Friday, October 25, 2013

The Week's Spoils

It's been a semi-long week.  But it's the WWEEEEKKKEENDDD!! :D

I got some great packages in this week, folks!!

First I got a package from UFGATORBUGG!  Some zucchini blends that are To DIE FOR! :D

I LOVE the cute Halloween stickers!! Sooo adorable!!

Sweet letter that accompanied the package!! 

Here is the whole thing!! Pretty on the porch! 

On the left, HHS Granma's Amish Toasted Caramel
and on the right, Sugar and Spice Butter Brickle
Gingerbread! Yum! 

Long Cane Primitives!  Left to right, top to  bottom:
Danish Butter Cookie Bread, Darn Good Orange ZB, Buttery
Gingerbread ZB, Blackberry Jam ZB, Wildberry Mousse ZB,
and Cotton Candy Twinkies ZB! 

THANK YOU UFGATORBUGG!! These are going to be taken care of very well :D :D

Second, I got my order from Streetman Candles!  SUPER FAST TAT!  I ordered Friday, and got an e-mail saying it was going to ship out Monday!! Heather (owner and tartmaker) was great with communication and everything!!

Here is the entirety of my order (minus the Spicy Onion Dip packet)
My scent shots!! From left to right, top to bottom: Pecan Bars (freebie)
Raspberry ICSB, Everything Nice, Bonfire on the Beach, Parisian
Morning, and Pumpkin Souffle
My BEAUTIFUL Bundt Cake in Lavender Sheets!

Also wanted to show anyone who was curious about these decorated
bundt cakes how HUGE they are!! I'm bad with measurements, but they are
about two scents shots high, and two, maybe one and a half wide!! BEAUTIFUL!

I LOVE My Streetman order!! I am most excited for (in scent shots) Parisian Mornings and Bonfire on the Beach.  Bonfire on the Beach is the closest dupe I've smelled for Marshmallow Fireside.  It just needs a little more marshmallow, and I think it could easily pass!! Woohoo!! Parisian Mornings smells like a beautiful bakery scent, not too heavy on anything that would make it too sweet, like maple or pecan type of scents... but I can imagine smelling this in a small cafe where they make the pastries from scratch! <3

And one more thing about Streetman's:  I was wanting to cut up my beautiful bundt cake (it's going to be SOOOO tough to do, but I'm going to try) so like a loaf, I can just take out what I want to melt and not have to worry about cutting as I melt.  So, this being said, is it better to let a big piece of wax like this, a loaf, a pie, etc, cure as one big piece of wax, that way the oils circulate to all parts of the entity, OR would it be OK to go ahead and cut it up?  Would it still be as strong??

I am TOTALLY making a HHS order tomorrow!! I have had a wishlist/need to order list made up, but as the seasons change, so do my seasonal wants!! So I probably will take off some of my pumpkin scents, as I don't melt them for very long at all!  When I make my order and send it through, I will list it here.  I am SOOOOO excited!! I'm going to finally use my gift certificate that I won from Fragrance Obsessed! WOOHOO!! :D

Another thing I have been wanting to talk about: Tags!! I have been seeing them around and I'm not sure if we are supposed to do the "tags" in a comment on the person's blog, or do the tag on our own blog as a blog entry.  So confused!! I am always incognizant to new trendy social things! :D LOL

Have a great weekend and next week!!


  1. Bonfire on the Beach is such an awesome scent! AGREED! I think I'd let your bundt cure as a whole and then chop it up, but I don't think it'll make much of a difference as long as you put it in the right cello bag! :)

    Julie is such a sweetheart! :)

    Excited to see what you get from HHS! YAY! Also, I wonder if she's going to have an awesome black friday sale like last year! HOORAY FOR HOLIDAY WAX SALES!!

    As far as "tags," I think you should post them to your site! That'll maximize everyone that reads your blog seeing your answers! I'd love to see you do tags! :)

    1. Thank you!! I appreciate you answering my questions!! It's the first time I've gotten a bundt cake like that, and I know it's going to need to cure one-two weeks atleast,

      A Black Friday Sale?? What was the Black Friday sale last year?? Maybe I should save my order for Black Friday.... lol maybe... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE SOME OF THE BF sales that are going to be going on!! I've been thinking about going to Bath and BOdy Works too for Black Friday... oh all the decisions!

      GOTCHA!! Thank you!! I had done, or "responded" to a tag on Fragrance Obsessed's blog, and realized no one else did. I was like, uhhh I think I did something wrong!! LOL :D

  2. Have a great weekend, Ashley! You sure have some wonderful scents to melt :)

    I'm looking forward to eventually putting in my first orders with HHS and Streetman... but for now I need to slow down on the spending. Lucky you for winning a gift certificate to HHS from Sunnee.. and for having such special friends that send you packages of love and wax :)

    1. Hi Lynda!!! Thank you!! I can't wait to start melting all the goodies!! :D

      Oh you definitely should!! HHS is fantastic!! I love Janet and ordering from HHS is a breeze :) Plus Janet's mod Trish is wonderful! If you ever have any problems/questions, they are right there to answer!! That or their group page is always really forth-coming with answers as well!!
      Streetman's is new to me, but I think it's going to be a repeat order! :D Bonfire on the Beach and Lavender Sheets are absolutely fantastic!

      I have been so blown away from everyone's kindness and generosity on the blogs. That's why I did the giveaway. And I hope to do more in the future! :)

  3. Glad your goodies arrived :-) that streetman bundt looks like a slice of heaven! Have you tried it yet? Can't wait to see what you get from hhs!