Saturday, August 17, 2013

Long Cane Primitives and JCCW


I seem to have the itchy lucky trigger finger lately!!

First of all: I won Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax GIVEAWAY on her Group Page on Facebook!! I was really thinking about not entering, wasn't feeling too lucky last night.  But I thought, "Well if you never try, you won't ever win."  So I went ahead.  And woohoo!! I did!! It's going to be my first JLCCW in a long long time!! I missed my JLCCW!! <3

Then, on Long Cane Primitives Group Page, Cindy was offering some RTS bags from the orders that she was making, and I got Isles of Serendipity and TM Pink Ribbon Cookies!  Yum!!!  They are absolutely delicious!! I am waiting for them to cure, hopefully will give them a week, and I will MELT!

I also melted some K's Kreations! I had ordered a ton of singles to try out and I found TWO MORE reorderable scents that are fantastic!!

Sugared Cinnamon Noel- This one is perfect for people who don't like a spicy, red hot cinnamon.  This is such a sweet but not too sickeningly frosting-y sweet cinnamon! I've been testing these out in the second bathroom, and my husband walked in, and said it was like something was baking!! It's so amazing!

Smiley Face- Cold sniff, I smelled alot of clover.  And I'm not a green-earthy type of scent person.  Just not... so cold sniff, it kinda ruined the citrusy part of it a little bit.  But when I melted it, it made me think of the laundry room in my old house growing up!! Citrusy and smelling like the strong citrusy detergent!! It makes you think of being a kid, running through the laundry room to the pool or something like that!  I believe Kathy has said that it was discontinued by the supplier... which is so sad!

Hope to have a post for The Bathing Garden Monday or Tuesday!!!


  1. Sugared Cinnamon Noel sounds fab! Her Katch 'Ems sale is so cool, it's nice that she gives people the opportunity to say "me" and draw for a chance!

    I was so happy when I saw you won the JLCCW giveaway! YAY! her stuff is incredible!

    Smiley Face was's good but it's strange, lol!

    1. I saw that you had gotten Sugared Cinnamon Noel in your current order!! You enjoy it, it's great!!

      I love the Katchem's too!! I didn't participate in the first one that I was around for, but the second one I did and I was so happy with the ones that I had gotten!! But I love that you don't have to be right around the computer when she lists!

      JLCCW is one of my favorites, she has a great lavender that's great with blending!!

      Yeah I know what you mean about Smiley Face. Really I do. Just try it out! :D