Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swap with Tori!

I had a very nice package come through the mail on Wednesday!  My swap with Miss Tori Strother!!

I never dreamed so much would fit in a flat rate envelope and I LOOOVVVVEEEE everything!!

I will go ahead and list what she sent me, that I've already melted!! I will get the complete list on my next blog post!

RG Marshmallow Smoothie/Cotton Candy/Bubble Gum
Butterfly Lane Pink Chiffon Cake
HHS Aquolina Pink Sugar
FP Sugary Marshmallow

I don't know why, but I never even thought about getting those little bags that you can share one or two tarts out of a bag and share them with someone!! But never fear, I am going to be MUCH more prepared next time we swap!!  That I can GUARANTEE!  It was a beautiful package!!

Ava's Country Cupboard's Pink Strawberry Bliss- Fantastic!! Such a nice pink strawberry scent!! I'd definitely reorder it again!! Free shipping over $8!
FP Blueberry Satsuma- Yummy Scent!! Reorderable!
FP Strawberry Satsuma- Reorderable!! Loved this one too!
Butterfly Lane Pink Chiffon Cake- I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Smells FAN-Tastic! I think I need to start looking at BL to order some of these PINK blends.  They smell fantastic!! Really!! I know what all the fuss is about!!
HHS Aquolina Pink Sugar- I don't see a ton of difference between this and regular pink sugar.  But I love both!!
FP Sugary Marshmallow- Great mixer!!
FP Pink SCDB- Yes, yes this one is fantastic and definitely reorderable!
RG Marshmallow Smoothie/Cotton Candy/Bubble Gum- Smells like thick, expensive frosting! Yumm!!

It was my very first swap, so I still have much to learn!!

I am hoping (Fingers crossed!) That my BSF order is shipping out on Saturday!  So I should get it on Tuesday (which is great, because I am OFF on Tuesday, and can HAPPILY receive it the MOMENT it arrives!)  I have my JLCCW order too, but it is wayy off!!

Can't wait!! <3

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dawning of a New Era

I have been thinking alot.  Since HHS posted her new "Order Rulebook", and seeing some of the people's reactions.  I can both challenge and sympathize.  Whereas I love free shipping at $25, 2 free six packs, AND low prices on tarts, Janet is ultimately going to be doing it fulltime, therefore must turn out profit.

Here's the details:

6.95 flat rate shipping no min. order
50.00 & over free shipping
25.00 orders receive 1 free bag of tarts
50.00 orders receive 2 free bags
75.00 orders receive 3 free bags
100.00 & over receive 4 free bags
No changes to order once it is submitted

Janet and Trish run Haley's Heavenly Scents BEAUTIFULLY!  Great customer service, dedication to quality product, and is QUITE generous!  HHS has been one of my first and top vendors ever since I got into tarts.  And that won't change!  I have always been hesitant to spend more than $25 at one place, at a time.

However, it makes sense, with the post office kicking up the going shipping rates, to change with the times!  Not only should HHS, but I should too!!  No, I do not always have $50 to shell out at one time for tarts.  Matter of fact, I really never do.  But I think what I am going to start doing is saving up.  My husband has his hobbies.  Every time he asks if he can buy this or that.  I tell him, he owes me an order. ;)  Which is usually about $25.  So if he asks to buy something twice, then HELLO order!

Some of my other top vendors, BSF (Free shipping over $50), Sugar and Spice (Free shipping over $100), JLCCW (Free shipping over $60) all have free shipping marks over $50.  Why should HHS be any different?  It's not too much to ask.

I don't know about any of you, but I can DEFINITELY order $50 worth of HHS!  Believe it!

Here are some orders (tiny, I know) that I received today!!

Front Porch- Mr. and Mrs. Satsuma!

I have tried Satsuma before, from Can-Do candles.  And really really liked it!! So I am trying out some Satsuma blends before committing to bigger quantities!
Blueberry Satsuma and Strawberry Satsuma

Then I had my Ava's Country Cupboard Tarts!

I got Orange Juice Cake, Pink Bread, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Pink Strawberry Bliss!  Anywhere between 10-14oz for $10 shipped!! She has free shipping over $8 until possibly June!! Once I let these cure, I may be making some more orders!! These pass the husband test!!

My Melting Diary! :)

CFTKR Rainbow Sherbert- one of the first CFTKR scents that threw well for me.  Got it in the JLCCW  RR!
Cupcake Candles Rainbow Sherbert- Another JLCCW RR pick!  <3
SMT Serendipity Zucchini- YUM! :)
JLCCW Nana's Kitchen/Gourmet Sugar Cookie/Cinnamon Doughnuts- LOVE
Can-Do's Pink Pound Cake- It's good, I can't smell it that well, I put it with Sugar and Spice Lavender Peppermint to edge it out.
Sugar and Spice Lavender Peppermint- I really really like this scent!! Just a little bit of peppermint, nice soft lavender (not the herbal kind).  Thinking about mixing it with Pink Sugar and Ice Cream Cake or SCDB!
Victoria's Designer Creations' Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie- Good but short lived.  Not as sweet as I hoped!
BeauxSavonsFrais Sweet Lolli Bread- FAVORITE!
Shayz Scentz Pink Danish- Finished the last scallop of this scent.. and need some more! <3
Sugar and Spice Grapefruit Mangosteen- This, Pistachio Coconut Fluff, and Berry Bundt Cake Noel, are all brittle worthy!! This is SO fantastic! <3
Front Porch Pink Grapefruit- Good scent!! May even be persuaded to buy a FP Scoopable in this... MAYBE.
Front Porch Wildberry Mousse Bread- Yummy!!

I am waiting on a swap with my wax friend Tori Strother!! (First swap EVER!) And my BSF order!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Haley's Heavenly Scents!



Here's what I got:

Six Packs- Pink Serendipity+Pink Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Pink Sugar+Hot Orange Danish, Pink Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Jelly Beans, and Fluffy Pink Toasted Marshmallow.

Cups- Country Fair, Pink Crack, Pink Diva, Girl's Night Out, Pink Sweet Tooth, Hot Orange Danish, Sugar Cookie Latte, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Toasted Monster Jam (Freebie!) and Whipped Raspberry Peppermint Ice Cream!

I love everything except for Country Fair and Pink Crack.  Definitely see some repeats here!!

I am plotting an order!  Going to try to get these in cups.

Rice Flower & Shea
Granma's VBN
Pink Noel Cake Batter
Pink Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies
Granmas Toasted Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Orange Sherbert
Amish Friendship Bread
Cotton Candy Frosting
Divine Cake
Fluffy Pink Monkeys
Granma's Cake Batter ZB
Granma's Pink ZB
Granma's Strawberry ZB
Orange Sherbert
Key Lime Sugar Cookie Noel
Ma Petite Cheri
Raspberry Zinger

I haven't completed my list yet!  But these are definitely my picks so far!! I'm trying to try some more ZB blends.  Like Serendipity ZB blends!  Trying to get out of my comfort zone!! I'm thinking that I do like these Granma blends, just not actual ZB by itself.  haha weird I know.  

OK, I am going to go ahead and make a disclaimer here.  My concerns, I know, are pretty petty and a little selfish.  But I just wanted to vent.

Today, Haley's Heavenly Scents made a post about having to raise the free shipping/do flat rate, raise prices, or stop the free six packs.  I totally understand because everywhere else has been raising prices.  The post office, materials, etc etc.  I've seen LOTS of wax companies raise their shipping prices or their regular prices to keep up with the price changes.  It's affected alot of these vendors that we have grown to know and love!

Still... I'm going to kinda miss getting $25 free shipping and free six packs!! I'm glad I was able to get some orders in while she was doing it!  It was nice, I never really get to spend more than $25 at a time anyway (unless it's a special occasion over here!) so I always felt I got the most out of my money, plus I LOVE blending!!

OK, I am done being selfish and petty.  Because I know it is.  People have to make a living!! I know this.  I'm just going to have to save up sometimes to make some orders! :)

I also melted a bunch of HHS today!

Melted her original Poundcake!! Definitely want to make some more orders with that poundcake!
Melted my Pink Sugar+Whipped Cream+Wildberry Mousse VBN!  ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
Melted my Pink Sugared Strawberries.  WONDERFUL, just need to order it in paraffin! :D <3

Love HHS!! Will always be making orders with HHS!! Thanks for reading!! <3

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Can't wait for Summer!

Made two wax orders 4/11/2013

Sugar and Spice:

6pack of Pistachio Coconut Fluff
RTS Melts in:
Camu Camu (Scentsy Dupe)
Cotton Candy Fluff
Eggnog VBN
Marshmallow Noel

Strawberry Lemon Fluff
Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
Lemon Berry Wafer

Front Porch:

Singles in Strawberry Satsuma and Blueberry Satsuma

HHS Pink Noel - Favorite
FP Serendipity Cupcakes - Reorder
FP Vanilla Grapefruit - Good
FP Pink Noel - Favorite
Bella's Pink Serendipity Noel - Favorite
FP Warm Vanilla and Sweet Sugar - Ended up loving this scent, got it in a destash!! Great vanilla scent!
JLCCW Peppermint Bark+Pink Serendipity! - I smelled this cold and wasn't sure about my decision to do peppermint with serendipity.  Then I tried Serendipity Splash from Tiffany's, which is Pink Serendipity with a splash of peppermint and marshmallow.  I had renewed faith.  Tried it and it is fantastic! :)
Sugar and Spice Pistachio Coconut Fluff - This and Berry Bundt Cake Noel lasted FIVE DAYS in their warmers!! I, as you see above, reordered Pistachio Coconut Fluff.  Next order....
Sugar and Spice Berry Bundt Cake Noel - Next order... I am reordering more of Berry Bundt Cake Noel.  I could still smell this when I was putting the plate in the freezer.  Gah I love it!! <3 <3
Can-Do Butt Naked - Nice!! Considering putting in an order from another vendor for Butt Naked
Shayz Hawaiian Breeze - very nice clean scent, without being too clean.  Kinda fruity, kinda clean.  
FP Pink Lemonade - This has turned kinda soapy smelling to me, but it was OK to melt. More soapy than I remembered.  
HHS Pink Hawaiian Splash - STRONG! GOOD! REORDER! 
Cheryl's Candle's Pineapple Dreams- I forgot that I had this, so I melted it, but it was before I found out that I don't like Pineapple scents warm.  Good scent for you pineapple-lovers!  
BH&G Grapefruit Melon Sage, Chilled Berry Bellini, and Tropical Fiesta - These are all great scents to get for the summer from Wal-Mart!! All threw really well and I would recommend!! I just had two cubes each in one clamshell consolidated, so I threw them in all together!! Nice and good! <3

Check out The Scented Princess for Scoopables!

So I have made a new list of my favorite vendors.  I have been daydreaming about GIGANTIC orders from these vendors.  I think if I had just these vendors in my life, I would be JUST FINE!  As long as I could order as much as I wanted!! lol

Haley's Heavenly Scents, Shayz Scentz, BeauxSavonsFrais, Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax, and Sugar and Spice Gourmet Candles.

If anyone has not already, go ahead and check out Sugar and Spice Gourmet Candles!! My friend Sarah Miller is having a party with her, so make sure if you do order, to put her name at checkout in the comments!!  I will link Sugar and Spice's Facebook, the website, and Sarah Miller's video about her GIVEAWAY for all of her "Party Guests!"

Hope everyone enjoys!!! I know I have been INLOVE with my Sugar and Spice stuff!! Even though she doesn't offer free shipping until $100, even my husband is saying, "Let's reorder!!"  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Shanna is THAT good, and FAST!  FAST!

I have a picture of my HHS order, but can't find my cord, so once I find it, I will do a seperate blog entry and tell you guys all the great new scents that she has!!!

Look forward to reading some comments!! Also, if you have a blog, I would love the link!!

Thanks everyone!! <3

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love you LONG TIME!

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been writing my usual posts.  No new wax deliveries lately (I am SERIOUSLY!!!!! Going through withdrawals).  I am waiting on a HHS order, a BSF order (should be huge!), and my JLCCW order from April 2nd.

Before I forget, I did get a Granny's Kountry Candles order.  I ordered through a party, when there was a sale of a free butterball and 10 Scentshots with a $25 purchase.  I ordered butterballs in Island Lullabye, Pink Sugar, Wipeout, Passin' Time by the Poolside, Mango Tangerine, and a blend of 2 Pink Sugar and Grapefruit = Pinkest of Grapefruits.  I will look to see what scentshots I got. :)

I wasn't too impressed with the butterballs.  Don't get me wrong, they are CUTE!  And they have glitter in them and they smell good cold, but I don't get alot of throw from them.  I'm used to 14.5oz candles from BBW.. I don't know if it ruined my nose or what... but I don't get alot of scent from the butterballs and I haven't tried the scent shots yet!

I was one of the last to order from JLCCW so I don't expect that one for a while.  BBUUUTTTTT Janet is working on March1st-March 3rd orders now... and I ordered on March 1st... so I'm hoping sometime this week for that and maybe even (cross my fingers) BSF!

I really have to ask, has anyone gotten to the point that they literally actually did feel like they needed to make an order?? I need to go look at all the wax I have and tell myself that NOOOO I do NOT need to order more wax... but then I Look at all these companies and scents ... and I tell myself... yes.... YES I DO!! Confessions.... I need a priest!

So I have decided, since HHS should be open VERY soon, that I am going to wait and make an order from Janet when she reopens.  I think I can wait that long, which isn't long at all :)

Thinking about getting some unusual blends for me... like some cake batter ice cream blends... perhaps :)

Since I should be getting my order from March 1st soon, I will know which of the new oils that I like from HHS! :) :)

I have been trying to melt some "new to me" scents that I've gotten as samples and have shunned for the meantime.  I am melting BSF Loopy Serendipity Bread, S&S Strawberry Loopy Bread, and Tiffany's Serendipity Splash.

I am IN-CRED-IB-LY PICKY with scents.  Its easier to make a list of what I DO like than what I don't like!! Of course, my nose changes a little bit sometimes, over months.  But I will always, ALWAYS love Pink Sugar.  That is my baby and a must!  But everything else, even probably Serendipity, would probably wane on my nose if I melt it too much or melt it out of season.

Fruit Loops is one of these scents that I have A-VOIDED like the plague because I don't even like the actual cereal!  Anyone tried Quaker Oatmeal Squares?  It sounds terrible, like an old person, high fiber cereal.  But the blue box (they have different varieties with cinnamon and stuff) with brown sugar... tastes sooo good! And is all the sugar/sweetness I can handle, especially in the morning!

I got a few Loopy/Fruit Loop samples in a few packages... and decided OK I'm going to melt these today... and I can't believe it.  I actually LIKE THEM!  I kept telling my husband OMG I can't believe I'm liking this!

I've been melting scents from a RR, like Raspberry Guava Gelato from The Bathing Garden, Cranberry Marmalade Zucchini Bread from Rosegirls, and Front Porch Warm Vanilla and Sweet Sugar.  That was for a few days.  I haven't ordered from Rosegirls or The Bathing Garden before, so it was nice to have a few things to try!

I know alot of people order from Rosegirls.  Does anyone think its just too expensive?  Maybe its just because I don't have that much money to spend at one time.  But I would LOVE to one day be able to order!! They seem to have wonderful product, just hard to get in to order!

And then the Bathing Garden, I'm glad I was able to try them out because as I'm sure many of you have heard, many clamshells from vendors have a plastic smell, cold and warm.  Then of course, FP is FP!

In my bedroom, I've been melting scents like Shayz Pink Sunny Sand, HHS Flip Floppers, BSF Cotton Candy, HHS Pink Sugared Strawberry etc.  All great!  Definitely thinking about reordering all of these!!

However, word to the wise:  Paraffin is SMOOTH!  Palm is CRYSTALLIZED!  Palm will change the scent of the wax, especially if you liked it in paraffin first.  That is what happened with me.  I think that's why I had changed my mind about HHS's Granma's VBN ZB!  Because, back when I had mixed paraffin and palm up, I had tried it in paraffin, but ordered the six pack in palm.  The palm, to me, smells like cigarette ash.  YUCK!  So I am going to order a cup of it and try again!! MAKING SURE TO ORDER PARAFFIN!  lol (If I am wrong again, please let me know, I am pretty sure that I am right in assuming paraffin is smooth, I keep forgetting!)

Also, I've had another scent BREAKTHROUGH!  Another scent I don't like is banana.  Banana has that super sweet SWEET note that my nose just doesn't like.  HOWEVER!  I found out that I LOVE it with certain zucchini breads!! Mostly creamy zucchini breads!! Still need to try it with other vendors that allow blending!  I melted HHS Monkey Farts+Granma's Zucchini Bread, FP Monkey Farts, and HHS Pink SCDB!  Lovely Lovely!

That is the past few scent combos, which should cover me for the week!! :) Hope you guys have been melting and well!! Would love to hear some opinions and scents for me to try!!