Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lazy but Back!

Hey everyone!! Sorry for the hiatus, been super lazy lately! Lol!

I'm going to go ahead and list of what I've been melting, or rather what I can remember.  I had alot of meltathon days, where I just threw in a bunch of wax that I didn't care to melt by themselves.

HHS Jelly Beans
HHS Pink Pineapple Orchid
HHS Pink Sugar
HHS Pink Serendipity
HHS Pink Serendipity/Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
HHS Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Long Cane Primitives Orange Chiffon Cake
Front Porch Wildberry Mousse
Front Porch Autumn Glory
Front Porch Peppermint Cocoa
Granny's Kountry Candles Island Lullabye
Granny's Kountry Candles BubbleGum
SMT Peppermint Noel
SMT Eggnog
SMT Serendipity Zucchini
Country Mama's Toes in the Water - A little more herbal lavender than I would have liked, but this is an overall good lavender scent!
Little Kitchen Candles Sixteen Candles- LOVE this scent!! So glad Lanie from BSF is getting this scent and others from LKC!! I am so excited and happy for her!
BSF Pink Grapefruit
BSF Serendipity
BSF Whiff Whip in VBN/Pink Sugar
Orchid Lake Mango Tangerine

I haven't been a fan of GKC's scentshots, with the foil.  Never got any throw.  But the candles are good once you let them cure!!
All of these other vendors/scents I'd reorder!! Fantastic and all favorites!

I have officially retired all of my cinnamons, peppermints, and super sweet/fall/winter scents, to the closet.  I need room on my bookshelf for NEW scents!! And NEW ORDERS!

No?  I didn't mention my NEW orders??... that maybe PERHAPS I have FOUR on the way this week!?!?


OK Let me elaborate:  I am waiting (hoping) that my order from HHS will be shipping this early this week.  Here's a list for those who didn't see it last post!

Prim Words- Pink Serendipity
Prim Words- Pink VSCDB
Prim Words- Granma's Serendipity
Prim Words- Pink Noel
Prim Words- Pink Sands
Prim Words- Pink Strawberry Satsuma
Cups: Granma's VBN ZB
          Pink Noel Cake Batter Ice Cream
          Pink Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies
          Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookie ZB
          Butt Naked
          Cotton Candy Frosting
          Divine Cake
          Fluffy Pink Monkeys
          Granma's Cake Batter Ice Cream ZB
          Granma's Coconut ZB
          Granma's Pink ZB
          Granma's Strawberry ZB
          Ma Petite Cheri
          Raspberry Zinger
          Strawberry Dream Cake
          Pink Poundcake
          Pink Chiffon
          Pink Blueberry Satsuma
          Whipped VBN

And my two free six packs were Granma's Serendipity + Strawberry Dream Cake and Pink Sugar/Monkey Farts/Granma's ZB

I'm hoping this order ships out with some tomorrow!! Hoping for lots of CNS!

Then I made an itty bitty teeny tiny order from Lenea's Wax Creations. A cookie shaped melt in Coconut Dreams.  That should be shipping out Monday 5/19/13

Next, I ordered from K's Kreations!  I have been hearing LOTS of hype from this company, and figured, what the heck?  I'd give K's a shot!  I have been hearing about Dreamy Zucchini (Tangerine and Creamy Zucchini bread) and Southern Sunshine!  Here's what I ordered!

Blingin' Rainbow Brittle Dreamy Zucchini
Blingin' Rainbow Brittle Pistachio Pudding Cake
Scalloped Tarts
Baked Wildberry Bread
Candied Raspberry Bliss
Pure Bliss
Sea Island Strawberries
Sticky Zucchini Bread
Sunny Bliss
Tropical Bliss Spritzer
Vanilla Butter Fudge
Wild Pink Cookie Bread
Sniffin' Stix
Island Bliss
Southern Sunshine

I was hoping to recreate Pistachio Coconut Fluff by combining Pistachio Pudding Cake/Coconut Cream Pie/Toasted Marshmallow.  I think it's going to be fabulous!  My order should be shipping out on Wednesday at the latest!

Then last but not least, Angel Made Scents.  I had won a blend contest (was one out of seven blending finalists).  We each got a six pack of our scent and a single of the other scents to vote for scents to fit the names of "Sinful" and "Heavenly".  Mine was Pink Sugar/Vanilla/IceTea/Sugar Cookie!  

Here's a picture of the winnings!!

I also got a sampler, the No Strings Attached Sampler!! I got 21 different scents with my free shipping code that I won over at What Smells So Good Facebook group!  Yay!

These scents sound so good!  This should be shipping out tomorrow as well!

I have also, as I'm reading posts on my various wax groups, been seeing alot of people getting overwhelmed in their collections!  Lol I'm so stingy with my wax, and then with wax I don't particularly like, I melt all at one time.  I have one of those ghetto warmers (a candle warmer with a Slatkin candle jar cleaned out as a bowl.  $5, you just can't beat it!) and I can fit a TON of wax in that thing!  I just would hate to be the girl who's known to destash bad wax or crappy wax.  So I just melt it all.  I may get together a bunch of wax if I have some that I don't particularly care for, and just offer it free and the buyer only pay shipping.

I personally can never get enough wax.  I melt as much as I buy and I love it that way <3 I'll never have a huge gigantic collection, but I love to have choices!!  I am buying a little more now to make up for the super heat-wave that is summer, but I will have most of it melted by the time it gets cooler again!

I love all of the creativity that goes into making blends and molds for different forms of wax!  I have begun to love blending, and if I may say so myself, have been getting pretty good at it!


  1. I really need to place an order with K's Creations, but considering I've but myself on a wax ban and am completely ignoring it (iheartwax reopened. I no choice LOL!) I need to hold off for now! Can't wait to hear your feedback on what you ordered!

    1. Hey Dana!! Lol, if it were up to me, I'd order order order!! I am bad with self control! I will totally let you know what I think!! I'm so excited with the Bliss Blends! I want to hear your opinions about iheartwax!! I hear she is closing her site down again.

  2. K's Kreations is one of the vendors I want to try, but I agree, I NEED TO STOP BUYING WAX! UGH! It freaks me out to be known as someone who destashes bad wax, too, especially with how volatile the wax world has become in the last few months. One bad word about you and someone can get outcast in a day!

    What was the sitch with that round robin?? Did it ever get straightened out?

    1. Lol yeah I'm going to try to quit buying wax for a while, and TRY to save up karma chips for a big order with BSF when she opens back up!
      THANK YOU! I am so glad that I'm not the only one who is worried about stuff like that!! The wax world has gotten totally out of control, tons of newbies and vendor shut-downs!
      Ah, I don't necessarily know all the details. Basically what was posted in "No Drama Wax Mommas" is the extent of my knowledge.

    2. Do you know when BSF is reopening? Will she have RTS?

      I wish LKC wouldn't have shut down, I was really starting to like her stuff. Was thinking about destashing everything I have left from that vendor because I'll be too depressed if I find something good and can't get it again, lol.