDDD!! :D

I got some great packages in this week, folks!!

First I got a package from UFGATORBUGG!  Some zucchini blends that are To DIE FOR! :D

I LOVE the cute Halloween stickers!! Sooo adorable!!

Sweet letter that accompanied the package!! 

Here is the whole thing!! Pretty on the porch! 

On the left, HHS Granma's Amish Toasted Caramel
and on the right, Sugar and Spice Butter Brickle
Gingerbread! Yum! 

Long Cane Primitives!  Left to right, top to  bottom:
Danish Butter Cookie Bread, Darn Good Orange ZB, Buttery
Gingerbread ZB, Blackberry Jam ZB, Wildberry Mousse ZB,
and Cotton Candy Twinkies ZB! 

THANK YOU UFGATORBUGG!! These are going to be taken care of very well :D :D

Second, I got my order from Streetman Candles!  SUPER FAST TAT!  I ordered Friday, and got an e-mail saying it was going to ship out Monday!! Heather (owner and tartmaker) was great with communication and everything!!

Here is the entirety of my order (minus the Spicy Onion Dip packet)
My scent shots!! From left to right, top to bottom: Pecan Bars (freebie)
Raspberry ICSB, Everything Nice, Bonfire on the Beach, Parisian
Morning, and Pumpkin Souffle
My BEAUTIFUL Bundt Cake in Lavender Sheets!

Also wanted to show anyone who was curious about these decorated
bundt cakes how HUGE they are!! I'm bad with measurements, but they are
about two scents shots high, and two, maybe one and a half wide!! BEAUTIFUL!

I LOVE My Streetman order!! I am most excited for (in scent shots) Parisian Mornings and Bonfire on the Beach.  Bonfire on the Beach is the closest dupe I've smelled for Marshmallow Fireside.  It just needs a little more marshmallow, and I think it could easily pass!! Woohoo!! Parisian Mornings smells like a beautiful bakery scent, not too heavy on anything that would make it too sweet, like maple or pecan type of scents... but I can imagine smelling this in a small cafe where they make the pastries from scratch! <3

And one more thing about Streetman's:  I was wanting to cut up my beautiful bundt cake (it's going to be SOOOO tough to do, but I'm going to try) so like a loaf, I can just take out what I want to melt and not have to worry about cutting as I melt.  So, this being said, is it better to let a big piece of wax like this, a loaf, a pie, etc, cure as one big piece of wax, that way the oils circulate to all parts of the entity, OR would it be OK to go ahead and cut it up?  Would it still be as strong??

I am TOTALLY making a HHS order tomorrow!! I have had a wishlist/need to order list made up, but as the seasons change, so do my seasonal wants!! So I probably will take off some of my pumpkin scents, as I don't melt them for very long at all!  When I make my order and send it through, I will list it here.  I am SOOOOO excited!! I'm going to finally use my gift certificate that I won from Fragrance Obsessed! WOOHOO!! :D

Another thing I have been wanting to talk about: Tags!! I have been seeing them around and I'm not sure if we are supposed to do the "tags" in a comment on the person's blog, or do the tag on our own blog as a blog entry.  So confused!! I am always incognizant to new trendy social things! :D LOL

Have a great weekend and next week!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Long Cane Primitives

It has been an interesting week.  A few days off here and there!

So I have been putting this off, but figured I'd do all three of my "checklist" together in one post!

First, I got an awesome LCP package!!

All the pretty tarts, in all their glory!  
Butter Jam Cookies, Lemon Marshmallow,
Orange Coconut Cake, Cacao Colada, Kettle Corn,
Pink ZB, Beyond Paradise
Sweet Honeydew, Lemon Noel ZB,
Pizzelle, Bear Claws, 2 Pistachio Coconut
Zucchini Bread
Blueberry Funnel Cake, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Caramel
Apple Funnel Cake, Orange Sherbert, Buttery Cake Bites, Orange
Cotton Candy, 4 Pistachio Coconut Fluff, and Pistachio Coconut
Zucchini Bread
Pretty Bundt Cakes in Cotton Candy Marshmallow and
Lemon Marshmallow

LOOK HOW PRETTY!! Pretty Bundt Cake!!! The detail! 

I think these are ADORABLE!! To me, they look like hearts with
those little bows that are tied on baby-booties when you
take them home from the hospital!! So cute <3

I got the cute hearts above in Pink Ribbon Cookies and Vanilla
Mint Noel!! 

THEN I made a Streetman order!! I had won a gift certificate about a month ago for $20 and JUST now used it.  Yeah, I know... what a lazy wax bum.

I ordered a 10oz decorated bundt cake in Lavender Sheets, scent shots in Parisian Morning, Pumpkin Souffle, Everything Nice, Bonfire on the Beach, and Raspberry Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread.  And I also got a Spicy Onion Dip packet!! That's definitely different and I can't wait to try it!

Here is my Melting Diary for the week!! A little shorter than normal, but I've been lazy and had some favorites too!

HHS Pink Pineapple Orchid
Slatkin Marshmallow Fireside LOVE
S&S Marshmallow Fireside- I don't know if I had this one for too long, but it didn't produce much of a noticeable throw that I've come to expect from S&S.  I have had this one since April so maybe that had something to do with it?
HHS Cherry BubbleGum
HHS Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookies
BL Mystery chunk
FP Tropical Island Marshmallow
Shayz Pink Raspberry Macaroon - This one was very nice!! I've been iffy on raspberry scents but I'd definitely order again!!
CBV Pumpkin Eggnog
Slatkin Pumpkin Carving
CBV Feathers Everywhere- This one surprised me!  I really liked this one!! Smelled like a down comforter.  That kind of clean and airy but without the industrial solvent smell!  Wonderful <3
Shayz Pink Fire
HHS Cinnamon Vanilla
Can-Do White Cherry Blossom- Let me go ahead and say I am not a huge floral fan!  But this one is nice and soft, while lasting!  It's really pretty and now I'm debating ordering from Can-Do!
HHS Granma's Pumpkin Apple Butter ZB
HHS Granma's Apple Cinnamon ZB
HHS Cinnamon Noel
BH&G Ginger Spice Cake- This is the only Wal-Mart candle that I love!! The other ones I don't even look at because none could hold a candle (yes I know, haha) to this scent!! So warm and comforting, and I don't even mind that it tunnels a little bit!
LCP Isles of Serendipity

So I've been seeing everything PUMPKIN lately!! Pumpkin Cupcakes, Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin muffins, Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin crepes, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin frappacinos, pumpkin coolatas, I mean, the list can go on and on!  What has been the best pumpkin thing you have tried this year?? What do you WANT to try that you haven't yet?  I am dying to make Pumpkin Oatmeal and Crockpot Pumpkin Cake!  Pumpkin Crepes is definitely something I'm thinking about too!  I've already had a Pumpkin White Chocolate Coolata from Dunkin Donuts that was yummy!

Sound off below!! Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And the Winner is.....!!

Good morning everyone!

Today is the big day!!

I had done the and counted the comments and the winner is KAREN!!!

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible to give me your address and your scent preferences!!

Thank you so much everyone for playing!  I hope to have another giveaway in the future!!

I'm also going to put what I've melted for the week!! I would take pictures, but my "I'm ready to melt" pictures are not as cool as my haul pictures!!

Buggytown- Blueberry Cheesecake
HHS Granma's Sweet Pumpkin Bread
Buggytown Peach Honey
TBG White Chocolate Fudge & Rock Candy
TBG Lemon Curd & Rose Milk - This was a great scent!! I had hesitations about the Rose Milk, but this was a great combination and I'd love to get this in a scrub! Great in bodycare, I think!
Skinny Dip Soaps Sweet Kiwi - This was soo nice! Kinda floral, but fruity and pretty!! Normally I'm not a floral fan, but this is so nice!  So smooth!
HHS Granma's Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
HHS Cake Batter Ice Cream
HHS Pink Noel
TBG Pie Crust over Lavender
FP Apple and Orange Peel Serendipity
HHS Jack Frost
HHS Hot Apple Pie VBN
OLC Lush Gothic - This surprised the heck out of me!! I haven't liked any Lush dupes!  But this one was a great bathroom scent!!  Kinda perfumey, but pretty!
AMS Sparkling Pink Sugar
LCP Lavender Vanilla - I LOVE this lavender vanilla!! Not herbally, mixed with some sugar cookie, is an amazing lavender! I do plan on getting more sometime!! Yum!
LCP Nana's Sugar Cookie
TBG Vanilla Graham Crackers
TBG Pumpkin Masquerade
FP Zucchini Noel
LCP Watermelon Ice Cream Bread
Shayz Pink Serendipity
FP Strawberry Pear
Slatkin Marshmallow Fireside - ALWAYS A FAVORITE!
Tiffany's Vanilla Bean Noel
Slatkin Blackberry Grapefruit
SMT Mystery Chunks
OLC Halo - This was another scent that I was semi-curious about.  This was a sample size, and I have never had good luck with perfume dupes but this was nice and strong for that little size of the tart!! SO PRETTY!! :D
TBG Pie Crust over Lavender

Again, thank you everyone for playing and hope to see you around!! :D

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Alright, this is the moment you waxxies have been waiting for!!!

Since I have been the grateful recipient to many goodwill/acts of kindnesses in the past few months, I would like to take this post to pay it forward!

HOW TO ENTER: Anyone who would like to enter this giveaway must comment below, telling me what scents they like to use to blend, and what their FAVORITE CUSTOM Blend has been to-date!!

(I need scent blending ideas, can you tell? Lol)

If we are not already Facebook friends, I would need a way to contact you if you win.  An e-mail address or a link to your Facebook profile would be sufficient.

Le Prize: Once the winner is chosen from, I will contact you by means above, and get your scent preferences.  This will be wax from my personal stash!  This box will ship Wednesday October 16th 2013, so this contest giveaway will end Tuesday October 15th 2013 at Noon Eastern time!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing all of your great ideas!! And thank you for being a part of this blog!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Bags!

So I was talking with my friend Tori, and we were talking about bags.  As everyone knows, there is a certain plastic that is required to rebag/repackage tarts so it won't suck out the scent!

This plastic is called polypropylene.  You will know if you have it, because the plastic will be crinkly and instead of stretching, it will break or split when you try to pull at it.  Sandwich bags (THE WRONG KIND OF PLASTIC) will stretch out when trying to pull apart, and is not crinkly.

So, I have looked at a few sites that other wax addicts such as myself have suggested.  Most of the sites I have looked at, offers 1000 bags for $20-$30 + $8 shipping or so.  And usually, the bigger the bag, the more expensive they are.  That's pretty decent, but if anyone is like me, I do not need 1000 bags at a time.  And forking out $20-$30 at a time, for .... bags?  Not wax, but just bags, I just can't do it.

So Tori and I were talking, and like me, she wanted to get a few bags (around 100) for a small price.  I took it upon myself to research among Ebay.  There was one seller I had bought my first bags from (3X4 polypropylene bags for $3 shipped, for 100) which I thought was a pretty good deal and right up my alley!

I couldn't find my seller right away (forgot that I had saved to my favorite sellers, oops!) so I put "Polypropylene Bags" into the search bar.  Figured it wouldn't hurt to see what was out there.

Low and behold, I didn't even have to scroll down!  100 5X7 polypropylene bags for $3.93 shipped.

... And they ARRIVED!..

Kiddy Scissors to show how nice and big the bags are! 

Nice huh?  Now I think I am pretty prepared for the giveaway!! Be on the lookout for the next few days for an official post!!

I also wanted to share what I have melted for the week!!  I don't think it was as much as last week, but I am still pretty proud!! :) :)

Butterfly Lane:Mixed Blocks+Toasted Marshmallow Overpour
BL Serendipity
SMT Candy Cane Noel
FP Mexican Fried Ice Cream
FP Lavender Orange Danish - Ever since Hot Orange Danish has been introduced, I really liked it.  But for a while recently, I've gotten kinda sick of it.  But this one is fantastic! LOoooooovvee it!! Already requested on the Front Porch group in a 4 pack or a scoopable!! Yummy!
JLCCW CheerBear Dough - I didn't care so much for the CheerBear part, but the "Dough" part, made my mouth water!!
RG Pumpkin Chai - I had two small brittle pieces that I had been saving since last year!! Loved every minute of this melting!!
HHS Pink Noel
LSC Lemonilla
TBG Painting the Roses Red- This one is different, anything 'rose' is different than what I'm used to.  For a rose scent, I think it's pretty good! :) :)
RG Wildberry Strawberry Buzz
HHS FLuffy Pink Toasted Marshmallow
HHS Pink Serendipity
HHS Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookies
TBG Wolfsbane Bites - At first, this one smelled really good! Very minty, very cookie, very good!! After a while, it started smelling a little funny.
RG Blueberry Mocha Cookie- Not one I was too sure about, but a good and unique combo!
HHS Lemonberry Cake
HHS Toasted Marshmallow
HHS Toasted Fireside

I loooovvveeee wax! :D I am plotting orders for more TBG scrubs (and wax) and some S&S wax!!

That expression, people eat with their eyes, that if the food looks appealing, they'll want to eat and eat!

Well with wax, the prettier and cooler it is, the more I want to plot and eventually buy!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Once upon a time, there was a universal and effervescent place where all everywhere you looked, there were warmers at every turn, scents that both relaxed and dazzled the senses.  Father Scent, both the ultimate mixologist and scholar on all things scent, decided to take a trip to Earth to sample and draw inspiration from different smells and concoctions the Earth had to offer.

Father Scent transcended to Earth, ready for an adventure, and he wasn't met with happy people and warm scents like he was used to where he lived. The people were cold, unenthusiastic and their homes smelled of nothing, or worse! Smoke, old food, or even body odor!

Poor Father Scent was befuddled and saddened.  But he knew he had to do something.  He came back home and told his fellow friends of scent, "Earth has become an unwelcoming and saddened planet, because they have no good smells to lift them up, promote good moods, good feelings, and all things happiness!  I am sending a few of my special soldiers to blend with the Earthlings and integrate scents into people's lives.

So the special soldiers came to Earth, and brought their best scents and best warmers.  Companies sprang from the inspiration and idea and touched so many lives throughout the love of scent.  Even after the special soldiers went back to their home, the love of scent continued to grow and thrive and people bonded and became friends over their love of wax and scent!

I figured a short story would be a nice way to shake things up!! This is how I feel about the world of wax! There is somewhere where all of us wax addicts get together and love all of our scents, together.  There may be no Father Scent, but we all form friendships over the wax and I love it <3

So, UFGATORBUGG has seen me write on my blog and commenting on other blogs and probably around Facebook too how I was wanting to try "Painting the Roses Red" by the Bathing Garden.  It was between that one and the Wolfsbane Bites, and Wolfsbane Bites ended up winning by a hair.  I sometimes hate scent descriptions, because I like some scents even though I may hate what's in the scent descriptions.

She generously sent me a few cubes of that, plus some other tarts that I had been wanting to try!!

Here's some pictures!!

Pretttyyyyy Wrapping Paper
Lasting Scent Candle Pink Marshmallow Shortbread
and Pink Sugar Melons!!! 

The Bathing Garden!  Claire Burke Original Type, Painting The Roses
Red, and Lemon Curd & Rose Milk
Orchid Lake Harvest, Lush Gothic, and Zucchini Noel

The "Random" picture!  Rosegirl's Wildberry Strawberry Buzz,
Front Porch Apple & Orange Peel Serendipity, and SMT Iced

I realize that this is probably chronologically wrong, but can't move it up!
This is what awaited me, and I love it all!! :D

UFGATORBUGG, thank you so much, so so much for thinking of me and letting me try a few things before committing to buying them myself!!! 

ATTENTION: In light of all of the Acts of Kindness I have been receiving over the past months, I would to pay it forward with a giveaway!!  I will do an OFFICIAL post where everyone who wants to be included will comment, and I'll choose via  Then I will message the recipient and ask what kind of scents they like and pull some from my stash!  :D  This is my first giveaway, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!!