Monday, June 25, 2012

Front Porch Candle Company

Here is another dedicative post.  Enjoy!

This post is solely for Front Porch Candle Company.  This is the first online-only vendor that I have ever tried.  I have always been very skeptical about ordering online.  For one thing, you can't smell what you are getting.  And what if you get it, and you don't like it?  You can't return it and you are out however much you spent on it, on a piece of wax that smells like something atrocious.  Also, shipping has always been a big factor to me.  I HATE paying for shipping.  Its not really going towards the making of actual tarts or candles.  I'd rather pay a little bit more for the actual tart and get free shipping. 

Well, thats exactly what I got with Front Porch!  I was lucky enough to find out about this company through a friend of mine who is VERY knowledgeable about tarts/candles.  I would always see her post, saying things like, "I am melting "    " tart from Front Porch!"  I was so curious and a little jealous about all the different scents she was experiencing.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Slatkin candles, but with 20-30 candle scents coming out and being clearanced out at the end of every season, selection of scents is somewhat limited.   This is about the time I started looking into Yankee Candle Company scents and looking on their Facebook too. 

So, one night, after what feels like a month of looking and looking at the website, second guessing myself,finally allowed myself to order.  For those of you who haven't ordered from Front Porch yet, Front Porch has free shipping no matter how BIG or SMALL your purchase is.  I ordered a Turtle Cheesecake and a Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread.  A week and a half later, I ordered a Gain Laundry tart.  The individual tarts are $1.75, which is what I got.  I remember my first order taking about a week and a day to get to me, but BOY was I happy to see them in the mail!

A little background information about Front Porch!  Angie is the woman who runs the company: website and Facebook page.  She is SUCH A SWEET LADY!  She genuinely tries to make her customers happy.  Which is evident when you see her likes on her Facebook page climb week after week.  She offers 4packs of scents as well for $4.75.  She has grubby tarts and tart cups in both individual and 4packs.  She has "Sampler Packs", she even offers a few of the scents in 12packs! And of course, candles.  I have not had the privilege to order any candles (I will, one day!) but I have heard great things as far as throw and no burning issues.  Her tarts are ready-to-order/ready-to-ship and she has now changed her system from adding ALOT stock once a week to adding 4-7 scents once a day Monday through Saturday.  She also has warmers and bodycare on her site too.  She has a "deal" that if you order $25 worth of merchandise, that you get a free 4pack of grubby tarts in your choice of scent that she has available.  

Front Porch has amazing tarts.  Their throws last anywhere from 1day to 5 days (Yes, I am not exaggerating!).  I got a Love Spell tart and it lasted for 5 days.  Smelling beautiful, I may add!! Nice and strong too!!  Here's a picture of my Front Porch Candle Company collection!

In the box, is the 4packs.  I've gotten a few more since, but I have scents like Pink Lemonade, Citrus Laundry, Red Velvet Cake, Citrus Explosion, Lilac Laundry, Gain Laundry, Pink Lime, Cactus and Sea Salt, Mimosa and Mandarin, etc etc.  I, personally, especially in the summer and spring time, a HUGE fan of citrus and laundry scents.  I try to order per-the-season.  I did order a few sweet scents but am saving those for fall and winter. 

Now, if you are to order from Front Porch, something I'm not quite fond of, but overall, its OK.  Orders over $17 get a shipping confirmation and a tracking number.  If it is under $17, it would be a good idea to ask on Facebook when your bubble envelope was mailed out so you can keep an eye on your mail!  Plus, in my personal experience, the orders over $17 get to its recipients faster than the ones that are under $17.  Thats another incentive for ordering more, for those of us that are impatient! 

Overall, Front Porch gets an A in my book.  It will always hold a special place in my heart for being my first online vendor!  She has a nice variety of good scents.  They don't have a fake waxy smell like I was afraid of when I first tried them.  She adds a variety of stock (just make sure you ask on Front Porch's Facebook page!), and she always responds to e-mails quickly!   Most of all, the tarts are FAANNNTAAASSTTTTIIIICCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!  Great, great tarts!

Tonight I am melting Raspberry Cream Cupcake by Country Gift Shoppe.  This is just starting to melt and every once and a while, I am smell a whiff of raspberry and cupcake.  Its a sweet scent with a nice fruity twist to it.  I wish it were stronger and more consistent but if you wanted a tart to melt if you were only going to be in the house for a couple of hours, this would be good.  :)
I did have Vanilla Crunch going last night by the same company.  Oh my God, this one is HEAVEN!  Absolute heaven!  And I am not a bakery fan most of the time, so I'm glad this one was included as a freebie! 

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