Sunday, January 13, 2013

After the Holidays...

Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's has passed, we now have Valentine's Day and Easter to look forward to.  Not as significant and atleast a month away.  I'm sure a bunch of you are relieved that the holidays are over.  Less money on people's presents/food/parties and more money for (really, what else?) WAX!

You all would be so proud of me this week!! I actually kept up with my list of scents that I melted this week.  I melted 13 different scents this week.

WARNING: I know I always say something like "I don't like cornbread scents, I don't like this scent and this kind of scent, yadda yadda.  I am always getting scents that I may not like, but I sometimes get the courage to try anyway or I like a particular kind of that scent of that scent.  (Like I like Prairie Kitchen, its a cherry scent... and i only seem to like Prairie Kitchen blends when it comes to cherry).  Just   I am VERY picky with scents!! There are some surprises here this week that I came to realize that I actually liked!!

SMT Lemon Cheesecake- I got this in a SMT mixed lot box.  TBH: I am not a cheesecake scent fan (but love EATING cheesecake lol!) This was a good cheesecake scent, a great scent in general, just not for me because of the cheescake.  But for being this type of scent, it was good to me!!
HHS Lemon Chiffon- My husband is always saying that he doesn't like lemon smells.  Well this one was in my very first order from HHS and have been waiting to melt it with SMT Lemon Cheesecake because I thought they'd go well together!  They did!  Lemon Chiffon was a very nice lemon scent (thinking about trying some other's now from HHS) and Husband approved.  We all know what that means!! :D :D SIX PACK! haha!
HHS Prairie Kitchen- We all know I'm picky with scents.  I am picky with cherry scents too.  I LOVE Prairie Kitchen and Prairie Kitchen blends!! I don't know why!  I smell the cherry but its not medicinal cherry!! It's sweet yummy cherry with something else in it that is fantastic!
HHS Pink Sugar - <3
BSF Pink Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream- Ever since Slatkin Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, I have stayed away from Mint Chocolate scents.  I love Mint Chocolate chip ice cream in real life, but I always thought it was something that I loved cold (ice cream), but hot/warm, smells funny.  I ventured out and tried BSF PMCCIC.  WOW! It was a softer mint ice cream with pink sugar!  Strong but everything was mixed together just so!  I definitely give this one a thumbs up!!
Long Cane Primitives Peppermint Nibbles- This one was a nice one!! It was peppermint with some cake added in.  I would definitely order this one in something bigger!!
Distinctly Pink Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone- I got this one in a destash and mixed it with DP Jack Frost.  I wasn't entirely impressed with either.  I think HHS's Jack Frost is stronger and HHS probably has a scent similar to VSWC that would be stronger as well.  It's just my opinion.
Distinctly Pink Jack Frost
SMT Peppermint Noel-  I got this one in a destash and OH BOY am I glad I did!!!!!  I mixed this with HHS Pink Sugar (just because I'm a Pink Sugar NUT!) and it was amazing!! The VBN came out in it, just as the peppermint did, and pink sugar just was the cherry on top!  So glad I got a big chunk of it!! :D :D :D  BTW, I put in a quarter of a 4.7oz chunk.  LOVE!
BSF Chocolate Buttercream- This was a little sad for me.  This was my first loaf ever!!!  I had to cut it up.  It's beautiful, isn't it?  It looks like something you can special order from Godiva or Hershey's!

So I cut it up.  and put a nice size chunk in my warmer in my kitchen.  My kitchen has smelled like CHOCOLATE, yummy sweet delectable chocolate!  I've never had a REAL chocolate scent from wax! That's great!  Usually chocolate scents (to me) smell gritty and weird.  So this is SOO worth getting in the loaf!! Plus, look at it, its gorgeous!
BSF Pink Strawberry Cornbread- Cornbread is another scent where I've tried from another vendor or two before in the past and have stayed away from them just because its one of those funny smelling scents that I couldn't get into.  Like Cheesecake.  But like I described it on BSF's Facebook page, I smell mainly pink sugar and strawberry with hints of a bready type scent!  It's WONDERFUL!! I put three donuts in my hot plate warmer and it was just wonderful!! Strong, nice, and pretty to look at once it was melted!! Sparkly!
Shayz Peachy Pink-  This one wasn't as strong as her pink scents usually are, so I would have to say pass on getting it in a six pack.  For me.
LCP Strawberry Rhubarb Sugar Cookie-  Rhubarb is another one of those scents that is Yay or Nay for me.  It just can be so strong and potent and over power everything else.  This scent was a perfect combo of everything but the rhubarb was strong!! I am glad I have a little bag of it because it was nice!! :) I'd melt it again!  This was another destash scent!

Like I said, alot of I don't like these kind of scents BUT.  ALot of destash melts and stuff I have gotten that I may not have picked out on my own.  It was very nice to find out some scents that maybe I can continue looking into!! I am still finding my own tastes, finding new scents, etc etc.

I'd love to hear some scents that you may not have thought you would have liked, but ended up loving!!

Thanks everyone for reading!


  1. Wow, that's quite a list of stuff! Some of these sound really, really awesome! SMT has really made its mark in such a short time...their stuff in in ridiculously high demand! I need HHS to reopen...I only got samplers last time but I'M DYING to get my hands on some fan favs!

  2. LOL Lauren, I'm so sorry its taken me this long to get back to you!! Stupid job.

    Yes... I've been feeling like I have been making enough of a dent in my stash, so I've been mixing, super melting, etc etc. lol You should see my list that I am going to make tonight!! I think it's going to be epic, a record-breaker for me! lol!

    I totally agree about SMT! I remember when I found them, they still had the mixed lot boxes you could sign up for. I wish they still had those. I like not knowing what I am paying for in shipping. :)

    I cannot WAIT for HHS to reopen!! Janet is AMAZING at what she does, I just wish that her recovery is speedy and well. But I will definitely be ordering from her when she opens back up!! I cannot WAIT!! I have a list so long (even though I only order $25 at a time, no matter how much I want to order!)