Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm gonna scoop scoop scoop!

Good morning my fellow wax-heads!

Attention!  I have gotten my very FIRST Scoopable!  It is a BeauxSavonsFrais Pink Noel Whiff Whip!

Look at it, it's gorgeous!!

I scooped two level spoonfuls of the VBN and put it in my 24watt warmer.  Ten minutes later, it was wafting out of mybedroom, in my living room.  Smells soooo fantastic!! 

I would also like to address the consistency of this scoopable/Whiff Whip.  I tried sticking my finger in it, since I've heard it's supposed to be soft.  I haven't tried any other scoopables, and didn't know what the soft wax was supposed to feel like, or how soft it was to be.  Well nothing happened when I stuck my finger in it, except I felt all the oiliness that makes strong smelling wax!

So then, I got one of my kitchen spoons, and went ahead and started to scoop. It was a tad tougher than butter, but just a tad!! It wasn't messy, came off pretty easy, and I would definitely reorder one of these again!  

They are $15.49 for 16oz ... and when she opens RTS, I'm getting me a few!! :D :D

Here are a few ideas for some custom ones I'm wanting:

Lavender Vanilla/Pink Sugar/Cake Batter Ice Cream

Pink Sugar/Zucchini Bread

Serendipity/Cotton Candy Frosting/Pink Sugar

VBN/Toasted Marshmallow

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