Thursday, May 2, 2013


Yesss!! I have been having "Ordering Anxiety" for a little while!! Checking for click and ships, watching scent lists... I've been holding out, but I made not one but TWO ORDERS!

Haley's Heavenly Scents!

Prim Words- Pink Serendipity
Prim Words- Pink VSCDB
Prim Words- Granma's Serendipity
Prim Words- Pink Noel
Prim Words- Pink Sands
Prim Words- Pink Strawberry Satsuma
Cups: Granma's VBN ZB
          Pink Noel Cake Batter Ice Cream
          Pink Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies
          Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookie ZB
          Butt Naked
          Cotton Candy Frosting
          Divine Cake
          Fluffy Pink Monkeys
          Granma's Cake Batter Ice Cream ZB
          Granma's Coconut ZB
          Granma's Pink ZB
          Granma's Strawberry ZB
          Ma Petite Cheri
          Raspberry Zinger
          Strawberry Dream Cake
          Pink Poundcake
          Pink Chiffon
          Pink Blueberry Satsuma
          Whipped VBN

And my two free six packs were Granma's Serendipity + Strawberry Dream Cake and Pink Sugar/Monkey Farts/Granma's ZB

I also made an order with Country Mama's Candles.  I got a 14oz loaf in Fruit Smoothie and got four free tarts in Lavender Delight, Mystic Berry, Berry~Nana, and Toes in the Sand!! Three out of four are lavender blends.  lol Me and my lavender... hoping it's some nice sweet soft lavender!! <3

My Melting Diary: 

OLC Toasted Marshmallow- nice and good marshmallow scent!
HHS Toasted Monster Jam- Definite Reorder!
HHS Pink Fluffy Toasted Marshmallow- bought it in a six pack last time, and it's fantastic!!
HHS Pink Serendipity+Pink VSCDB- FANTASTIC blend!! Seriously, if you like Pink Sugar, Serendipity, and Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, get it in a blend!  I was hesitant at first, but it's sooooooooo sooooo good!! The new VSCDB is absolutely breath-takingly fantastic!!
HHS Pink Sweet Tooth- It's good, but all I got was Pink Sugar.  And of course, I love Pink Sugar, but I have three bags already lol.
Bella's Pink Serendipity Noel- Of course, it's fantastic, and super strong!! I've seen some people say that they didn't get a good throw from Bella's Bark, but I have to respectfully disagree!! My bark is nice and strong!! I am going to be making a bigger order this next bark sale down the road!!
OLC Apple Fritters & Twisted Tea- I combined these two and I'm glad I did!! This was really nice,  the tea scent kinda canceled out most of the apple, but just enough to add a nice note to the Tea!! It is a nice tea scent, I  recommend it to anyone!!

I am waiting on my BSF order and my JLCCW order, which I do not expect until maybe July or August.  I ordered about ten-fifteen minutes after HHS opened, so I should be one of the first!! Which, I won't lie, is AWESOME!  And Country Mama's Candles TAT stated 3-5 days!  Happy happy wax time!!

Will be posting pictures when I get em'!

I have also been seeing TONS of Rosegirl's pictures!! Love seeing those!  Vicarious living!

I am thinking next I want to try K's Kreations.  Not sure how big of an order I want to do, but there are some blends that sound amazing!  I am going to try and hold off ordering for a good part of the summer. Lol, not sure how long my willpower will last me... but who knows?  I may be surprised!! lol!

Any last orders you all are placing before the weather heats up?  Any go-to summer scents?

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