Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aunt Smellman Review Part 2

Hello everyone!  And welcome to the second installment of the Aunt Smellman Review!

If you have not read the first part of the review, it should be two posts back.

I promised more pictures right?? Yes, I did!! And I will deliver!! lol

These were the singles I got!!  They traveled pretty well!! Mandarin Tiki was a little smushed up, but the rest of them were good!! 

Then here are the clamshells I got!

What I wanted to show here is the "Pour Date" that she has
on all the clamshells!! I love that and hope/wish more vendors
would do this!! 

Aunt Smellman told me to wait a week, so I waited a week and melted a few of my clamshells and one or two of my singles! 

Pinkie's Lemon Chiffon/Pinkie's Sugar: Yep you can obviously tell I'm a Pink Sugar fan.  Can't get enough.  I had this melting in a 24watt hot plate warmer and had medium to strong throw for atleast 4-6hours.  I had originally gotten this one for Barry but I thoroughly enjoyed it!! The Lemon Chiffon part isn't a sickly sweet lemon, almost like a candy lemon with a twinge of Pink Sugar.  It was a really nice scent, although I'm surprised I didn't smell more Pink Sugar because it was in there twice.  

Pinkie's Sugar Headbanger: This is Aunt Smellman's version of a double strength Sinus Relief!  When I smelled it on cold, it smelled like a pretty peppermint (probably the result of the Pink Sugar) but it didn't smell like it'd be super strong sinus reliever like the "HeadBanger" part implies.  But when I melted the two cubes, it took OVER!  Peppermint is notoriously a strong scent, and the scent definitely lived up to its name.  It even started giving me a headache a little, so I had to turn it off after an hour.  (Sorry!) If you get this scent, try half a scent shot or one cube.  This was melted in a 24watt hot plate.

Berry Blast: This was one of the singles that I had received.  I had received a few singles in the past that when melted in my lightbulb warmer, was SUPER STRONG!  So strong, that I'd have to cut them in half!  I put Berry Blast in my kitchen and this one definitely wasn't as strong as the other singles that I had tried.  I smelled a little when it traveled in my living room (about fifteen feet) but it was a light scent for me.

Toasted Marshmallow/Birthday Cake: I tried melting this one in my lightbulb warmer and it was light.  However, I tried it again in my 24watt hot plate and it was a good thrower there!! I got a good throw for about 2-3 hours then it trickled into a light scent.  

Overall: I think I would order from Aunt Smellman again.  Aunt Smellman has some good scents, that threw well for me and even surprised me.  And there are some scents that I probably wouldn't reorder.  I'm still melting and finding new scents that surprise me.  One scent that I keep forgetting to try that I have is Pinkie's Sugar Pouty Pucker.  It smells SOO good cold and I think it'll be a great performer!!