Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ordering and Melting!

Phew!! Is anyone as exhausted as I am?  I have been SUPER-MELTING this week!!

My schedule has been shifted a little bit!! Instead of my half day being today, I got my WHOLE day off today and my half day is tomorrow.  So I am writing my weekly blog post tonight!

My melts this week:

LKC SCDB Zucchini- This one is a DEFINITE reorder!! So nice!! Not too sugar cookie but great!
HHS Cinnamon Noel- Cinnamony with VBN.  Getting this in a six pack.
Rosegirl's Pumpkin Chai- I hate that Rosegirl's is so expensive.  This is fantastic!! I got it in a destash from, I believe, Sarah Miller.  I am planning on blending a pumpkin, cinnamon noel, and chai tea from Haley's Heavenly Scents, to get this combo!
FP Cinnamon Bread- Another good FP scent.  I may get this one in a 4pack if it ever comes in the 4packs again.
BF SCDB- yum yum yum and yum!
HHS Pink Sugar- Do you have to ask?
Shayz Pink Cookies- This one is good, strong on the pink sugar and nice on the cookies!! I really like this one!
Shayz Doodle Cookies- was not too impressed with this one.  Its OK.  Her Gingersnap and Cinnamon Toast are good cinnamon scents.  I was trying to order a few to decide which I liked better.
Missy's Tempting Tarts Kiwi Watermelon- I've had this one curing for, I swear, about 6 months.  Good scent!! Should have melted it sooner!
Sugar and Spice's Grapefruit Surprise- This was a nice scent!  If I order from S&S, this would be a reorder!
Miscellaneous Grapefruit Surprise- good, but I have NO IDEA where it came from!  It has a handwritten "Grapefruit Surprise" on it, but no vendor name and no other label
BeauxSavonsFrais Rockin' The Stars- I have heard of this scent constantly.  I live 100miles away from Lush (who came up with this scent in the first place for their bodycare line) and it's the first time I've tried this scent.  I get more blackberry than anything else.  Its OK.  Not a reflection on BSF, just not a scent that I would pick from anyone.  I did mix it with the miscellaneous Grapefruit Surprise, and it turned out nice!! Maybe a blend I'll think about in the future ;)
Distinctly Pink's Cinnamon Frosting- My cup was so small, I blended it with the next scent below, HHS's Granma's Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies.
HHS Granma's Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies- I smell alot of Granma's Zucchini.  I am beginning to think I don't like it (the zucchini part).  I am going to try to stay away from the zucchini breads and go towards the amish friendship breads.  I tried one AFB from FP and liked it.  But the blackberry part was nice!! I think I may like it without the Granma's Zucchini Bread!
Orchid Lake Candle's Gummy Bears- This one on cold sniff smells amazing!  It was another small cup, like Distinctly Pink's Cinnamon Frosting, so I combined it with Auntie Di's Delight's Raspberry Pomegranate.
Aunt Nena's Peach Bellini- This one is NICE and STRONG!  I love Peach Bellini anyway from BBW. But very nice and strong if you want to order from Aunt Nena's!
Auntie Di's Delight's Raspberry Pomegranate- I mixed this one with OLC's Gummy Bears.  I really like this scent, and the scent combo!! Everything I've tried from Auntie Di Delight's has been nice and strong (like the Brown Sugar & Fig!) Going to try that company out sometime for myself!!

Alot of these scents have come from destashes (except from the HHS, Aunt Nena's, Shayz, LKC, FP, and BSF SCDB, )


I ordered (first time order) from Orchid Lake Candles.  A Bakery Lemon Sampler (10 1oz cups) $8.10 with 10% off coupon and free shipping!! YAY!!! 

I am in the middle of making an order from Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax!  Here are my blends!!!

Pink Sugar and Serendipity Jaimie
Nana's Kitchen and Gourmet Sugar Cookie
Pink Sugar, Lavender Vanilla, Gourmet Sugar Cookie, and VBN

Pink SCD
Wildberry Mousse Noel

I am so excited about these!!! 

I haven't made an order in a WHILE!! So it was really exciting to make these!! Can't wait till they get here!! Two new-to-me vendors!!


  1. You got some great blends from JLCCW, her stuff is really amazing!! You also melted another round of great stuff this week! OLC is really a great company from what I've gotten from destashes and sample boxes, and I can't wait to try their stuff in an order! :D

    1. You've tried it Lauren??? JLCCW?? I'm so glad you like it too!! I've heard great things about it!! I broke down and ordered another 3 "Jaimie Loaves".

      Tart Loaves" Scent of Choice You Pick 3" $6.99
      Peppermint Cake Bites/Serendipity/Pink Sugar
      Aloha Pineapple/Pink Sugar/VBN
      Gourmet Sugar Cookie/Glazed Cinnamon Doughnuts/Vanilla Sugar

      What have you tried from OLC? I have tried a few things from destashes and thought they were great! Have you tried Aunt Nene's? Auntie Di's Delites? Cleanse Your Soul? THose are some I want to try next!! :D

  2. Sounds like you melted some great stuff! Both of those grapefruit scents sound amazing, bummer that you don't know where the grapefruit surprise one is from. I'm curious to hear how you like your JLCCW stuff, I've heard great things about her. Hope you love your OLC stuff too, I was very pleased with my first order from her!

    1. Hi!! Thank you!!

      I know one of those grapefruit scents was by Sugar & Spice. I have melted another Grapefruit before by BeauxSavonsFrais. My most favorite grapefruit ever!

      Lol I am so giddy about what I ordered from JLCCW and OLC!! What scents/blends did you order from OLC?? Which would you recommend?