Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Bags!

So I was talking with my friend Tori, and we were talking about bags.  As everyone knows, there is a certain plastic that is required to rebag/repackage tarts so it won't suck out the scent!

This plastic is called polypropylene.  You will know if you have it, because the plastic will be crinkly and instead of stretching, it will break or split when you try to pull at it.  Sandwich bags (THE WRONG KIND OF PLASTIC) will stretch out when trying to pull apart, and is not crinkly.

So, I have looked at a few sites that other wax addicts such as myself have suggested.  Most of the sites I have looked at, offers 1000 bags for $20-$30 + $8 shipping or so.  And usually, the bigger the bag, the more expensive they are.  That's pretty decent, but if anyone is like me, I do not need 1000 bags at a time.  And forking out $20-$30 at a time, for .... bags?  Not wax, but just bags, I just can't do it.

So Tori and I were talking, and like me, she wanted to get a few bags (around 100) for a small price.  I took it upon myself to research among Ebay.  There was one seller I had bought my first bags from (3X4 polypropylene bags for $3 shipped, for 100) which I thought was a pretty good deal and right up my alley!

I couldn't find my seller right away (forgot that I had saved to my favorite sellers, oops!) so I put "Polypropylene Bags" into the search bar.  Figured it wouldn't hurt to see what was out there.

Low and behold, I didn't even have to scroll down!  100 5X7 polypropylene bags for $3.93 shipped.

... And they ARRIVED!..

Kiddy Scissors to show how nice and big the bags are! 

Nice huh?  Now I think I am pretty prepared for the giveaway!! Be on the lookout for the next few days for an official post!!

I also wanted to share what I have melted for the week!!  I don't think it was as much as last week, but I am still pretty proud!! :) :)

Butterfly Lane:Mixed Blocks+Toasted Marshmallow Overpour
BL Serendipity
SMT Candy Cane Noel
FP Mexican Fried Ice Cream
FP Lavender Orange Danish - Ever since Hot Orange Danish has been introduced, I really liked it.  But for a while recently, I've gotten kinda sick of it.  But this one is fantastic! LOoooooovvee it!! Already requested on the Front Porch group in a 4 pack or a scoopable!! Yummy!
JLCCW CheerBear Dough - I didn't care so much for the CheerBear part, but the "Dough" part, made my mouth water!!
RG Pumpkin Chai - I had two small brittle pieces that I had been saving since last year!! Loved every minute of this melting!!
HHS Pink Noel
LSC Lemonilla
TBG Painting the Roses Red- This one is different, anything 'rose' is different than what I'm used to.  For a rose scent, I think it's pretty good! :) :)
RG Wildberry Strawberry Buzz
HHS FLuffy Pink Toasted Marshmallow
HHS Pink Serendipity
HHS Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookies
TBG Wolfsbane Bites - At first, this one smelled really good! Very minty, very cookie, very good!! After a while, it started smelling a little funny.
RG Blueberry Mocha Cookie- Not one I was too sure about, but a good and unique combo!
HHS Lemonberry Cake
HHS Toasted Marshmallow
HHS Toasted Fireside

I loooovvveeee wax! :D I am plotting orders for more TBG scrubs (and wax) and some S&S wax!!

That expression, people eat with their eyes, that if the food looks appealing, they'll want to eat and eat!

Well with wax, the prettier and cooler it is, the more I want to plot and eventually buy!!


  1. It seems to me that after a few hours all wax start to smell funky. I like the fresh "real" smell a tart gives off the first two hours :) I'm so bad... I can easily go through 3 tarts in one night, just because I want that strong "real" scent. I'm going to go broke with this neurotic habit!!

    With that said, it's time for me to dump and refresh my warmer :) Going to try TBG Frosted Vanilla Graham Crackers for the very first time. (I was just burning TBG Autumn Cream Pie. Smelled like mashed potatoes with some pumpkin - to me. Have you tried it?)

    1. Lol yes, actually most wax kinda does. You're right. I feel like I can melt Serendipity scents forever, until I just can't smell it anymore :D I have quit using a bunch of warmers, so now I use two in the living room (instead of three) one in the bedroom and one in the second bathroom. My first bathroom is so cluttered with body products, I have no room for a warmer!! And my plug in, I still need to buy a replacement bulb for! But I've been feeling like I want to change scents sooner than I maybe should here lately!!

      I haven't tried Autumn Cream Pie, that was the restock I had to sit out. It was on my list until people started saying it smelled like mashed potatoes. I have smelled Slatkin's Thanksgiving, which smelled like mashed potatoes... and I just don't think I would really enjoy it. Tell me what you think of it!! I wanna know!!!

  2. Oh Pooh! Sad to hear Autumn Cream Pie smells like taters. I do not like potato scents, even sweet potatoes. Ah well. Guess I can find it a new home. You melted some yummy scents! I think I must get pumpkin chai now in the future. Have a great week!

    1. lol yeah maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I sat out that restock. Because Autumn Cream Pie was SO on my list!!! Although, I do want to try a Sweet Potatoes and Brown Sugar from somewhere...

      YES! Pumpkin Chai is amazing!! Also, I've loved every Pumpkin Souffle scent I've tried from anywhere!! I have one from Ye Olde Candle Cubbard, and it's so unbelievably good!! Great throw, pretty tart, delicious smell!!

      Talk to you soon ufgatorbugg!!