Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Little Time for Wax" .... I said, with evident dispair!

The title says what I am feeling.  I have found that I am, for the next week/week and a half, I am going to have little to no time for wax.   I am completely disheartened and sad.  There is some GOOD news to the bad news.  My "No Time For Wax" is completely temporary!!! Thank God!

I currently work at Subway as a sandwich artist.  It is a low "peon" kind of job but I have done it since April and shockingly, I have found that I have enjoyed it, considering its a food/service job and all.  I have never called out, always stayed later when necessary, and always do my job to the best of my ability.  And did I mention, I improved my speed immensely!  That, I am proud of.

So one of the stores in my district had a manager that wanted to transfer to a busier store, thus leaving this one store without a manager.  The manager at my store had already quit with no notice, so I was opening (doing the manager's job without the paperwork, all for $7.25 an hour!).  My district manager extended to me the offer of the store manager's job at the other store! With a significant pay-raise and "Manager" status, I JUMPED at the chance!! So my last day at my old store (which I am going to miss greatly, it was a fun store!) was Wednesday and I work at my new store this weekend to get a feel for it!! Then I am off to training until the end of Friday.  I am off Saturday and Sunday then starting my new store (For real this time!) on Monday October 8th 2012.  I am SO NERVOUS!!

So I have been melting for the past few days so I won't have truly terrible wax withdrawal right off the bat.  I won't go into too much detail (I will tell you if its not a reorderable scent (too little scent throw, or I didn't like it.) I am supposed to be going to bed soon and I'm drifting off as I type!)  Right now I am melting Cheryl's Candles Oak Barrel Cider (a freebie and soooooo nice!! <3) combined with Orchid Lakes Friendship Cookies sample.  Then I have Slatkin Eggnog Cheer <3 and half of LSC's Pink Sugar Buns!    Great combo!

Before that I had.... Slatkin Marshmallow Fireside: candle and oil!  Love this, very classic!

Before MF, I had HHS Battle of the Sexes, HHS Coconut!  LOVE that combo!! Might have that combined one day for me!!

And before that, I don't remember.  I haven't been writing them down as I should have lately.  But its pretty accurate. I may have forgotten a few scents.  But nothing major, I promise.

Thank you guys!! Hope to see you all in a week or so!! Wish me luck!

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