Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Temperatures Are Dropping Outside, But Inside is Toasty!

I hear some of you have been getting snow!! I would LOVE some snow!! A reason to get out of school/work (Love a good snowday!) Atleast it would make a slow day at work!!

We have just been getting what feels like sub-zero temperatures.  But, keep in mind, I live in the South. Georgia.  It really means under freezing for me!! lol

So I have been melting SUPER-TOASTY scents!!  I had a S'mores theme going for a few days!  Then I have a Lavender/Pink Sugar/Tangerine combo going now!  Will tell you more below!

HHS Cinnamon Noel - beautiful! Cinnamon with VBN... I love this!! When my Cinnamon Vanilla runs out, I'm getting this in a six pack!
BSF Chocolate Buttercream- I've already raved about this one!! Love it!
Shayz Pink Fire- This was a freebie that I got in my last order!  I looked up the description and saw it was Pink Sugar and Cinnamon.  I've been LOVING Cinnamon scents lately!! This one is FANTASTIC!! Another Pink Sugar scent at its best!! Once Shayz sale goes under way today, I'm ordering it in a six pack!
Shayz Pink Toastie Marshmallows- LOVE!
KNB Ashley's Spicy Sweet and Toast- I haven't really had good luck with KnB scents... Not too strong.  But cold, it has a nice smell.  It's my own personal scent of Cinnamon Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow, and Sweet Cinnamon pumpkin I think.
Slatkin Nutmeg & Spice- love this!
BH&G Smores- Another goody!

Nene's Lavender Tangerine- I have to order more in this!! Or see if I can get it mixed with Pink Sugar!! I melted all of these below together, its such a wonderful combination!
SMT Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake - SO STRONG!  And sooo good!!!
HHS Georgia Peach - Strong, but I am not a fan of peach.  I would definitely recommend if you are going to do a Lavender/Orangey/Pink Sugar combination, do Tangerine.  A nice citrusy tangy orange.
HHS Pink Sugar- LOVE
Shayz Pink Dreams- LOVE!  ANother favorite!
Shayz Pink Toastie Marshmallows- LOVE!  Another Favorite!
Crosscreek Orange Smoothie- This was nice! I wouldn't reorder it personally.
LKC SCDB Zucchini- Another favorite!! Have melted it before and would definitely consider it a reorder!
Distinctly Pink Sangria White Peach- Again, not a peach fan.  But nice! :)

Has anyone seriously tried Pink Sugar/Lavender Vanilla/Tangerine?  It's AMAZING!!! I'm serious!  Freakin' amazing!! And I'm not a strong lavender fan at all.  But this is the perfect amounts of everything!!  I tried Front Porch's Group Hug and it's unreal!!  Now I'm blending it everywhere!

Also I'm a huge fan of S'Mores blends!! Chocolate, Buttercream, Graham Cracker, Marshmallow, Pink Sugar (OK I can blend ANYTHING with Pink Sugar <3) all together to make a killer Smore!!

Anyone else have any unique blends that are AMAZING!!?!  I have been a blending machine here like crazy!! I have empty candle jars putting on candle warmers so I can have more room to blend scents!! I definitely been making a dent in my stash!! Which is WHY I am ordering from Shayz soon!!

Here is my list of what I'm wanting to get:

V/S Dupe Tarts PINK

I am getting a few orders here soon and a friend is giving me some tarts from Village Candle!! I can't wait!!

Would love to hear what you've been melting!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ordering and Melting!

Phew!! Is anyone as exhausted as I am?  I have been SUPER-MELTING this week!!

My schedule has been shifted a little bit!! Instead of my half day being today, I got my WHOLE day off today and my half day is tomorrow.  So I am writing my weekly blog post tonight!

My melts this week:

LKC SCDB Zucchini- This one is a DEFINITE reorder!! So nice!! Not too sugar cookie but great!
HHS Cinnamon Noel- Cinnamony with VBN.  Getting this in a six pack.
Rosegirl's Pumpkin Chai- I hate that Rosegirl's is so expensive.  This is fantastic!! I got it in a destash from, I believe, Sarah Miller.  I am planning on blending a pumpkin, cinnamon noel, and chai tea from Haley's Heavenly Scents, to get this combo!
FP Cinnamon Bread- Another good FP scent.  I may get this one in a 4pack if it ever comes in the 4packs again.
BF SCDB- yum yum yum and yum!
HHS Pink Sugar- Do you have to ask?
Shayz Pink Cookies- This one is good, strong on the pink sugar and nice on the cookies!! I really like this one!
Shayz Doodle Cookies- was not too impressed with this one.  Its OK.  Her Gingersnap and Cinnamon Toast are good cinnamon scents.  I was trying to order a few to decide which I liked better.
Missy's Tempting Tarts Kiwi Watermelon- I've had this one curing for, I swear, about 6 months.  Good scent!! Should have melted it sooner!
Sugar and Spice's Grapefruit Surprise- This was a nice scent!  If I order from S&S, this would be a reorder!
Miscellaneous Grapefruit Surprise- good, but I have NO IDEA where it came from!  It has a handwritten "Grapefruit Surprise" on it, but no vendor name and no other label
BeauxSavonsFrais Rockin' The Stars- I have heard of this scent constantly.  I live 100miles away from Lush (who came up with this scent in the first place for their bodycare line) and it's the first time I've tried this scent.  I get more blackberry than anything else.  Its OK.  Not a reflection on BSF, just not a scent that I would pick from anyone.  I did mix it with the miscellaneous Grapefruit Surprise, and it turned out nice!! Maybe a blend I'll think about in the future ;)
Distinctly Pink's Cinnamon Frosting- My cup was so small, I blended it with the next scent below, HHS's Granma's Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies.
HHS Granma's Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies- I smell alot of Granma's Zucchini.  I am beginning to think I don't like it (the zucchini part).  I am going to try to stay away from the zucchini breads and go towards the amish friendship breads.  I tried one AFB from FP and liked it.  But the blackberry part was nice!! I think I may like it without the Granma's Zucchini Bread!
Orchid Lake Candle's Gummy Bears- This one on cold sniff smells amazing!  It was another small cup, like Distinctly Pink's Cinnamon Frosting, so I combined it with Auntie Di's Delight's Raspberry Pomegranate.
Aunt Nena's Peach Bellini- This one is NICE and STRONG!  I love Peach Bellini anyway from BBW. But very nice and strong if you want to order from Aunt Nena's!
Auntie Di's Delight's Raspberry Pomegranate- I mixed this one with OLC's Gummy Bears.  I really like this scent, and the scent combo!! Everything I've tried from Auntie Di Delight's has been nice and strong (like the Brown Sugar & Fig!) Going to try that company out sometime for myself!!

Alot of these scents have come from destashes (except from the HHS, Aunt Nena's, Shayz, LKC, FP, and BSF SCDB, )


I ordered (first time order) from Orchid Lake Candles.  A Bakery Lemon Sampler (10 1oz cups) $8.10 with 10% off coupon and free shipping!! YAY!!! 

I am in the middle of making an order from Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax!  Here are my blends!!!

Pink Sugar and Serendipity Jaimie
Nana's Kitchen and Gourmet Sugar Cookie
Pink Sugar, Lavender Vanilla, Gourmet Sugar Cookie, and VBN

Pink SCD
Wildberry Mousse Noel

I am so excited about these!!! 

I haven't made an order in a WHILE!! So it was really exciting to make these!! Can't wait till they get here!! Two new-to-me vendors!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

After the Holidays...

Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's has passed, we now have Valentine's Day and Easter to look forward to.  Not as significant and atleast a month away.  I'm sure a bunch of you are relieved that the holidays are over.  Less money on people's presents/food/parties and more money for (really, what else?) WAX!

You all would be so proud of me this week!! I actually kept up with my list of scents that I melted this week.  I melted 13 different scents this week.

WARNING: I know I always say something like "I don't like cornbread scents, I don't like this scent and this kind of scent, yadda yadda.  I am always getting scents that I may not like, but I sometimes get the courage to try anyway or I like a particular kind of that scent of that scent.  (Like I like Prairie Kitchen, its a cherry scent... and i only seem to like Prairie Kitchen blends when it comes to cherry).  Just   I am VERY picky with scents!! There are some surprises here this week that I came to realize that I actually liked!!

SMT Lemon Cheesecake- I got this in a SMT mixed lot box.  TBH: I am not a cheesecake scent fan (but love EATING cheesecake lol!) This was a good cheesecake scent, a great scent in general, just not for me because of the cheescake.  But for being this type of scent, it was good to me!!
HHS Lemon Chiffon- My husband is always saying that he doesn't like lemon smells.  Well this one was in my very first order from HHS and have been waiting to melt it with SMT Lemon Cheesecake because I thought they'd go well together!  They did!  Lemon Chiffon was a very nice lemon scent (thinking about trying some other's now from HHS) and Husband approved.  We all know what that means!! :D :D SIX PACK! haha!
HHS Prairie Kitchen- We all know I'm picky with scents.  I am picky with cherry scents too.  I LOVE Prairie Kitchen and Prairie Kitchen blends!! I don't know why!  I smell the cherry but its not medicinal cherry!! It's sweet yummy cherry with something else in it that is fantastic!
HHS Pink Sugar - <3
BSF Pink Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream- Ever since Slatkin Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, I have stayed away from Mint Chocolate scents.  I love Mint Chocolate chip ice cream in real life, but I always thought it was something that I loved cold (ice cream), but hot/warm, smells funny.  I ventured out and tried BSF PMCCIC.  WOW! It was a softer mint ice cream with pink sugar!  Strong but everything was mixed together just so!  I definitely give this one a thumbs up!!
Long Cane Primitives Peppermint Nibbles- This one was a nice one!! It was peppermint with some cake added in.  I would definitely order this one in something bigger!!
Distinctly Pink Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone- I got this one in a destash and mixed it with DP Jack Frost.  I wasn't entirely impressed with either.  I think HHS's Jack Frost is stronger and HHS probably has a scent similar to VSWC that would be stronger as well.  It's just my opinion.
Distinctly Pink Jack Frost
SMT Peppermint Noel-  I got this one in a destash and OH BOY am I glad I did!!!!!  I mixed this with HHS Pink Sugar (just because I'm a Pink Sugar NUT!) and it was amazing!! The VBN came out in it, just as the peppermint did, and pink sugar just was the cherry on top!  So glad I got a big chunk of it!! :D :D :D  BTW, I put in a quarter of a 4.7oz chunk.  LOVE!
BSF Chocolate Buttercream- This was a little sad for me.  This was my first loaf ever!!!  I had to cut it up.  It's beautiful, isn't it?  It looks like something you can special order from Godiva or Hershey's!

So I cut it up.  and put a nice size chunk in my warmer in my kitchen.  My kitchen has smelled like CHOCOLATE, yummy sweet delectable chocolate!  I've never had a REAL chocolate scent from wax! That's great!  Usually chocolate scents (to me) smell gritty and weird.  So this is SOO worth getting in the loaf!! Plus, look at it, its gorgeous!
BSF Pink Strawberry Cornbread- Cornbread is another scent where I've tried from another vendor or two before in the past and have stayed away from them just because its one of those funny smelling scents that I couldn't get into.  Like Cheesecake.  But like I described it on BSF's Facebook page, I smell mainly pink sugar and strawberry with hints of a bready type scent!  It's WONDERFUL!! I put three donuts in my hot plate warmer and it was just wonderful!! Strong, nice, and pretty to look at once it was melted!! Sparkly!
Shayz Peachy Pink-  This one wasn't as strong as her pink scents usually are, so I would have to say pass on getting it in a six pack.  For me.
LCP Strawberry Rhubarb Sugar Cookie-  Rhubarb is another one of those scents that is Yay or Nay for me.  It just can be so strong and potent and over power everything else.  This scent was a perfect combo of everything but the rhubarb was strong!! I am glad I have a little bag of it because it was nice!! :) I'd melt it again!  This was another destash scent!

Like I said, alot of I don't like these kind of scents BUT.  ALot of destash melts and stuff I have gotten that I may not have picked out on my own.  It was very nice to find out some scents that maybe I can continue looking into!! I am still finding my own tastes, finding new scents, etc etc.

I'd love to hear some scents that you may not have thought you would have liked, but ended up loving!!

Thanks everyone for reading!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2013

I try to be as accurate with the "Post Titles" as I am with my wax reviews. So last one was "Post Christmas" since it was posted on December 30th, and now even though its technically after New Year's, It's going to be a New Year's post!

Anyone got any NY's resolutions?  I don't, except to get out of my job that doesn't let me melt hardly at all because I work 60hours a week plus. Also, to write what I melt more often so I can be sure I get every scent that I have melted over the past week!

LOL You know we really love wax if we try to bend our hours to make more time for it!!

OK some stuff I have been melting so far:
Lil Kitchen Candles Serendipity- Reorder
BeauxSavonsFrais Sugar Cookie Dough Bread- Reorder!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Serendipity Noel- 6PACK!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Loopy Ice Cream Cake- Unlike most everyone, I am not a fruit loop fan.  I never really liked the cereal, nor did I like the smell.  I ordered this scent when it was a sale scent, figured it I was ever going to try a Fruit Loop scent, it was going to be while it was on sale!  It's OK to me, but you Fruit Loop lovers would LOVE IT!!!  I didn't even hate it.
Haley's Heavenly Scents Vanilla Bean Noel- I need this in a 6pack!! Smells great!!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Pink Sugar- Obviously a Reorder!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Pink Serendipity- Obviously a Reorder!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Pineapple Orchid- Fantastic!! I am going to get a 6pack of it blended with Pink Sugar!! YAY!
Shayz Scentz Pink Toastie Marshmallows- It's part of a six pack, its excellent!
Lasting Scent Candles Pink Sugar Buns- This one is good, but I like LSC's Pink Marshmallow Shortbread better.  PSB has a sour note to it that I don't care for, whereas PMS doesn't.
LSC Pink Marshmallow Shortbread- love!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Pink Sands- It's a spot on dupe and its part of a 6pack.  Its excellent!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Whipped Pink Peppermints- OK good news and bad news on this one.  First of all, its definitely a reorderable scent.  IF Haley's can make it anymore.  Peppermint was one of the Miami Erie oils.  I will explain the Miami Erie oil incident below.  So I am hoping she has found a dupe for it, because this was excellent!!
Haley's Heavenly Scents Granma's Pink Zucchini Bread- Definitely nice!! Reorderable!
Lil Kitchen Candles Pink Sparkletini- Great!  This one and her Serendipity had a very very nice throw!! :)
Shayz Scentz Minty Pink- REORDER!! REORDER!! Mostly pink with a hint of mint!! I'm not one to overdose on mint so this is perfect!
Front Porch Candle Pink Serendipity- Yeah it's good.  I'm not ordering in a 4pack though.  There are plenty of other vendors that carry serendipity.  But for those of you still ordering with FP, it's got the green light from me!

For those of you who are unaware, Front Porch Candle Company also has another company named Miami Erie, which sells oils to vendors and I believe regular customers as well.  Miami Erie made an announcement that they were no longer selling oils to vendors period.  Alot of the favorite vendors were out of certain scents that they would order from Miami Erie (thankfully, no one ordered ALL of their oils from ME!) At first, M.E. was going to cancel all of the orders, then after an uproar of customers and I'm sure vendors as well, decided to fulfill the orders that were already placed.

Now vendors are left with either trying to dupe their own scents or finding them somewhere else.  It's going to be very difficult.  I know vendors such as Haley's Heavenly Scents and Lil Kitchen Candles were affected by this change.   This is another reason I have decided to boycott Front Porch.  Bad business practices.  The price mark-ups are just icing on the cake, but the bad business practices are what pushed me over!

In case no one noticed, I LOVE Pink Sugar scents!! And I am loving Serendipity scents as well!! I am hoping to get Serendipity mixed with other stuff like Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Pink Vanilla Bean Noel, Amish Bread, and some other combos!! If you guys have any ideas, please comment below!! Those are just ones I came up with off the top of my head!

Also BeauxSavonsFrais is reopening on Valentine's Day!! I am so excited for that! She is busy at work making TONS of soaps and wax melts for her big gigantic grand opening!! There are going to be lots of people clamoring over that site clicking quickly to make sure they get what they want in their cart!!  Lanie (CEO of BSF) is going to be RTS for a few months, recovering after she had her second child!  So make SURE you stay tuned and keep your eyes open for the time when she reopens!! It'll be TOTALLY worth it!!

I am getting in on some wax orders with my good wax friend Tiffany Nash!! Shayz Scentz for sure!! Need my six packs of Cinnamon Toast, Gingersnap, Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar, plus I want to try some of those zucchini blends that people talk so much about!! I am also going to retry Pink Grapefruit!! Hopefully this time it will throw like crazy! I love Grapefruit!  Tiffany is going to be picking a vendor that we split another order on.  I am hoping between Nene's Kitchen Melts or Cleanse Your Soul!  They both have great products and great scents!  Can't wait!

Thank you guys for reading into the new year and hope you continue to do so, as I try my best to provide a good solid foundation for wax reviews, even if they are sometimes few and far between!!

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on your wax and vendors!