Sunday, September 22, 2013

Swap with Tori!

Hi everyone!!

OK So today, I have a swap I did with Miss Tori!!

Me and Tori have done about three swaps so far.  They have been fantastic!! I am really lucky to have found a great swapper, especially reading about a few people who have had poor luck swapping packages.  Either getting less than quality product or not getting a package at all!

I just want to go ahead and put this out there: short and sweet.  When you are online, and have friends on Facebook who only know you through the internet; how you carry yourself and your honest word is all that you really have to build your reputation.  It takes ten times the amount of the time to build that trust than to break it.  And with people in the wax world getting better and better about keeping lists of people to look out for or to avoid dealing with, you have to work that much harder to get that trust back.

OK rant over and back to the wax!! I have had this wax since Friday.  But between working, cleaning, and spending time with the husband the past few days, I've just had time to quickly go through it!

The first two times that we had done a swap, we had used a flat rate envelope, and stuffed those envelopes solid!  This time around, Tori found out that it was as much or cheaper to do a regional A box!  A box! For cheaper! More wax+Ship cheaper= DEFINITELY!

So now I have pictures in categories and descriptions to go with them!  Woohoo!

Here they are, in all their glory!!

This is the picture where I got one from each company.  The "Random"
Pile.  Clamshell from Partylite in Black Raspberry, Scentsy "Welcome
Home", Closet Full of Wax "Butt Naked", K's Kreations "Autumn Magic"
Streetman's Snap Stick "Love Potion #7", Skinny Dip Soaps "Sweet
Kiwi", Candles From the Keeping Room "Raspberry Coconut Zucchini
Bread", Long Cane Primitives "Iced Lemon Bread", Orchid Lake
Candles "Halo", and Tiffany's Scoopable in "Vanilla Bean Noel"

This is the "Random Non-Wax" picture!  Tori doesn't
care much for Pink Sugar, but knew I love it!  So she sent me a
K's Kreations scent satchet in "Pink Sugar" and The Bathing
Garden mini scrub in "Sea of Tears"
This is the JLCCW Photo!  Two hearts in "Cheer Bear Dough" and
a bundt cake in "Cotton Candy"!
My Haley's Heavenly Scents Photo!  Angels in "Lemonberry Cake",
Two scallops in "Serendipity ICSDB", one scallop in "Serendipity
Noel", one scallop in "Hot Orange Danish", and a mixture
that we were talking about "Toasted Fireside" with an extra dose of
"Toasted Marshmallow"! 
My Front Porch picture!  "Party Punch", "Zucchini Noel",
"Lavender Orange Danish", "Blueberry Cotton Candy", "Apple
Blueberry Bread", "Strawberry Pear", "Tropical Island Marshmallow",
and "Rainbow Sherbert".  
So I have been obsessive over The Bathing Garden lately
so I was really excited to see these!!
2 cubes each in "Blush", "Raspberry Hearts",
"Rainbow Candy Cream Soda", "Vintage Circus",
and "Sparkle & Spice".
My Butterfly Lane photo!  Chunk in "Mixed Blocks with an overpour
of Toasted Marshmallow", a chunky cupcake of "Black Cherry/
Peppermint", a scallop in "Strawberry Smoothie", a mystery chunk,
a heart in "Bite Me", and cups in "Mulberry Moonspice", "Mandarin
Coconut", and "Frosted Sugar Cookie"! 
My Sugar and Spice Gourmet!  Sorry it's blurry!
Marshmallow Zucchini Noel and a Mystery Cup!

Rosegirls!  Pie slice in Strawberry Jam/Marshmallow Smoothie/Zucchini
Bread, and chunks in Satsuma/Raspberry Sauce/Coconut Macaroon
and Watermelon/Strawberry Jam/Swizzle Sticks
Ava's Country Cupboard 2 scallops of Snickerdoodle!  

I have also been keeping up with what I've been melting! (I Know, finally!) So here's the list!! :D

CBV Cinnamon Donuts
HHS Granma's Amish Cinnamon Bread
LCP Lavender Peppermint Vanilla
LCP Watermelon Ice Cream Bread
JLCCW Lavender Mist
HHS Pink Noel
HHS Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookies
TBG Guava Berry Gelato
HHS Toasted Sugar Cookie/Peppermint Cake Batter
HHS Satsuma
HHS Georgia Peach
HHS Banana Pudding
PPS Very Berry Cream ZB
HHS Granma's Serendipity
HHS Toasted Serendipity
JLCCW Lavender Mist
Bella's Sweet Serendipity Sugar
TBG Monster Mashup
HHS Pink Chiffon
HHS Purple Cow Ice Cream Poundcake
Ava's Warm Vanilla Nutmeg
HHS Sugar Cookie Vanilla Latte

Also, in other news, I just received a CNS from the Bathing Garden!! So be on the lookout for a post Wednesday or Thursday!!

Thanks everyone!! And thank you Tori, for such an amazing swap, yet again!! <3 


  1. What an awesome swap! I have not swapped wax yet but I have done some gifting to get my friends hooked on it :-) You got some amazing scents and goodies! When I get my Bathing Garden order in with the Painting the Roses Red tarts I would like to send you a couple of cubes to try. I think you were interested in it. Just shoot me an email. My email address is ufgatorbugg at aol dot com. How did you like the CBV cinnamon donuts? I have never ordered from there or tried any donut scents. Have you noticed when you melt your HHS granmas blends that they follow you around all day? I was sweating at work while cleaning out a closet and I could literally SMELL zucchini bread coming out of my pores. It was mortifying! LOL I think I need to take a granmas break and detox.

    1. I would definitely recommend swapping with someone you trust and have known for a while! It's alot of fun and I get to try things that I may not have otherwise!! Hopefully those friends you gifted to, it'll catch on! Yeah I was definitely interested in Painting the Roses Red!! It was such an interesting and complex scent based on the description!! I'll send you an e-mail here in a minute!! Thank you!! :D

      CBV Cinnamon Donuts was really nice!! It was great on throw and smelled like actual grated cinnamon. I didn't really smell much of a donut type of scent, just really nice cinnamon.

      LOL I've had my Granma's blends AND my Pink Sugar blends follow me!! I love smelling it all of a sudden on myself at work or my husband. He's had people come up to him and tell him that he smells like sweets or something really good. I work at a customer service-related job, so I have to smell alot of other people (and most of those people do not smell good at all!) so in comparison, I'd rather be smelling like Granma's ZB versus B.O. and cigarette smoke. lol :D

  2. Well said about online reputations my friend. I agree with your mini rant 100%.

    What a great swap, she was so generous with some amazing tarts. I love that!
    Awesome melts list --you are a HHS queen!

    Can't wait to see your TBG haul.
    Have a great week Ashley!

    1. I just hate seeing people taken advantage of. It makes me so nervous to try to meet new people in these groups. Atleast with paypal, you can file a claim in 45 days. Swaps, you are S.O.S.

      Yes, I love Tori!! <3 It works out too! She doesn't really care for Pink Sugar, I love Pink Sugar. I hate cereal types, she loves cereal types!

      Haha I try to switch it up some!! But HHS is one of my favorites!! I love the blending and the HUGE scent list! And Janet is wonderful to work with!!

      I get my TBG tomorrow so I definitely plan on taking pictures and showing everyone on here!! I can't wait!! :D

      Have a great week too Sunnee! Looking forward to your next post!

  3. "When you are online, and have friends on Facebook who only know you through the internet; how you carry yourself and your honest word is all that you really have to build your reputation." These are the truest words ever, Ashley! I don't know why people would want to choose to be deceitful and conniving. :/

    Amazing swap! You're lucky you found a great swap partner!! :) Love all the TBG!

    1. Hey Lauren, sorry, I don't check previous posts much and just saw this new comment! But YES!! I don't see why people find the need to do the things that they do. To make trouble? To get one over on someone else? Whatever the reason, I have one word for them. Karma.

      Yeah!! Tori is awesome!! :) And we both get to try stuff we may not have normally ordered!