Friday, August 30, 2013

Fragrance Obsessed's Giveaway and HHS Sale Order!

This week's been a pretty good week!! Got a few wax packages after my birthday that I have been expecting, so getting packages always ROCKS! Makes me so happy!
         Also had my husband's birthday a few days ago.  It's interesting, really, when all the family birthdays come together all at one time!  My birthday on the 22nd, my mother's on the 23rd, Barry's is on the 27th and his mother's is on the 28th!  All within the same week!! Suddenly Happy birthday feels just as common as saying hello!

First of all, I would like to thank Sunnee from Fragrance Obsessed.  I had won a giveaway for the seasoned-wax lover (There were two giveaways, one for the newbies and the other for the non-newbies) and I just want to let everyone know how GENEROUS she is!! 

First of all, I want to mention how between my parents, family and friends (husband excluded); she put more thought and effort into the giveaway prize than anyone did giving me a birthday gift.  This sounds semi-selfish, which I'll admit, I am sometimes.  My point is, is that a total stranger put more effort and thought into a wax giveaway to a total stranger, than a person's family.  I was touched beyond belief, almost started crying.  It meant so much to me and it goes to show that even someone you don't know can bring light to you on a dreary day.  Thank you Sunnee! <3

Here are some pictures!!

I had chosen Haley's Heavenly Scents for my gift certificate, and
since there is only an option for $25 increments, she still sent me
$5 to make up for the $30 GC in the giveaway.  Was totally
surprised and blown away! 
To be honest, I was not expecting any wax, since the newbie
contest was supposed to have wax from her personal stash.
But I love EVERYTHING!  Sunnee has great taste!
Front Porch Apple Pie ala Mode, Front Porch Pink SCDB,
Lasting Scent Candle On the Boardwalk and LSC Lemonilla
HHS Georgia Peach, Satsuma, and Sugar & Spice
Gourmet Hot Orange Danish
Sniff My Tarts Satsuma Strawberry and Glade Fall Hayride

Here is also my Haley's Heavenly Scents sale order!!  I ordered on July 6th, and had no problem waiting!!  HHS is one of my top 3 vendors and Janet does so much to please everyone.  I know everything is worth the wait!  AND IT SO WAS!!!!!!!! <3

It looks a little bit messy here, but I was trying to get all of them
to stay where I could see the names a little bit!  And the cups
are separated by certain groups as well!
BEAUTIFUL!  Brittle in Blackberry Butter
Jam Cookies!
OK These were the scent shots I ordered.  Here is Granma's
Toasted Pumpkin Crunch, Buttermints, Granma's Blueberry
Toasted Honey Graham (LOVE!), and Purple Cow Cake Batter

I was one of the few that didn't get their Trish's samplers, but no worries!
Everything is fabulous! Alot of my favorites as well!
Pink Noel, Aquolina, Toasted Serendipity, Purple Cow Ice Cream
Pound Cake, Pink Sugar, and Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough!

Here are my sample cups from the sale!  I got Apple Cinnamon
Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread (YUM!!), Candy Cane Noel,
Battle of the Sexes, and Pink Chiffon!
My scallops in Toasted Sugar Cookie/Peppermint Cake Batter
Toasted in Hawaii, Cinnamon Cookie Dough, Granma's
Vanilla SCDB, and Pistachio Pudding/Toasted Creamy Coconut
My Prim Words and Hearts & Stars!  Granma's Serendipity,
Granma's Sweet Pumpkin Bread, Granma's Amish Cinnamon Bread
Granma's Apple Cinnamon, and Sugar Cookie Vanilla Latte
Hearts & Stars in Granma's Keylime Pie

I love and am so happy with everything!!  Even Granma's Keylime Pie, which I was hesitant about, but I tried it in my melter, it's fabulous!! <3  I'm hoping to mix it with Serendipity ICSDB! That would be an awesome blend!!

Plus Haley's Heavenly Scents just posted NEEEWWW scents!! Here's the ones I'm wanting!! I'm hoping I can narrow it down!

Cinnamon Glazed Baklava-Cup
Cinnamon Noel Twinkies
Candy Cane Twinkies
Pink Cotton Candy Twinkies
Granma's Cinnamon Apple Blueberry
Granma's Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge
Granma's Pumpkin Blueberry - cup
Granma's Spiced Apples & Peaches
Granma's Toasted Peppermint
Granma's Twinkies
Vanilla Sandalwood - cup
Pink Serendipity VCSDB
Pink Cotton Candy ICSDB
Peppermint Fluff Twinkies
Pumpkin Spice Twinkies
Spiced Apples and Peaches VSCDB
Spiced Apples and Peaches ICSDB
Sweet Potatoes & Brown Sugar - cup
Toasted Bubble Gum Cotton Candy

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bathing Garden and K's Kreations

I have just celebrated my 22nd birthday yesterday, and got some great packages this week!!

No one ever tells you when you become an adult, your birthday gets reduced to paying the tag office for the new year's car tag, sometimes getting your driver's licenses renewed, and everyone goes around pretending like it's just a normal day.  Where did the days go, where you woke up and everyone around was jumping and screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Like it was a freakin' holiday!

I asked my husband if he thought it was silly/childish of me to wish my birthday was a holiday.  Everytime you went somewhere on your birthday, they had to commemorate the day by doing something special, just for you!  A little freebie here, a little discount there.  Something special at every turn!  He just smiled and hugged me.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my birthday.  My husband made the day perfect!! Yes, we had to wait two hours to get both of our licenses renewed.  Yes, we had to go to the tag office to pay the Ad Valor um tax on my beautiful Buick Lesabre.   I did go eat at Stevi B's!  And Barry knew I was wanting to ry some new liquer (Tequila!!) So here are a few photos!  Plus he took a ton of photos with me, birthday present within itself!

Barry and I, right before taking shots of our Tequila below! 

Our Tequia, uncorked!! So pretty, so sophisticated!

Regular, corked Tequila!! Yeahh!!
Barry and I at the DMV/DDS, waiting forever!!

Barry and I, ready to take on our day!! 

My sorta-kinda birthday cake from Stevi B's!

Barry and I at Stevi B's! Sharing love over pizza!

Us, back at home!! Look at my curly hair

I love this man!!

So, to the actual WAX!  I got a The Bathing Garden order!! My very very first!! It's beautiful!!

I got Merlia the Mermaid, Guava Berry Gelato, White Chocolate Fudge & Rock Candy and a 4oz scrub in Cake Batter Ice Cream!

I also got freebies in a clamshell in Monster Mash and a 2oz scrub of Candy Corn!!

I am waiting for everything to cure, but have already broken into my scrub Candy Corn sample, and I looovvveee it!! :D

Now for my K's Kreations!!

I was lucky to get some katchem's on K's Kreations group!! I got Toasted Peppermint, Irish Cream, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Spicy Apples & Peaches!  

I also got some samples in Christmas Cabin, Snowman Balls, and Pepperberry Wreath!! Yay!!

So now I am officially 22 years old!! Yay!! And more into wax, than ever!! haha!  

I am still expecting packages from HHS and JLCCW!! But no rushes on either!! I can't wait! 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Long Cane Primitives and JCCW


I seem to have the itchy lucky trigger finger lately!!

First of all: I won Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax GIVEAWAY on her Group Page on Facebook!! I was really thinking about not entering, wasn't feeling too lucky last night.  But I thought, "Well if you never try, you won't ever win."  So I went ahead.  And woohoo!! I did!! It's going to be my first JLCCW in a long long time!! I missed my JLCCW!! <3

Then, on Long Cane Primitives Group Page, Cindy was offering some RTS bags from the orders that she was making, and I got Isles of Serendipity and TM Pink Ribbon Cookies!  Yum!!!  They are absolutely delicious!! I am waiting for them to cure, hopefully will give them a week, and I will MELT!

I also melted some K's Kreations! I had ordered a ton of singles to try out and I found TWO MORE reorderable scents that are fantastic!!

Sugared Cinnamon Noel- This one is perfect for people who don't like a spicy, red hot cinnamon.  This is such a sweet but not too sickeningly frosting-y sweet cinnamon! I've been testing these out in the second bathroom, and my husband walked in, and said it was like something was baking!! It's so amazing!

Smiley Face- Cold sniff, I smelled alot of clover.  And I'm not a green-earthy type of scent person.  Just not... so cold sniff, it kinda ruined the citrusy part of it a little bit.  But when I melted it, it made me think of the laundry room in my old house growing up!! Citrusy and smelling like the strong citrusy detergent!! It makes you think of being a kid, running through the laundry room to the pool or something like that!  I believe Kathy has said that it was discontinued by the supplier... which is so sad!

Hope to have a post for The Bathing Garden Monday or Tuesday!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Bathing Garden and K's Kreations

Sorry for the long hiatus.  I just haven't been in the wax-sharing mood lately!! But I haven't been ordering much either, so I would have been boring!

I made an order!!

I had just joined The Bathing Garden's group yesterday, and whaddya know?  She was adding stock!  And of course, I went through her scent list, and found a bunch of scents I wanted and her in stock, she had 3-4 that was on that list!!

I ordered!

Merlia the Mermaid
Guava Berry Gelato
Rock Candy and White Fudge

All in wax!!

I am definitely taking a picture of these (unlike my K's Kreations's order, which half of which is melted... already!).  But I have to take pictures of these, because they are SOOO pretty!! I've seen so many pictures of the detail that Shannon from TBG puts into these clamshells.  Wowza!!

Next time, I hope to try her infamous scrubs!! I hear nothing but rave ranting reviews!

Had a bunch of singles and wanted to test them out!  Here are the ones that are brittle worthy!!

Miss Scarlett's Cookie Bread- If you are any type of Serendipity fan, you must have this blend!! It blends Serendipity with berries and yummy cookie bread!! It's delicious!
Vanilla Butter Fudge- I have been waiting and waiting to try this.  I have been afraid of the butter note... and the fudge note.  I was expecting some really decadent, too rich for my nose scent, but it's absolutely delicious vanilla yumminess!!  I will quote Trish Aguilar: "Vanilla on Steroids!"
Wild Pink Cookie Bread- This one is basically Wildberry, Pink Sugar, and Cookie Bread.  If you like these three things separately, you need to try them together! Not too much of any particular scent, but a great blend!
Pumpkin Souffle- This is soooo good! This is almost like a mix between Marshmallow Fireside and Pumpkin Cupcake from BBW!  It's creamy pumpkin with a hint of cinnamon and tiny bit of (I think) clove to make it warm!! It's soooooooo good!! And I hate things with clove, but this works!
Sugared Ribbon Cookies- Pink Sugar+Blue Ribbon Cookies.  Yes! Yes! Yes!
Sea Island Strawberries- This one is a reiteration from previous posts, but it's the perfect blend of authentic grapefruit that is sweetened by strawberries!  Very Very nice!! I got brittle in this one already!

This is so far! I still have half of my singles to try out!! I have found that the coconuts have a weird undertone to my nose, almost like popcorn (I know, weird) Soooooo.. no coconuts for me!

I have gone through all the summery ones first!! So now I'm on to the fall/winter ones!! Gotta stock up for fall!! <3