Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I Melted This Week

Usually I do this accompanied with an order, but I wanted to go ahead and start off my list for the new week, so this will have to suffice for now! lol

Since I've been getting better at keeping up with this, I'm going to try to do this every week or so!! No one wants to know every description, unless you ask below, I'd be happy to oblige, so I will let you know my favorites and dislikes!!

SMT Pink Serendipity- This was in the form of a beautiful DETAILED cupcake (Thank you Lauren)
TBG Sugar and Spice
PL Black Raspberry
Aunt Nena's Butt Naked
S&S Mystery
RG Satsuma/Raspberry Sauce/Coconut Macaroon
FP Blueberry Cotton Candy
HHS Buttermints- I wanted to like this one, but it wasn't in the cards.  I wanted a creamy peppermint and this just wasn't it.  My HHS Toasted Sugar Cookie/Peppermint CBIC was better in my opinion!!
HHS Granma's Serendipity
HHS Serendipity ISCDB
TBG Vintage Circus
LSC Pink Sands
S&S Cinnabun Sugar Cookies - FAVORITE!! Lasted for three days!! This is a definite reorder!!
HHS Granma's Keylime Pie- Everytime I melt this, I like it more and more!
HHS Cake Batter Ice Cream
LCP Toasted Marshmallow Pink Ribbon Cookies
TBG Serendipity Cream Pie - So good and strong for having not cured!!
Scentsy Welcome Home
CBV Leesha - This one was just not for me.  It was a weird type of spicy that was just not for me.
BL Mandarin Coconut
CBV Captain Crunch Berries - I'm normally not a cereal person, but this was a great scent.  Like a soft cranberry creamy zucchini bread scent to me.  I liked it!
TBG Rainbow Candy Cream Soda
FP Party Punch
HHS Sweet Pumpkin Bread
HHS Granma's Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies - Love!

No pictures this time,.  Any scent that you guys have been wanting more of/can't get enough of?

Can't wait to hear about everyone's wax excursions for the week!!


  1. You melted a great variety this week! I just love TBG Vintage Circus, such a neat clean but sweet scent. Girl I have been going FP crazy!!!! I ordered a bunch of 4 packs of her Christmas scents and apple blends. I melted PF brittle in Hot Apple Vanilla Nutmeg and it was interesting. Melted two HHS tarts at once: one was toasted pumpkin pie spice and the other was Granmas Toasted Pumpkin Crunch Funnel Cake. That was a killer combo! SO strong and good. I also mixed TBG Crystalized Spearmint & Peppermint with FP Pink Peppermint and that was yummy. I have a fat RG chunk of Pumpkin French Toast Waffle or something along those lines waiting for when I get home to melt. <3 Hope you have a great day!

    1. Lol yep that's me, variety! Haha I try!!

      Yeah I agree Vintage Circus is really nice!! I was really kinda surprised!! Usually all the circus scents are apple, funnelcake, cotton candy, etc etc, but this was nice and fresh and light on the apple! But I tell ya what, that Hot Apple Vanilla Nutmeg sounds amazing!! I stayed away from FP for a while, because sometimes I get frustrated with RTS but I've seen so many things on RTS that I want, and I just joined FP's group to request some things!! Yay!!
      Those combos sound fantastic!! I think HHS has some awesome pumpkin scents!! And TBG's Crystallized Spearmint and Peppermint is on my list to get!! I requested from FP Pumpkin Pecan Waffles to try, I wonder if RG's Pumpkin French Toast Waffles smells close? It sounds FANTASTIC though!!

      I'm hoping to melt something since I'm home today!! Need to figure out what!! haha!!

  2. Wow, you were all over the place this time around! LOL! I love it when people are in "anything goes" type of moods when they are melting.

    S&S Cinnabun Sugar Cookies sounds really great. Her stuff might be hard to come by now, but she's definitely top 5-10 worthy. Worth the wait, too!

    How did you like SMT's pink serendipity? I love their version! :)

    1. Hahahahaha well! Yeah definitely not one category!! I was trying to melt some of my fruity stuff while I still felt like it, and start some cinnamon stuff!!

      Definitely Top 5 worthy! I love S&S! I still need to make an order for some scent shots!!

      I LOVED SMT Pink Serendipity!! Loved it!! The cupcake was SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOO CUTE! I was sad to see it melt away, but I keep telling myself, no matter how cute it may be, it's still wax and it should be melted!! It smelled amazing! <3