Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post Christmas 2012

Anyone ready for the New Year?  2013?  It feels weird to even type!! I'm sure alot of us are still going to be writing 2012 for the whole month of January trying to get used to 2013, instead of 2012.

For me, alot of things have happened in 2012.  First of all, I got majorly addicted to WAX!! Yes, I have only been into wax (tarts) for a year!  It started with Yankee tarts, buying them off of Ebay from a kind seller who basically sold them to me for a $1 a tart, which is the same during the Yankee Sale Tartapalooza.  Then my friend was telling me about Front Porch tarts. So I tried Turtle Cheesecake, Ultimate Bakery, and Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread.  Thats what started me on Front Porch.  I started joining groups, learning about other vendors, and all of it spiraled to what is now a massive collection (in my opinion anyways!!) lol!

I also got married February 16th, 2012 to the best man in the whole wide world!!! 
That was the big things.  We also had Christmas photos!! I got PRESENTS!!  (I know, duh) but I got cool stuff!!

 I got a Lil Kitchen Candle lot!  3 Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread, 2 Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Zucchini, 2 Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, 1 Pink Sparkletini, Serendipity, Pink Candy Fluff!

Then Bath and Body Works, took advantage of a B3G3 shower gels, 2 Sparkling Blackberry Woods, 2 Midnight Pomegranate, and 2 Cashmere Glow!  Then $6 FFM's in Paris Amour, Cashmere Glow, Sparkling Blackberry Woods, and Midnight Pomegranate.  Gave another Cashmere Glow to my Sister in Law!

Also got that mixer that I got at Black Friday, got it wrapped up for me.  And some clothes from Gap!

Now for my melts!! I have been melting off and on!!
Barry put in Front Porch Pink Laundry and Cactus and Sea Salt <- both favorites!  High throw and great smells!! Also put on Pink Serendipity and Minty Pink by Shayz <- both are REORDERS!! :D :D

I have on now Watermelon Margarita by Crosscreek (love!), Mai Tai Twist by Nene's Kitchen Melts (love!), YOCC's Pink Kaleidoscope (Of course I love!), and Vanilla Grapefruit by Missy's Tempting Tarts (love me some Grapefruit!! <3

I've been so tired, most of my melts have been staying on for two or three days before I have the energy to change them out!  So that's why my melts are so infrequent.  I've been going to bed at 7PM, enough said!  LOL I'm hoping to mayyybbbeee get out of my current job and one of the MANY bonuses is MORE MELTING TIME!!!!!!!!  So cross your fingers for me!!

I plan on changing out my warmers today to something cozy!! Thanks guys!! Talk to you soon!!


  1. Sooooo ready for 2013...2012 has been pretty damn awful for us!

    You look so pretty in your wedding dress! Did you get married at the courthouse? Josh and I did too, but they let us do our ceremony outside for a little bit more was really the perfect day outside, weather wise! :)

    We both got into wax this year! YAY!! It looks like you've got a lot of stuff from vendors I've never heard about before! Off to stalk their websites I go! :)

  2. HEY Lauren!!!

    I hear ya about 2013! I guess ready or not, its coming!

    Thank you!! <3 Yes we got married at the courthouse. That is so cool that you guys got to do it outside!! We may have done that but it was so icky and rainy outside. I had straightened my hair (which I do once a YEAR!) and it was frizzing as we were walking from the parking lot into the courthouse! LOL!

    Lol If I can help you out as far as vendors go, let me know!!