Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RAOK Package

OK first let me explain RAOK's for those who have never heard of this expression.

RAOK stands for "Random Act Of Kindness" which means someone sends you something like a present, whether it be wax or any something of emotional magnitude (Yes, I get emotional about my wax!).

I'm not really sure if mine was random, since she had messaged me about it and I knew before hand, but I was random in the picking part, I suppose!

So this wonderful lady (I will keep her name anonymous for the purpose of this blog entry) messaged me after receiving her Haley's Heavenly Scents order and was like, "Hey!! Would you like some things that I may not have liked?"

Who turns down wax?  I told her, "Sure!!" Gave her my address.

Sure enough, it showed up in my mailbox after attempting to donate plasma.  Long story short, I have very deep veins, and I got poked and prodded in both arms before releasing me for too difficult of veins to work with.  My left arm wasn't that bad, my right arm feels like it got ran over a bunch of times.  I will spare you a picture, because my arm is white and ghastly, plus no one wants to see that anyways.  I even have "tire marks" up and down my upper arm where the cuff squeezed my arm too tight.  No WONDER I never donated blood in high school!  'Nuff said!

So my husband drove me home, checked the mail, and there was the RAOK package!  It was a little bit of a surprise because I, for some reason, even though she told me she would send it out on Saturday, didn't think she had sent it out.  But it was there, nonetheless, and had perfect timing to coax my attention away from my arm and enjoying new wax!

Here are some pictures!!

The package in its entirety!! Beautiful!! <3 

I got some Haley's Heavenly Scents Hearts in Banana Pudding,
Cake Batter Ice Cream, and Cherry Bubble Gum

I also got a Haley's Heavenly Scent scent shot of Lemon Pound Cake
and Front Porch Serendipity Cotton Candy.  Not sure exactly
if it used to be a loaf, or something. It didn't endure the heat
too well, but it smells FANTASTIC!! So I don't care!! :D

So I just want to thank my anonymous "Wax Fairy" for being so kind and thinking of me.

I hope to post a few entries, as I should be getting in some different packages by Friday!  So be on the lookout! Thanks!


  1. That is so sweet! You are so deserving of it and I'm glad she thought of you!
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the serendipity cotton candy --it sounds great.

    Your plasma donation story sounds awful. What perfect day to receive your raok package.

    1. I know!! She is very sweet indeed!! Haha I definitely plan on melting that Serendipity Cotton Candy SOON!! :D

      Haha yeah my veins don't seem to want to cooperate. Atleast I got over my slight fear of needles!