Monday, August 12, 2013

The Bathing Garden and K's Kreations

Sorry for the long hiatus.  I just haven't been in the wax-sharing mood lately!! But I haven't been ordering much either, so I would have been boring!

I made an order!!

I had just joined The Bathing Garden's group yesterday, and whaddya know?  She was adding stock!  And of course, I went through her scent list, and found a bunch of scents I wanted and her in stock, she had 3-4 that was on that list!!

I ordered!

Merlia the Mermaid
Guava Berry Gelato
Rock Candy and White Fudge

All in wax!!

I am definitely taking a picture of these (unlike my K's Kreations's order, which half of which is melted... already!).  But I have to take pictures of these, because they are SOOO pretty!! I've seen so many pictures of the detail that Shannon from TBG puts into these clamshells.  Wowza!!

Next time, I hope to try her infamous scrubs!! I hear nothing but rave ranting reviews!

Had a bunch of singles and wanted to test them out!  Here are the ones that are brittle worthy!!

Miss Scarlett's Cookie Bread- If you are any type of Serendipity fan, you must have this blend!! It blends Serendipity with berries and yummy cookie bread!! It's delicious!
Vanilla Butter Fudge- I have been waiting and waiting to try this.  I have been afraid of the butter note... and the fudge note.  I was expecting some really decadent, too rich for my nose scent, but it's absolutely delicious vanilla yumminess!!  I will quote Trish Aguilar: "Vanilla on Steroids!"
Wild Pink Cookie Bread- This one is basically Wildberry, Pink Sugar, and Cookie Bread.  If you like these three things separately, you need to try them together! Not too much of any particular scent, but a great blend!
Pumpkin Souffle- This is soooo good! This is almost like a mix between Marshmallow Fireside and Pumpkin Cupcake from BBW!  It's creamy pumpkin with a hint of cinnamon and tiny bit of (I think) clove to make it warm!! It's soooooooo good!! And I hate things with clove, but this works!
Sugared Ribbon Cookies- Pink Sugar+Blue Ribbon Cookies.  Yes! Yes! Yes!
Sea Island Strawberries- This one is a reiteration from previous posts, but it's the perfect blend of authentic grapefruit that is sweetened by strawberries!  Very Very nice!! I got brittle in this one already!

This is so far! I still have half of my singles to try out!! I have found that the coconuts have a weird undertone to my nose, almost like popcorn (I know, weird) Soooooo.. no coconuts for me!

I have gone through all the summery ones first!! So now I'm on to the fall/winter ones!! Gotta stock up for fall!! <3



  1. Hey Ashley! I ordered the Rock Candy and White Fudge too -- it just sounded so darn interesting! I think you're going to love Shannon's tarts.
    Vanilla Butter Fudge sounds amazing. I'm going to have to put this on my list when I allow myself to order again.
    I love when your posts show up on my news feed! Have a great week ;)

    1. Hey Obsessed!! I know!! I was debating between the Rock Candy and White Fudge or the Peppermint Noel Raspberry one!! But I never really am in the mood for Peppermint scents unless it's straight up Christmas! I think I am going to love her tarts too!! I can't WAIT!! :D :D :D

      Yes VBF is amazing!! I'm so glad I actually went to try it!

      I love reading your blog Obsessed!! It's so pretty!! And elegant!! And fun!! I enjoy reading it alot!!

  2. Guava Berry Gelato is amazzzzzzzzing!

    1. I knnnoowww!! That's the only one I have tried!! I wanted to try more because I loved that one so much!! It's delicious!! What others have you tried Dana?