Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Bathing Garden

Ooooooo HOOOOO!!! :D :D :D :D

OK So I have been annoying everyone with my excitement and ga-ga-ness over TBG.  Lol So I finally got my, I believe it was, the September 13th restock order!! WOOHOOO! :D

And I finally got past my laziness to take some decent pictures!! I took some inspiration from a few fellow bloggers who have beautiful pictures each and every post.  They're not professional, but they are definitely an improvement in my opinion!

Here is my order!! Freebies Included!  I love the Black Cat
Note!! So cute! <3

My clamshells!! From left to right, top to bottom: Serendipity Cream
Pie (freebie), Frosted Vanilla Graham Crackers, Rainbow Candy
Cream Soda, Pumpkin Masquerade, Wolfsbane Bites, Pie Crust
Over Lavender.

My Scrubs!  I ordered a 4oz Marshmallow Layered Pink
Sugar Scrub!  And I received an Evernight 2oz Freebie Scrub!

I just want to say, that you always have vendors change names
a little bit so it's not exactly the same as other vendor's scent names.
(ie: Frosted Pink Sugar, Toasted Pink Sugar, Pink Sugar Swirl, etc)
I never dreamed to have a literal layering of Marshmallow Fluff on
top of the Pink Sugar scrub.  I'm almost afraid to use it because it looks
so delicate and soft!  I'm incredibly excited to! 

This was my freebie.  This was already on my list to get
most definitely.  I LOVE Serendipity and Coconut Cream Pie
So when I saw this after I grabbed and unwrapped it, I was like
*Fist Pump in the Air* YESSSSSS!!!  As you can tell, I couldn't
wait to put this baby in the warmer.  I tried out the one cube without
curing at all, despite my attempts to tell my husband it wouldn't be
as strong with curing.  It is smelling sooo good and stronger than
I imagined it would be without curing!! If it's on the next restock list,
I definitely plan on buying more!! This is great!!! 
Mmmmmm... this is definitely your warmer type of scent.  Barry
says he picks up a hazelnut type of scent, and I can kinda see
where he gets it.  I, however, get this warm, sweet almost sugary
cinnamon scent.  I think it's definitely going to make some cool fall
nights warmer!! :D <3 
I have heard so many things about this one!  To me, this smells
like Red, Orange, Pink Starbursts.  I'm hoping the Cream Soda
part comes out when melting!! This smells like a really cool scent,
definitely stands apart from the other fruity scents!
I can't help but smile at that weird but awesome smiling Pumpkin
Face!! It's so cute!! It's my first TBG Clamshell with a decal and
I couldn't be more excited!! That's so awesome!! Pumpkin Masquerade
has this warmth to it! A little spicy, a little cinnamony, very good!
I think this one is going to throw very well! 
Ohhh this one smells so amazing!  I took a trip to New Hampshire
when I was around ten or eleven, in the dead of winter.  And I swear,
this was how it smelled like up there.  It's beautiful!  Not your average
peppermint, but a sweet spearmint type. Then you can smell the cookie
in it too.  It's dreamy almost! I'm really happy with this one!! And
look at the mint crumbles!! 
I was really excited about this one too! This one is a little more
herbal lavender than I would have liked, hoping the Pie Crust
note will even it out! But I am really really happy to have a
lavender scent back in my home!! I have been really enjoying
lavender while I go to sleep.  So calming, especially with alot of sweetness
added to it.  I really like it alot! And I used to hate lavender.  Haha! 

I also think the two tone ones are really cool too!! I love all the creativity, prettiness, and extra stuff that goes into making these.  I know, it really shouldn't matter.  After all, wax is wax, and it will always amount to a melted liquid pool, no matter if it's ugly or pretty.  But I think it's OK to be drooling over the pretty stuff!! Hahahaa!!

I have some money set aside so I can order next time she restocks, which I hope is soon!! I'm impatient, I know!! lol I may even order an 8oz scrub!! I'm so intrigued by these scrubs.  I've never been much of a scrub girl because of how abrasive they are.  But these are so great, they lather and are a little coarse (Sugar, yeah), but not even a quarter of how abrasive some Bath and Body Works scrubs I've tried, have been. I think I'm starting a new hobby ;)

I also hope to maybe order from Haley's Heavenly Scents and perhaps Streetman's as well!! I have gift cards for both places, and I hope to use them soon!!


  1. Ashley, these pictures are so good and I love the border you put around each pic!
    As much as I'm a plain jane fan when it comes to decorating wax, I can't help but admit that the colors and designs are so nice to look at and makes opening them for the first time much more exciting.
    Isn't Pie Crust over Lavender intriguing? I agree, it would be a great bedroom scent. I love that you're slowing coming around to enjoying lavenders. I still need a little more experience with the true, herbal lavenders but I've always loved the sweeter ones :)
    Awesome post A!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I agree, I know generally it shouldn't make a difference... but like you said, it makes opening them and looking at them all the more enjoyable!!
      Pie Crust over Lavender is indeed an intriguing scent!! I can't wait for it to go ahead and cure so I can see how much the Pie Crust comes out! Lol yeah, herbal lavender has never really been my thing, and I used to think lavender was all the same. But then I got a Pink Lavender Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, can't remember from where, but it was a sweet lavender and it was a pretty scent! The sweeter lavenders rock! I think I could warm up to those herbal lavenders...

      I loved your last post about your travel bag and your upcoming trip to Japan!! I want to see plenty of pictures!! I am so excited for you and am enjoying how you are keeping us all in the loop with the beauty products and everything you are bringing!! I am so excited for you! :D

  2. I love hearing your thoughts on these, Ashley! I'm still waiting for my shipping notice :( I also love the scent of lavender as I go to sleep. I've been burning Marshmallow over Lavender (love it!).. and can't wait to try the Pie Crust with Lavender. I hope the pie crust part tames the herbal lavender and brings out some sweetness.

    1. Hi Lynda, thank you!! I'm sure your shipping notice is coming soon!! Make sure to take plenty of pictures and/or video when you get them!! Marshmallow over Lavender is one that I hope to get a hold of too!! To be honest, there are tons of scents I want to get my hands on by TBG. I'm just terrible at being patient and love to talk about it! hahaha!

    2. Hi Ashley :) I have no patience either! I want everything, right now! I got my shipping notice today... yay!! I'll take photos just for you :)

    3. Yayy!!! That's so awesome!! Can't wait to see your pictures once it arrives!! :D

  3. I love your pictures and nice haul! Your description of Wolfsbane Bites, Graham Crackers and Pumpkin Masquerade makes me wish I had gotten them. I have Serendipity Pie but haven't melted it yet. I need to change that!! I am excited to see what scents Shannon stocks next and see what scrub you decide to splurge on :-)

    1. Hey UFgatorbugg!! lol I've heard sometimes I've had a knack for words. I try :) :) The scents really speak for themselves though! You definitely should melt Serendipity Cream Pie!! I imagine, after curing, it should only be stronger!! And it was already pretty strong when I melted it when I just received it!! SO happy with that freebie!

      Lol I am excited to see what scents Shannon restocks too!! I am on the lookout!! lol Hopefully she will give a date soon to when she is going to restock!! I told my husband that he is going to help me pick some out!! Hahaha!! That'll be interesting huh? lol He's been enjoying the scrub, I think, almost as much as I do!

      Talk to you soon!! :D I can't wait to see pictures of your order!!

  4. Rainbow Candy Cream Soda sounds TO DIE FOR! I skipped that one because I was AFRAID of the cream soda part. AHH, it sounds amazing! Wolfsbane Bites sounds great, too! YAY!! I'm glad you're hooked on TBG! ;) Her serendipity cream pie is one of my favorite scents ever, it's so darn good!

    Her scrubs are just so, so perfect. It'd be hard to beat them!

    1. Lol omg hooked is the right word. I am... it's bad... lol!! And I was all about not getting clamshells... I didn't even like the way they stored any more ... they just weren't for me. Then I FINALLY tried Shannon's stuff, now my love for clamshells has been restored!! Woohoo!!

      Lauren, her Rainbow Candy Cream Soda is pretty great!! When it gets restocked, I definitely recommend it!! If you like K's Kreation's Alex's Rainbow blends, it's good! The Cream Soda part isn't flat or weird, it's good!! I'm about to ask if maybe Shannon could do a non-herbal lavender over cream soda (crazy I know, but maybe it'd be good!)

      Ohhhh her ssccrrruuubbbsss... see I have so much BBW stuff to use up, I shouldn't be buying any, ANY more body care... but I need more than one scrub. Just can't have one. Or none, that would be terrible!