Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Regular Regular Post!

Finally made it to the library to tell you guys about Aunt Smellman and talk about our regularly waxy scheduled programs!

I have been melting some seriously awesome wax melts this week!! For example:

TBG Cleopatra's Cream Bath - This one lasts forever!! It's on its second day and I'm inlove!
TBG Gardenia Coconut Cream - This one I really thought I wasn't going to like, because I'm not a big Gardenia fan, but this is SUCH a good combo!  I'll reorder it again and again!
Shayz Pink Sugar Vanilla Bean
Shayz Pink Dreams  - This one smelled different than I remember it.  It had some weird citrus to it this time... versus having a soothing effect.  It may have been the warmer I was using. 
RG Strawberry Serendipity
Daphne's Serendipity Vanilla Butter Fudge
Daphne's Hot Pink Lime Serendipity - This is such an interesting combo too!! Love it!
HHS Pink Noel
Shayz Pink Toastie Marshmallow
Front Porch  Sweet Dreams 
Streetman's Lavender Sheets
K's Kreations Sea Island Strawberries

I also put in a RTS order to Scent Illusions!  I have seen a few of my people who I know are picky about scents, that I trust their opinion, talk about Scent Illusions!  So I figured why not? 

I got these beautiful pies: one in raspberry/pomegranate/cotton candy and fresh squeezed orange/coconut/cupcake for $22 shipped!! They sound amazing and I can't wait to try them and display them in my wax shelf!

The only order I am still waiting on is from Haley's Heavenly Scents, which I placed on 3/05, so I'm still way within TAT!  I don't mind from waiting for HHS (even though I'm impatient as all get out!) because I know Janet always comes through!!  And never disappoints!

I hope everyone is melting some fabulous things!! I'd love to hear about them!! Sound off in the comments!

Aunt Smellman Review Part 1

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII EVERYBODY!!! (In a Grover type voice from Sesame Street)

I tell you what, having a phone with internet has its perks, but it also has its drawbacks!!

I have missed blogging!! Between working and being lazy at home (because who wants to willingly leave their wax and nice comfortable home?) I've barely made it to the library!

Luckily, I found an opening to make another order which I will make a separate post about!

This particular post is the first part of my two part Aunt Smellman review!!!

Aunt Smellman, around two weeks ago, made a post for Youtube vloggers and bloggers that stated for a review for her wax, she would give a discount for the reviewed order.

Prior to this order, I have never ordered from Aunt Smellman in the past, but have received a few tarts from Round Robins, destashes, and swaps.  What I have tried had always put Aunt Smellman on my "Need to Order From Very Soon" list. 

I thought to myself, "No better time than the present!" and sent her a list of different scents and products which she invoiced me for.

Here is what I ordered:
Clam Shell: Pinkie's Tangerine Lavender 
Custom Blend: Aloha Pineapple/Vanilla Bean Noel  
Custom Blend: Toasted Marshmallow/Birthday Cake
Custom Blend: Pinkie's Lemon Chiffon/Pinkie's Sugar
Custom Blend: Headbanger/Pinkie's Sugar 
Custom Blend: Pouty Pucker/ Pinkie's Sugar 
Berry Blast
Bora Bora 
Breezes and Sunshine
Cashmere Sweater
False Eyelashes
Hot Pink Lime
Lickity Split
Mandarin Tiki
Paris Twilight
Rachel's Blue Moon
Raspberry Macaroon
Satin Serendipity
Vampires In Love
Pink Sands
Lavender Martini
Lavender Lemonade 

I ordered on March 11th and got the order today (March 25th) so it took about two weeks!! 

I took everything out of the envelope (I wasn't sure if I could share these pictures on this post from my phone (still learning) but the second part of the review will have PLENTY more pictures!!) And everything was well packed (with packing paper and peanuts).  Nothing was cracked or broken.

There was an invoice for my order and a business card included in the package.

One of the tarts that I had ordered (Rachel's Blue Moon) had been discontinued so Aunt Smellman replaced that one tart with three tarts for me to try.  Which was just fine with me :) 

I have asked Aunt Smellman how long to let these tarts cure for and she told me to wait one week before melting.  

My second part of this review will be after the one week curing time and will contain more pictures and some melted reviews!! Stay tuned!!

Her website is auntsmellman.com .  In my opinion, her website is very easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and what I love from any vendor webpage, has pictures of each product to go along with the listing.  

I can't wait to start melting!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Short and Sweet!

Hi everyone!!

Well I moved and everything went great with that!!  The only thing that is a downside, is that my internet provider told me that since I moved, that I get way less internet for the same price.  So I've only been able to get on with my phone, and won't let me post any blog posts!! Ugghh!! Which sucks cuz I've been able to take some pretty good pictures with my phone!

So I have been going to the library to do the things that I can't do on my phone!!

Be on the lookout for an Aunt Smellman review coming up!  Also got some fun orders between my last post and this one!!

I will be back!!  Hopefully in the next week or so!! <3

Have a great weekend everyone!! And keep on melting!! <3