Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swap with Tori!

I had a very nice package come through the mail on Wednesday!  My swap with Miss Tori Strother!!

I never dreamed so much would fit in a flat rate envelope and I LOOOVVVVEEEE everything!!

I will go ahead and list what she sent me, that I've already melted!! I will get the complete list on my next blog post!

RG Marshmallow Smoothie/Cotton Candy/Bubble Gum
Butterfly Lane Pink Chiffon Cake
HHS Aquolina Pink Sugar
FP Sugary Marshmallow

I don't know why, but I never even thought about getting those little bags that you can share one or two tarts out of a bag and share them with someone!! But never fear, I am going to be MUCH more prepared next time we swap!!  That I can GUARANTEE!  It was a beautiful package!!

Ava's Country Cupboard's Pink Strawberry Bliss- Fantastic!! Such a nice pink strawberry scent!! I'd definitely reorder it again!! Free shipping over $8!
FP Blueberry Satsuma- Yummy Scent!! Reorderable!
FP Strawberry Satsuma- Reorderable!! Loved this one too!
Butterfly Lane Pink Chiffon Cake- I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Smells FAN-Tastic! I think I need to start looking at BL to order some of these PINK blends.  They smell fantastic!! Really!! I know what all the fuss is about!!
HHS Aquolina Pink Sugar- I don't see a ton of difference between this and regular pink sugar.  But I love both!!
FP Sugary Marshmallow- Great mixer!!
FP Pink SCDB- Yes, yes this one is fantastic and definitely reorderable!
RG Marshmallow Smoothie/Cotton Candy/Bubble Gum- Smells like thick, expensive frosting! Yumm!!

It was my very first swap, so I still have much to learn!!

I am hoping (Fingers crossed!) That my BSF order is shipping out on Saturday!  So I should get it on Tuesday (which is great, because I am OFF on Tuesday, and can HAPPILY receive it the MOMENT it arrives!)  I have my JLCCW order too, but it is wayy off!!

Can't wait!! <3

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