Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Day Off In Eight Days: SERIOUS MELT!

Hello all my friends!!

Manager-training has kicked my butt!! But I'm hanging in there!!

As for melting, I have been doing some melting!! Not as much as before, but I definitely have been!! Today is my first day off in eight days, so there will be SERIOUS melting going on today!! And I do mean, SERIOUS!  Lol

And then, on my serious melting day, one of my warmer's light bulbs went out (NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!)  I had Front Porch's Cinnamon Bread and Celtic Moonspice ready to be put in the warmers.  Well, I put in the Celtic Moonspice and left the Cinnamon Bread for later.  Celtic Moonspice is LOVELY!!!!!  First time I've ever tried a Celtic Moonspice scent from any vendor.  Its fabulous.  Definitely Front Porch 4pack material!!!  I also have Slatkin Smores Home Fragrance Oil from last year.  Love it together with Celtic Moonspice!

I also had the pleasure of getting in a Beaux Savons Frais order!! I had a cup in Grapefruit, Candy Girl, and Pineapple Dreams.  I also got a mini bread loaf in Blueberry Zucchini Bread and Pumpkin Zucchini Bread!! Sooooo very excited!!   I have already tried Grapefruit and split it between my two electric warmers.  It was so strong and so NICE smelling!! Its definitely the type of scent that you'd need to get your start to your day!! Its soooo nice and my favorite grapefruit from any vendor to this point!! Absolutely amazing!  I am going to see what kind of bundles she has, because this is a favorite of mine!!  I also melted it with Slatkin Cranberry Pear Bellini!!  Wonderful fruity combo!

For the month of September, I got to host a party through a consultant, a friend of mine, through Scentsy.  My party ended on September 30th.  I didn't get all the sales that I wanted, but it was my first time doing a party like that.  I got a hostess gift (the Pumpkin warmer that was 10% off for the month of September) and 6 Scentsy bars in the following scents: Awakening, Cinnamon Vanilla, Havana Cabana, Paradise Punch, Pumpkin Marshmallow, and Sunkissed Citrus.  I should be getting these in the next week or so.  I have only had Honey and Oats from Scentsy, so I am SUPER excited to try out these scents!!

I am hoping to order from Haley's Heavenly Scents again to get a warmer and 4-5 six pack of scents that I am really liking here lately!! The combo warmer is $20, and you get the warmer and two 6pack of tarts.  That an AMAZING DEAL!!  Alot of places have the warmer for almost just that, so its like you are getting the wax for free! :)  I Love it!! Plus free shipping!!

I am waiting for a Front Porch order.  It was supposed to be shipping sometime recently... I think on Wednesday.  So I am hoping for it to appear soon!! I have a 4pack of Sugar Cookie Dough Bread on my way!! YES!! :)  And some others!

Here are some of my new candles that I have tried so far from Slatkin/Bath and Body Works!

Nutmeg & Spice from Slatkin: AWESOME!! Took a little while to get the scent throw I wanted... but it was nice and strong, all night long!

Cafe Au Lait: Needed to be sweeter and a so-so scent throw.  They could have done better with this one.  I ended up returning the two that I got.

Pumpkin Cupcake: Definitely a keeper.  Sweet, but not too sweet. Pumpkin without being too pumpkin. Love it!!   And I hate Frosted Cupcake, so its a surprise!

Paris Amour: Great as a candle/HFO scent!! Very happy with this one and I love the jar!! So pretty!!

Cider Lane:  This smells EXACTLY like the apple farm that I went to as a child in my opinion.  My husband doesn't really care for it... but its the first apple scent that I've loved in years!! I am getting atleast three more!! It brings back so many memories!!

I still haven't tried Vanilla Snowflake or Peppermint Mocha yet.  I feel like I'm cheating on my fall scents when I think about trying them out!  lol

My Bath and Body Works store got in a few Christmas things and put them out early.  I saw Frosted Cranberry and Winter room sprays, Winter Cranberry soap, and snowflake candle holders.  All the stuff so far is sooooo cute!!! <3 I can't wait for more stuff!! I am waiting on Honey Vanilla Dreams and Eucalyptus Tea from the Aromatherapy line.  I haven't smelled Forever Red, so I'm excited for that too!   Plus I have to get more of the fall candles before they go away... I need more Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pumpkin Carving (if my test store has it, I doubt it), 1 Autumn Day, a few more Cider Lane, a few more Pumpkin Cupcake, and more Nutmeg and Spice!! :)

Well thats about it, my dears!! I have been at manager's training, so alot of the time I left my plates in the freezer or left the same scent on for days!!  It's been a long hard week, folks!!

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