Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Regular Regular Post!

Finally made it to the library to tell you guys about Aunt Smellman and talk about our regularly waxy scheduled programs!

I have been melting some seriously awesome wax melts this week!! For example:

TBG Cleopatra's Cream Bath - This one lasts forever!! It's on its second day and I'm inlove!
TBG Gardenia Coconut Cream - This one I really thought I wasn't going to like, because I'm not a big Gardenia fan, but this is SUCH a good combo!  I'll reorder it again and again!
Shayz Pink Sugar Vanilla Bean
Shayz Pink Dreams  - This one smelled different than I remember it.  It had some weird citrus to it this time... versus having a soothing effect.  It may have been the warmer I was using. 
RG Strawberry Serendipity
Daphne's Serendipity Vanilla Butter Fudge
Daphne's Hot Pink Lime Serendipity - This is such an interesting combo too!! Love it!
HHS Pink Noel
Shayz Pink Toastie Marshmallow
Front Porch  Sweet Dreams 
Streetman's Lavender Sheets
K's Kreations Sea Island Strawberries

I also put in a RTS order to Scent Illusions!  I have seen a few of my people who I know are picky about scents, that I trust their opinion, talk about Scent Illusions!  So I figured why not? 

I got these beautiful pies: one in raspberry/pomegranate/cotton candy and fresh squeezed orange/coconut/cupcake for $22 shipped!! They sound amazing and I can't wait to try them and display them in my wax shelf!

The only order I am still waiting on is from Haley's Heavenly Scents, which I placed on 3/05, so I'm still way within TAT!  I don't mind from waiting for HHS (even though I'm impatient as all get out!) because I know Janet always comes through!!  And never disappoints!

I hope everyone is melting some fabulous things!! I'd love to hear about them!! Sound off in the comments!


  1. Ashley! Your scent illusions pic is so pretty. I can not wait to hear how they are melted. If you give them the thumbs up, I'm definitely going to place an order ;)

    I was keeping my fingers crossed for DD's hot pink lime serendipity but I'm happy for everyone who was able to snag it in the RR. It sounds so amazing.

    How do you like your new phone? I hope your library is nice and you enjoy hanging out there. There's a library not too far from my city that has ocean views from their wrap around balcony so I like to grab a coffee and read magazines all afternoon there.

    Take care sweet thing!

    1. Ms. Sunnee!! If you would like, i can send you mine!! I did cut it in half (since it was a pretty big chunk) but as long as you don't mind that, id love to share!

      I have a few days off coming up!! And ill be melting some of my SI order then!! Ill definitely let you know!!

      The Library i go to is nice actually!! But they don't seem all that concerned about keeping it quiet. they have classes there sometimes and those can get loud. if I'm going to the library, i want peace and quiet, ya know?? Lol but its ok :-) i go for the computer and get back to enjoy the peace and quiet of home :-D

  2. Those Scent Illusion pies look amazing!! The scent combos you chose sound really, really delish. I'm a huge fan of TBG Gardenia Coconut Cream too! I wish I would have ordered a backup now that spring is (sort of?) here but I was trying to be frugal lol. I thought Shayz Pink Dreams would be a soothing type of scent too but it turns out that the "dreams" portion is actually Dreamsicle. I still enjoyed it though because I love pink sugar and orange together. Have a great week!

    1. Lol hi'!! They do smell amazing!!! Especially the raspberry one!! Yum!!

      Lol yeah wen TBG offers GCC again ill be getting two or three for sure!! Thats the first Gardenia scent I've liked in forever, that hasn't given me a headache. Its awesome for the impending spring!!

      Lol frugal for me is wen i don't have extra money so its like a mandatory but temporary ban. wen i do have extra money, heck yeah, let me at the flash sales and websites!!! Lol

      Orange!!?? Lol well that makes more sense!! Lol I guess sometimes i can smell the orange more than other times.

      Have a great week!!!!

  3. Nice melts! I really need to melt some coconut gardenia soon. I placed my first shayz order and picked up pink blends. :-) pink dreams was one of them. Looking forward to seeing your HHS order. Those pies are so cute!! And the scent blends sound amazing! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. Hiiii Julie!!! Definitely try it!! It smells just as good warm as it does cold!! The GCC is definitely going on my buy multiples list from TBG!! lol

      Id love to hear how you like Shayz wen you get it!!! I think her pinks and zbs are so good!!

      I will def be at the Library this week and have plenty of pics of everything!!

      Have a wonderful week J!

  4. Shayz pink sugar vanilla bean and pink toastie mallow are AMAZING!!
    I have heard good things about TBG Gardenia Coconut Cream, and I think I have a clamshell somewhere...you've inspired me to try it! :)
    Daphne's Hot Pink Lime Serendipity...wow, that does sound interesting! I like how hot pink lime is slightly floral, really citrusy and sort of in your face. Sounds delish!
    Those Scent Illusions combos sounds fantastic! And the pies looks really good, too!
    Hope all is well with you, friend! <3 <3