Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shayz Scentz and YOCC

Hey everyone!!

I am melting KnB Ginger Lime.  I don't smell any ginger in it but its got a nice light limey scent!! I really like it!

Well I have gotten my Shayz Scentz order and my Ye Olde Candle Cubbard  order!!!

Shayz Scentz, I got on sale.  Free shipping with $20 instead of $25.  I got a bunch of great scents!!!

I have two Sunny Samples in Bit By Love.  I didn't end up liking the Cherry Limeade ones (surprising but true) so I am giving those to my MIL

Scent Shots are....

Pumpkin Pie Spice
Cinnamon Toast
Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee
Almond Cake
Pink Dreams
Fruity Slices
Pumpkin Buttercream
Pink Chica
Pink Marshmallows
Pumpkin Butta
Pumpkin Crunch Cookies
Crystal Light Watermelon Lemonade
Pink Sugar
Crazy Citrus
Pineapple Pappy
Pink Watermelon Surprise
Pink Grapefruit
Bedtime Snack
Pink Mousse

My freebies were Spicy Vanilla Almond and Apple & Caramel.  Not fond of the Apple & Caramel but Spicy Vanilla Almond smells great!!!  To be honest, EVERYTHING smells great!!! I am letting them cure for a little bit (I love me a nice strong tart!) then I am going to town on melting them!!

Then I got my Ye Olde Candle Cubbard order!! I ordered one 6pack of Pink Kaleidoscope, which was blended by a suggestion from Trish Anderson-Aguilar.  Its a great mix of Key Lime Pie, Pink Sugar, and Toasted Marshmallow!  And the detail on these tarts are so cool!!

I am still waiting on Aunt Nena's, Missy's (won't get Missy's until probably this week because I ordered while she was on vacation!) and a destash package that I am hoping to get tomorrow!! Can't wait!! Will keep you guys updated!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

HHS, KnB Candles and Gifts, and Sniff My Tarts

I haven't posted in a little while and figured it was high time I did so since I got some tart packages in!!

I got Haley's Heavenly Scents, KnB Candles and Gifts, AND Sniff My Tarts package!! So so so happy with all of these!!

HHS, Sniff My Tarts, and KnB all needed to cure.  So I let them do so.  I also got a Missy's Tempting Tarts order!  I will let you know what I have tried so far!!

Haley's Heavenly Scents!

Chai Tea- This one, even after curing for a week, was still a good bit weak.  I was saddened by this because I wanted a nice mellow tea scent.  But its weak on cold throw too.  Its too bad because it smells so nice!!

Blonde Moment- This one was champagne with raspberries and cranberries.  I'm not sure if I got raspberries and cranberries but this one was definitely bubbly which probably skewed my perception of cranberry and raspberry.  Its a very pretty scent, smells fruity and sparkly!!  

Light Blue- This one is my FAVORITE of the perfume dupe scents!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent!! I tried it right out of the box without curing, so of course it wasn't that strong, but I still got nice big whiffs of this scent even without the curing.  So SO going on my reorder list!

Dream Angels- This is pretty and soft.  Even though I think I like Pure Seduction better, this one was a nice scent :)

Pure Seduction- This one was medium throw and smelled like bubble gum perfume.  Nine times out of ten, I hate bubble gum.  I don't even like to chew/eat it.  But this scent is unique because I like it.  It doesn't make me gag.  Its nice and girly.

Buttermilk Pancakes- I got this as one of my free clamshell 6pack.  I put it on and I actually love it.  This is a nice mellow relaxing comfort scent.  Even for you non-bakery lovers out there, if you like mellow scents to relax to, even to have as a rainy day scent, this is a good one :)


JellyBean- The tart itself is SO cute!! It had red, yellow, green, and blue layers on it!  It smells so good in the package, I figured, OK I'll take a chance on it.  I'm glad I did.  It smells just like jelly beans.  So yummy.  And its strong!! This is a great scent to order from KnB!

Sniff My Tarts!

Mango Pop- This one smells just like a mango smoothie!  Its not as strong as Black Cherry Bomb but its really a nice scent.  I have found with this scent, that I like mango scents!! Very good scent!!

Black Cherry Bomb- *falls over self* I'll put it plain and simple.  This is an amazing scent.  Ah-MAZING scent!! If you would have asked me a week ago how I liked cherry scents, I would have turned up my nose and said, "Oh no, no cherry scents for me!"  However, this scent makes your place smell like Twizzlers!! Its a candy cherry, no medicine smell about it!! Its amazing and this scent, I would order in a loaf!!

Missy's Tempting Tarts!

Vanilla Grapefruit- I'm a grapefruit fanatic, and this is wonderful!! I like getting it in the palm versus soy because I don't like to wait for them to cure if I don't have to.  lol VANILLA GRAPEFRUIT ROCKS!! I hope to try some more grapefruit blends soon!! But this is wonderful!

I have orders coming from a bunch of different places.  I have them coming from Shayz Scents, Ye Olde Candle Cubbard, Aunt Nena's Candles and Things, Missy's Tempting Tarts (yes another!) and Front Porch.  So another post will be within the next couple of weeks!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Arrival of HHS and KnB

Hi Everyone!

Today has been a great day for me.  I got two packages in the mail today! One was KnB Candles and Gifts and the other was Haley's Heavenly Scents!

The first one I got was KnB Candles and Gifts!  I drew the picture below for a contest and won a whole box of tarts!  Considering I have never tried KnB tarts before, this was a great way to try them, for FREE!!! Nothing beats free!

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting a whole box.  I was more expecting a large envelope or something of that nature.  I mean, come on, a WHOLE box of tarts... for free?  In my mind, it didn't seem logical.  But low and behold, a BOX of tarts!!  I didn't wait to open that baby up!!  I was peeling at the tape all the way up the stairs to my third story apartment.  I didn't pick out any scents or anything so I had no clue what was in the box (besides meltable wax!).  When I laid it all out, here's what I had in store for me!!


Here are the scents that there was:  Strawberry, Apricot Freesia, Green Tea, Campfire, Winter Candy Apple, Mango & Mandarin, Candy Corn, Fireside Embers, Very Sexy For Her, Very Sexy for Him, Prickly Pear, Apple Butter, Strudel & Spice, Blueberry Muffins, Buttermilk Pancakes, Sun & Sand, Beachwalk, Apple Brandy Fig, Cucumber Melon. Strawberry Jam, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Ginger Lime, All About Me, Toasted Marshmallow, Jelly Bean, Zombie Punch, Moonlight Path, and Concord Grape! 

There were some that I put in a stash to give my mother-in-law for her birthday, since I am giving her a tart warmer from Yankee for it.  And what good is a tart burner if you have no tarts to melt?  So the ones I wasn't crazy about or didn't smell strong, I put in a bag for her.

I haven't really melted any yet.  I will definitely give my reviews when I do!!

Now for the one I had ordered and picked out scents and all!

Haley's Heavenly Scents!!

She shipped via UPS.  And UPS never comes to my door, they usually just leave it at the apartment office.  But for some reason, they brought it to my door this time.  I won't complain, I was very pleased.  I wonder if they'll continue doing it!  Of course, I grabbed up my package and opened it right away!! I could smell THROUGH the package, something wonderful!!

I got Whipped Peaches & Cream, Blueberry Hotcakes, Dream Angels, Pure Seduction, Fresh Baked Bread, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, Zucchini Bread, Chai Tea, Pink Sands, Fruit Slices, Cotton Candy, Lemon Lavender, Whipped Pumpkin Spice Latte, Coconut, Endless Love, Pink Keylime Waffle Cone, Toasted Marshmallow, Blackberry Fizz, Lemon Chiffon, Hawaiian Splash, Pink Sugared Strawberry, Pink Sugar, White Cake, Prairie Kitchen, Pistachio Pudding, Blonde Moment, Whipped Wildberry Scone, and my two free 6packs were ButtermilkPancakes and Coconut. My freebie tart cup was Coconut Vanilla Bean Noel!  They all smell so STRONG and yummy!!

There were only two that I decided against and those were Endless Love and Lemon Lavender.  The Endless Love smelled more "mature" than I would have liked.  Lemon Lavender smelled more herbal than perfumey.  Which is OK for some people but I am not an herbal person.  Its OK.  26/28 scents winners without having smelled them prior to ordering, I figure I did PRETTY well! 

I am melting Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue RIGHT NOW.  Its not really strong, but I get nice whiffs of NICE smell!!!  And I also heard I'm supposed to let them cure.  Which I am, I am just impatient and wanted to melt one RIGHT AWAY!! lol So I'll melt another one in a week and really have a review!! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE HHS and WILL be reordering from her!! I already have a second order list for HHS.  Alot of bakery, whipped, and pumpkin scents.  lol

If you guys have scents that you like from these vendors, let me know in the comments, and I'll try them out!!

By the way, shout out to those who told me to try out Pink Sugar by HHS, THANK YOU!!  WIll be trying that one once these all are cured!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bath and Body Works Sale Haul

I love to frequent the Bath and Body Works Facebook page.  This seems to be the one and only place that you can find out about sales (BEFORE they happen)!!  I have been seeing people say that most everything that has been 50% off up until now is going to be 75% off.  That means the Rays of Citrus, Peach Sparkle, and Sunkissed Berry.  It means the Wild Garden Collection.  It means some of the candles: 3wicks and 4oz.  It means candle holders and some other random stuff. 

I was riding home from work (and as luck would have it, I pass by a Bath and Body Works store on my way home) and I made a quick decision to swerve into the parking lot to see if everyone was right.

They WERE!  I have been watching the Leaves Pedestal candle holder since it was marked 50% off.  They didn't look like they were selling well, but my luck is that, thats what I think, and then they're GONE by the time they could have been marked down for 75% off.  And at first, I didn't see them.  I had to ask a sales associate.  They led me over to them and asked, "Are these what you are looking for?"  I about leapt in excitement.  I probably looked so silly.  I bet you all have had products that make you literally gasp and shriek in excitement!  Haha, I totally have.

I got one, because its so pretty and I got a different one that was marked down to 75% off a week or so back.  I got a Passionflower 3-wick too, 75% off.  If you guys don't know, its rare to see some 75% off 3wicks.  Grab aas many as you can because they don't last long!!! I grabbed the last Wild Citrus Sunflower TMC, 1 mini WCS spray, 3 WCS fullsize shower gels, 1 Wild Berry Tulips mini spray, 1 fullsize Peach Sparkle spray, 1 Peach Sparkle shower gel for $21.00 after my survey coupon!! Very very happy purchaser today!  I used my giftcard that I got for a contest on BBW's Facebook page.  So in all, nothing out of pocket.  Here is what my sink looks like now. 

I also got my Front Porch tarts today!!!  FINALLY!!! I was waiting and waiting and waiting. But it was so worth it.  I had to bring them with me to work, (because I checked the mail on the way to work for fear if they were in the mailbox for too long, they would melt) and you can smell Lavender Sugar Cookie Dough Bread everytime you passed by.  YUMMY!

I have it in my warmer (just put it in) and I can already smell it!!  I have a feeling this is going to be a favorite, despite its unique pairing together.  I also got:

DISCLAIMER/WARNING!!!: No review shall be final upon cold sniff!!!
  • Glazed Jelly Donut - I smell the jelly cold sniff, for sure.  And I can smell some underlying bakery smell.  I want to smell this one warm for sure, but cold, mostly the glazed jelly.  Yummy smelling though!!
  • Peach Cobbler- I smell peach.  No cobbler cold sniff.  Its a very light smell cold too.  I'm hoping the cobbler part comes out when it melts and has a thunderous throw!
  • Fresh Baked Bread- I can definitely see this one smelling like fresh baked bread when it becomes melted.  I think bread is very difficult to replicate in smell for tarts because there are so many different types of breads and not all of them smell the same.  But what I do smell cold sniff, is the yeastiness of what could be a very good bread smell.  I shall wait to melt it to see what I really think of it!!  In my opinion, I think Angie should have a honey butter scent to put with the Fresh Baked Bread scent.  That would be absolutely yummy!!
  • Blackberry Bread - This one smells tart cold.  Which is good, I like blackberries, smell and taste (the actual fruit, not the tart lol!)  Like with Frosted Prairie Bread, which I only smelled soft cherries cold, I think the bread part will come out when melting.  I am interested to see how this one plays out!

Lemon Cookies- This one, hmmm...  I get a faint lemon with a sweetness of cookies cold.  I don't know about this one.  Which is strange because I usually love sugary lemon scents (Lemon Vanilla by Bath and Body Works <3 <3 <3) but it doesn't smell like I thought it would. 

I hope you guys enjoyed.  If you have ordered any tarts, let me know which ones to try!  I still have Haley's Heavenly Scents on the way, and KnB Candles and Gifts tarts on the way too.  I'm trying one vendor at a time.  Next on my list is Sniff My Tarts, Butterfly Lane, or Lasting Scent Candles.