Monday, April 22, 2013

Dawning of a New Era

I have been thinking alot.  Since HHS posted her new "Order Rulebook", and seeing some of the people's reactions.  I can both challenge and sympathize.  Whereas I love free shipping at $25, 2 free six packs, AND low prices on tarts, Janet is ultimately going to be doing it fulltime, therefore must turn out profit.

Here's the details:

6.95 flat rate shipping no min. order
50.00 & over free shipping
25.00 orders receive 1 free bag of tarts
50.00 orders receive 2 free bags
75.00 orders receive 3 free bags
100.00 & over receive 4 free bags
No changes to order once it is submitted

Janet and Trish run Haley's Heavenly Scents BEAUTIFULLY!  Great customer service, dedication to quality product, and is QUITE generous!  HHS has been one of my first and top vendors ever since I got into tarts.  And that won't change!  I have always been hesitant to spend more than $25 at one place, at a time.

However, it makes sense, with the post office kicking up the going shipping rates, to change with the times!  Not only should HHS, but I should too!!  No, I do not always have $50 to shell out at one time for tarts.  Matter of fact, I really never do.  But I think what I am going to start doing is saving up.  My husband has his hobbies.  Every time he asks if he can buy this or that.  I tell him, he owes me an order. ;)  Which is usually about $25.  So if he asks to buy something twice, then HELLO order!

Some of my other top vendors, BSF (Free shipping over $50), Sugar and Spice (Free shipping over $100), JLCCW (Free shipping over $60) all have free shipping marks over $50.  Why should HHS be any different?  It's not too much to ask.

I don't know about any of you, but I can DEFINITELY order $50 worth of HHS!  Believe it!

Here are some orders (tiny, I know) that I received today!!

Front Porch- Mr. and Mrs. Satsuma!

I have tried Satsuma before, from Can-Do candles.  And really really liked it!! So I am trying out some Satsuma blends before committing to bigger quantities!
Blueberry Satsuma and Strawberry Satsuma

Then I had my Ava's Country Cupboard Tarts!

I got Orange Juice Cake, Pink Bread, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Pink Strawberry Bliss!  Anywhere between 10-14oz for $10 shipped!! She has free shipping over $8 until possibly June!! Once I let these cure, I may be making some more orders!! These pass the husband test!!

My Melting Diary! :)

CFTKR Rainbow Sherbert- one of the first CFTKR scents that threw well for me.  Got it in the JLCCW  RR!
Cupcake Candles Rainbow Sherbert- Another JLCCW RR pick!  <3
SMT Serendipity Zucchini- YUM! :)
JLCCW Nana's Kitchen/Gourmet Sugar Cookie/Cinnamon Doughnuts- LOVE
Can-Do's Pink Pound Cake- It's good, I can't smell it that well, I put it with Sugar and Spice Lavender Peppermint to edge it out.
Sugar and Spice Lavender Peppermint- I really really like this scent!! Just a little bit of peppermint, nice soft lavender (not the herbal kind).  Thinking about mixing it with Pink Sugar and Ice Cream Cake or SCDB!
Victoria's Designer Creations' Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie- Good but short lived.  Not as sweet as I hoped!
BeauxSavonsFrais Sweet Lolli Bread- FAVORITE!
Shayz Scentz Pink Danish- Finished the last scallop of this scent.. and need some more! <3
Sugar and Spice Grapefruit Mangosteen- This, Pistachio Coconut Fluff, and Berry Bundt Cake Noel, are all brittle worthy!! This is SO fantastic! <3
Front Porch Pink Grapefruit- Good scent!! May even be persuaded to buy a FP Scoopable in this... MAYBE.
Front Porch Wildberry Mousse Bread- Yummy!!

I am waiting on a swap with my wax friend Tori Strother!! (First swap EVER!) And my BSF order!


  1. I'm sad about the shipping changes but it won't stop me from ordering - just not as often :)

    1. Agreed! I am still going to order for free shipping... so hopefully, even if it's not as often, with the extra $25 worth per order, it'll make up for it!