Friday, May 24, 2013

Lenea's Wax Creations and Angel Made Scents

Hi everyone!!

Well I have been lucky enough to have THREE orders come in the last three days!! It's SOOO nice! It's like Christmas in May!

First, I have Lenea's Wax Creations!  I ordered a $3 cookie in Coconut Dreams while she was having her free shipping with no minimum sale.  I didn't have alot of money then, or else I would have ordered and tried more!  I got my order on Wednesday.  I got my cookie which is pictured below.  It is such a nice thick pretty cookie and Coconut Dreams smells really good!!! Then I got THREE samples!  For such a small order, I wasn't expecting any!!  Got a scent-satchet in Sparkling Pomegranate, a cube in Fabulous Fudge, and a scallop in Grape!  Everything smells so great!! Pictures below!

Look at how big this cookie is!! It's as big as half my finger!!

Then I got an order from Angel Made Scents!  I had entered a contest in a facebook group called What Smells So Good where different vendors were giving away different things such as samplers, coupons, 4packs, etc etc.  I was lucky enough to acquire a free shipping coupon from AMS!  So I went ahead and bought a "No Strings Attached Sampler"

Scents are Sparkling Pink Sugar, Teaberry, Strawberry Bread, Lavender & Coconut Milk, Malibu Heat, Sweet Pea & vanilla, Brownie Batter, Downhome Country, Grapefruit Vanilla, Pistachio Coconut Fluff, Summer Boardwalk, Angelfood Cake, Fresh Rain Snuggle, Malibu Rum Cake, Tropical Coconut, Secret Recipe, Rice Flower & Sea Salt, Zucchini Bread, Creamy Coconut, Stuffed French Toast.  

My favorites are Sparkling Pink Sugar, Lavender & Coconut Milk, Malibu Heat, and Pistachio Coconut Fluff! 

I also got a freebie in Monkey Mouth!! Loved the packaging and can't wait to try the scents after curing!!

Be on the lookout for K's Kreations, HHS, and BSF!

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