Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Haley's Heavenly Scents!



Here's what I got:

Six Packs- Pink Serendipity+Pink Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Pink Sugar+Hot Orange Danish, Pink Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Jelly Beans, and Fluffy Pink Toasted Marshmallow.

Cups- Country Fair, Pink Crack, Pink Diva, Girl's Night Out, Pink Sweet Tooth, Hot Orange Danish, Sugar Cookie Latte, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Toasted Monster Jam (Freebie!) and Whipped Raspberry Peppermint Ice Cream!

I love everything except for Country Fair and Pink Crack.  Definitely see some repeats here!!

I am plotting an order!  Going to try to get these in cups.

Rice Flower & Shea
Granma's VBN
Pink Noel Cake Batter
Pink Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies
Granmas Toasted Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Orange Sherbert
Amish Friendship Bread
Cotton Candy Frosting
Divine Cake
Fluffy Pink Monkeys
Granma's Cake Batter ZB
Granma's Pink ZB
Granma's Strawberry ZB
Orange Sherbert
Key Lime Sugar Cookie Noel
Ma Petite Cheri
Raspberry Zinger

I haven't completed my list yet!  But these are definitely my picks so far!! I'm trying to try some more ZB blends.  Like Serendipity ZB blends!  Trying to get out of my comfort zone!! I'm thinking that I do like these Granma blends, just not actual ZB by itself.  haha weird I know.  

OK, I am going to go ahead and make a disclaimer here.  My concerns, I know, are pretty petty and a little selfish.  But I just wanted to vent.

Today, Haley's Heavenly Scents made a post about having to raise the free shipping/do flat rate, raise prices, or stop the free six packs.  I totally understand because everywhere else has been raising prices.  The post office, materials, etc etc.  I've seen LOTS of wax companies raise their shipping prices or their regular prices to keep up with the price changes.  It's affected alot of these vendors that we have grown to know and love!

Still... I'm going to kinda miss getting $25 free shipping and free six packs!! I'm glad I was able to get some orders in while she was doing it!  It was nice, I never really get to spend more than $25 at a time anyway (unless it's a special occasion over here!) so I always felt I got the most out of my money, plus I LOVE blending!!

OK, I am done being selfish and petty.  Because I know it is.  People have to make a living!! I know this.  I'm just going to have to save up sometimes to make some orders! :)

I also melted a bunch of HHS today!

Melted her original Poundcake!! Definitely want to make some more orders with that poundcake!
Melted my Pink Sugar+Whipped Cream+Wildberry Mousse VBN!  ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
Melted my Pink Sugared Strawberries.  WONDERFUL, just need to order it in paraffin! :D <3

Love HHS!! Will always be making orders with HHS!! Thanks for reading!! <3

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  1. How is Pink Serendipity+Pink Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread?? It sounds like an amazing blend! :)