Friday, June 22, 2012

Yankee Candle Company

New day, new post :)

I would like to dedicate this post to Yankee Candle Company.  I have gotten into Yankee within the past 6months.  I have many friends who loved Bath and Body Works and would also love Yankee.  They would talk about different scents that they had in large jars or tumblers or tarts galore!  Suffice it to say, I got curious.  I started looking on the Yankee Candle Company Site and saw the scents my lovely friends were talking and raving about plus many more.  I would have to say, that my obsession started in October or November of 2011. 

I would never order online for tarts (unless it was the SAS and I had a giftcard).  I always ordered off of Ebay.  There are two Ebay sellers that have 99cent (start bids) tarts and votives ALL THE TIME.  They are more than willing to combine shipping and send you a multitude of tarts and votives.  I have sometimes opened the box or the mailer envelope to find freebies as well!!

So with all of this "incentive" to start collecting Yankee tarts, I began bidding (and ladies, if you are new to bidding on Ebay, I will admit, here and now, that is DOES get ADDICTING!) on all sorts of different tarts and votives, mainly tarts though.   I would see pictures on Yankee Candle Facebook Page  of people's amazing collections of tarts and how they would store them.  I am a sucker for nice organization of storage.  I love color order, alphabetical order, season order;basically anything with some sort of order or pattern to it.  Makes me happy to look at and organize myself! 


I now have over 100 summer/spring tarts and probably 50-60 winter/fall ones!! :)  I have been collecting more than I have been melting, only because I have one electric Better Homes and Gardens warmer and there are other tarts that have been jeopardizing my poor little electric warmer.  Luckily, I happened upon a deal (rather, a mishap, a glitch) online during Yankee's June 2012 SAS and got 5 Tulip Crackle tealight warmers and just paid shipping. 

I am currently melting Yankee's Cherry Lemonade in this warmer here! It smells soo good.  Kind've tart, kind've sweet.  I really like it.  And its strong!! If I was hearing good things about the smooth wax tumblers, I would want one in this scent!! Its very VERY nice!

I also have Front Porch's Pink Lemonade melting in my electric warmer.  This one is very nice too but in a different type of way.  Whereas Yankee's Cherry Lemonade is tart, Front Porch's Pink Lemonade is sweet.  They are both good together... if you have both of these tarts, try them out together!! Tart and Sweet together!!
I am going to go ahead and cut this short.  Thanks for reading and I will be posting very soon!! Be sure to like, comment, subscribe and be on the lookout for more posts!! And I'd love to hear what you have been melting!! I always need good ideas/combos/mixologies!!

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