Wednesday, September 19, 2012

News In!

Its finally happening.  The weather is indeed, starting to change!! FINALLY!!! I have been WAITING for it to get cooler!! Yayyy!!! That makes me very happy.  Of course, now when my husband turns on the A/C to go to sleep... I'm FREEZING!!

I believe in my last post, I hadn't gotten my Haley's Heavenly Scents order yet.  I have had it for a week now!  I have been letting them cure so today's (technically last night, yes I cheated lol!) the day I can start melting them!! Since I got them, I can give you guys a definite list of what I actually got.

Haley's Heavenly Scents Birthday Order:

Apple Cinnamon
Cinnamon Vanilla
Candy Corn
Autumn Pear
Mrs. Clause Cookies
Autumn Lodge
Pink Serendipity
Butternut Pumpkin
Spiced Cranberries
Granma's Pumpkin Crunch Zucchini
Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Battle of the Sexes
Granma's Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
Pumpkin Spice
Country Bumpkin
Loopy Ice Cream Cake
Farmhouse Cider
Fresh Linen
Apple Cider Bread
Pumpkin Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread
2Pilgrim's Pie
Whipped Caramel Cinnamon Latte
Juniper Breeze
Mulled Cider
Pineapple Orchid
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

All of these are new scents to me.  Its the first time I have tried Serendipity anything!  And I like it!! I see what all the fuss is about now!  I haven't melted it yet or anything, but cold its really good!!  The 2 Pilgrim's Pie thing was kind've a mistake.  It was one of her sale scents... and it was also in the fall sampler pack.  Its OK.  It smells nice! :)  Not my favorite, but its a fall scent!

I also made.... a SLATKIN/Bath and Body Works test store order!! Bath and Body Works had a 40% off coupon this past week and I took full advantage of it!!

I got:

4 Paris Amour
2 Vanilla Snowflake
2 Pumpkin Cupcake
2 Nutmeg&Spice
2 Cafe Au Lait
1 $20 electric oil warmer
1 Paris Amour oil
1 Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut oil

All for the price of ... wait for it.... $40.66!!!  This is with shipping and tax!  Keep in mind, these are all 3wicks!  I don't get the 4oz and very very rarely ever do I get the mini candles.  Go big or go home, am I right?  Lol  I also had a merchandise credit for $8.56 of it, which paid for the oil warmer and two oils.  But STILL!  Incredible deal!!! I was going to order 12 more 3wicks yesterday if my order hadn't shipped out already, but it had.  Oh well... I will order more next 2 for $20!

This is from the Johnson City, TN test store!  For those of you who do not know, a test store is a store that carries scents and/or products to "test" the market for.  And if they do well, they make it to all stores.  If they do not, they get sent straight to outlets or are marked down in the test store.  This particular test store, when you are making phone orders, will let you stack coupons.  I stacked a 10 off 30 survey coupon and a 40% off.  So 40% off of $30 is $18, then the $10 off, is $8.56 with tax.  Makes it soooo worth ordering! Usually when I can't find a 40% off coupon, I do a 20% off coupon.  Which is still good, but 40% off, WOW!  Usually I hate paying shipping, but with this, its like you get free shipping PLUS an extra $$ amount off!

Last but absolutely not least, I made a Shayz Scentz order!! Her "Pick 5" is going from $4.50 to $5.50 and even though a dollar isn't a HUGE difference... I like to save money when I can!  So I made a nice order from her too!!  Here's what I got!!


My free ones are another Pink Sugar, another Pink Sugar Cookies, and Spicy Vanilla Almond.  SVA is not the usual scent that I would have gotten for myself, but it was an extra in my last order and I was surprised by how much I liked it!!   So I had to get it again!! Apparently it was a test scent.  Shay sent it out to various customers to see the response.  Its great for anyone who wants to request it!

When Haleys Heavenly Scents opens back up, I plan on getting my first "Hot Plate" warmer with a bunch of tarts to get my 2 free 6packs! I have no idea what scents I want... I am planning on melting a few of my new ones to see which ones I want again.  Which ones are 6pack worthy!! LOL

Then around the time I make a HHS order, I will be making another Sniff My Tarts order.  I am going to be getting a box like I did last time... probably in Bakery and Pink Sugar scents!! My last box was awesome!! I got 2lbs for $21, free shipping!! :D :D Thats my plan!

Last but not least, I got a notebook (a few) in the Back To School Clearance section.  They were all 30cents and PINK one subject notebooks.  I thought to myself, what a great way to catalogue and record the different scents and companies that I like!!  So I am making myself an inventory list of candles and tarts that I have!!  Here's the notebook below.  It will be referred as "The Scent Bible" so when I talk about it, you know what I mean!! LOL!  :D

It doesn't look like anything special.... to any OUTSIDER that is.  But it will have crucial information about tarts and candles... Strength, and if its reorderable!  Most importantly, if its REORDERABLE!!

I was burning a Slatkin Vanilla Cinnamon candle (but it was on its last limbs and went out... RIP! *whimpers*) I loved that candle.  Thankfully I have four more but its not enough.  I want to see if Slatkin's Cinnamon Frosting is a close if almost a dupe to Vanilla Cinnamon.  *fingers CROSSED!*  I have HHS Coconut Vanilla Bean Noel which I can't smell over HHS Cinnamon Vanilla.  Good?  Bad?? Maybe I just put a light and a strong scent together.  But HHS Cinnamon Vanilla is a reorderable scent and a 6pack worthy scent!! Gotta love it!! Nice and strong WITH A/C going and has been going for 15 hours!  Yessssss!!

I have been melting tarts... but alot of them were random tarts... most of them I had to toss before they got all the way melted.  Here are the few that I had recorded that I felt were worth writing down:

           Scentsy Honey & Oats:  Smells good, not completely caramelly smelling like I thought it                     was going to, but it smells nice and is actually making me sleepy!

           Distinctly Pink's Sweet and Creamy: just like the name.  Very nice but not super strong.  It            was melted with the Scentsy Honey and Oat and I think it made a good addition to the scent but probably not a good stand-alone scent.

Thanks for reading!! Let me know what you've been melting and if you've found any good scents that were surprises for you!

And I'm sorry about the little to no pictures for the last couple of posts.  I have been working like a dog and haven't been photographing like I should.  I will try to do better!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and I love it (we have the same background, lol)! I started a candle/scents blog in July, as a new found scent-a-holic. You and I seem to be on the same page when it comes to scents...and I LOVE Slatkin, too! I've been trying out new vendors lately, like The Bathing Garden, and so far, I've had good luck!

    I actually just started to take inventory of my candles, too, so my husband knows my obsession has limits! Your test store order sounds awesome, which did you order from (I recently placed my first test store order in Easton, OH). Hopefully you do an update when you receive everything! :)

    1. Hi! I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I have to get the settings right to where it will alert me when someone makes a comment. HI!!!!!! And welcome to the candle/scent world!! lol

      What scents do you like from Slatkin? You should definitely call the Johnson City, TN test store!! They let you use survey coupons (10 off 30) AND a 20% off, or if you are lucky to come across a 40% coupon, the 40% off! That is the only test store, well only STORE that I've ever heard doing that!!

      I have been wanting to the TBG, but keep shying away. I keep hearing that most of the clamshells smell like plastic and have no throw. What did you think? What other companies have you tried?

      I like inventorying because I'm that weird person who just enjoys keeping up with what I have. Like, I love to organize, but don't care to clean, (but I do anyway). Kind've ironic, I think!

      Now that I know that someone is actually reading this, I'll definitely be posting more pictures!! What is your blog? I'd love to read it!!

    2. OMG, HI! I was starting to think you were ignoring me! :P :P

      I sort of went crazy my first 3 months in the scented world and took advantage of the different 2/$20 sales at B&BW, plus I placed a test store order. My favs have been: Black Pepper Bergamot, Marshmallow Fireside, Lavender Vanilla, Leaves, and Cranberry Woods. Had I know about the TN test store, I TOTALLY would have called there because I ended up only being able to use ONE coupon and had to pay for shipping. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What I wouldn't give for a 40% off coupon...LOL! I still have A BUNCH to review for my blog, though, here's the address if you want to read about my (mis)adventures: :)

      If you get a chance, go to and click on the Notify Me (when shopkeeper is back) button, then GO CRAZY! She has been closed for a few weeks at least, I think the owner had back surgery and is still recovering. It's DEFINITELY worth the wait and the extra month. She sent me 2 full-size clamshells with my order of a 5 pack, each one was just amazing. She takes her time and not only makes a great wax product, but she puts time and effort into making them decorated and pretty.

      I have tried: Kim's Tarts (had mixed experiences with their products so far), Front Porch Candle Co. (haven't burned any of my tarts yet because I just received my order), Scentsy (a bit more expensive, $5 for a clamshell of 8 cubes, but really, really good wax, and it comes out of tart warmer really easily)...and that's it so far! I have my eye on Shayz Scentz, Tiffany Candles, and Can-Do Candles. YouTube users RAVE about the Better Homes & Gardens wax cubes from Walmart, but I went in and smelled them ALL one day and was unimpressed...I found most of them stinky and artificial. Maybe I missed a lot of the good ones or was having an off day!

      What are your favorite scents this fall and winter? Do you recommend Shayz? I like places that have lower prices but let you get shipping for free if you spend X amount because it means more money allocated for wax, LOL. How did you like B&BW Vanilla Snowflake? Do you know when they are going to have another 2/$20 sale??

      It's nice to have 'met' you! :)

    3. Hey!!

      Didn't want you to think I was ignoring again, I've handled 'crisis' after 'crisis' at work. Plus meetings and stuff, I've been going to bed at 8-8:30pm, let alone checking facebook and the blog. lol

      You have some wonderful choices in Bath and Body Works candles!! I just got some today myself!! I usually order from the test store, but wanted just a few and they had some good ones out, so I went ahead and did 3/$20! I am definitely going to read your blog!! lol I can't wait to see what you think of the candles!! I know what you mean about going crazy!! lol It's just so easy with the good deals and stuff!!

      I absolutely love Marshmallow Fireside!! I plan on getting more oils before it goes away. It's my husband's (one of his) favorite scents, especially for fall. Now that's saying something!

      I definitely have to try TBG. I want to try them out in a destash first. So if you ever have one that you aren't crazy about, you can send it my way!! :) Or we can trade some wax!! :)

      Let me know what you think of Front Porch!! I think they are really good but I get so frustrated not being able to order what I want, when the ordering time window is so small!! Oh!! And I got a Scentsy order!! I hosted a party and got my half price item on the 6pack of Scentsy bars. I got Awakening, Cinnamon Vanilla, Havana Cabana, Pumpkin Marshmallow, Paradise Punch, and Sunkissed-Citrus. Ever tried any of those? I haven't tried them yet but I am excited to try them!

      Shayz Scentz is really good. If you like pink blends, definitely try them out. I don't know about the other two, but definitely Shayz! I like SOME of the Better Homes and Gardens cubes. There are a bunch that I'm not crazy about but there are some that are fantastic. I love Ginger Spice Cake. Not normally my type of scent, but it smells fantastic when burning!!

      My favorite scents... hmmm... Marshmallow Fireside, Pumpkin Cupcake, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Nutmeg and Spice, Cider Lane, Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts: those are for fall. My winter ones would be: Vanilla Snowflake, Twisted Peppermint, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sandalwood Vanilla <-- haven't burned it yet), Peppermint Mocha, and Frosted Cranberry.

      I know what you mean about lower prices plus free shipping. I can't seem to shell out more than $25 to a certain place, even if it is free shipping after so many dollars. Like Butterfly Lane, has free shipping over $50. I keep thinking... gah thats alot of money at one time for tarts. I am such a cheapo, I know. :)

      I just burned Vanilla Snowflake for the first time today and I like it! Glad I got three candles in it!! Its very nice!! They are having a 2 for $20 this weekend, then after this weekend, I'm not sure. Hopefully soon so we can stock up on the next wave of holiday candles!!

      Nice to have 'met' you too!! It's nice to talk about our "scent addictions!" lol!

    4. Sorry for MY non-reply for a husband's grandma passed away 1 month ago, and then my mother-in-law passed away last week...we have been trying to deal with that and very busy with paperwork and planning funerals. :(

      I did not partake in the last 2/$20 sale, and I am impressed with my restraint, LOL. I did, however, make a few Front Porch orders and my first Tiffany Candles order...they are THE BEST, wow! Their products are some of the best wax products I've used!

      Marshmallow Fireside seems to be everyone's top favorite scents! It is SO great, so accurate, but did you get a chance to try it last season? I have heard that it has changed since then. What is a destash, is it just a swap?! Everyone seems to talk about this, but I don't know what it is! I wish I could do a swap with someone, but I don't know very many candle folks that well! You and I should be swap buddies! :)

      We're not usually the biggest fans of bakery, but Front Porch makes THE BEST bakery scents. We melted Sugar Cookie Dough Bread and were blown away. I have to unsubscribe from their email alerts though, because I've made 3 orders in the last week, LOL. OOPS!

      SCENTSY!!! YAY!!! Of the scents you got, I have tried PUmpkin Marshmallow and Awakening. Awakening is great for a small room or bathroom because it can get tedious at times, and Pumpkin Marshmallow is pretty good but very sweet. A great fall scent! Have you had a chance to try 'em out? Which is your fav??

      Next 2/$20 sale, I'm going to get a Vanilla Snowflake on your recommendation! It seems like we have a lot in scent-common, so I trust your judgement! Can you order from test stores any time and stack coupons?? :)

      Again, sorry for the last reply, it's been a busy, sad month. :(

    5. Hi dear!

      I'm so sorry about all the stuff that has been happening! :( :( I hope things get better for you guys. Don't be sorry, I really hope everything gets better for you guys, really! Maybe you can find some consolation in talk of nice smellies!

      Kudos on your willpower!! It seems like I don't have willpower, I just have lack of funds. Thats my "willpower". I still haven't tried Tiffany Candles yet... I have to. She's one of the ones I want to try, but I keep not wanting to pay shipping. I know I've mentioned what a cheapo I am!

      Marshmallow Fireside is absolutely wonderful!! Its definitely not something that I would characterize myself liking, but its soooo nice!!!! Like a real favorite. The ones that I've burned are from last year. I haven't even bought any from this year because I've been burning from last year! I haven't smelled any difference though, smelling it in the store and burning from my home.

      Destashes are better than swaps, in my opinion. Destashes are where people get together scents that they may have changed their mind on, and put them at a discount price for other people to buy. I've bought a few destashes from a few people. I've gotten to try companies such as Shayz Scentz, Butterfly Lane, LSC, Sun Harbor Scents, Crosscreek Candles Company, and some others that have a high amount for free shipping that I wouldn't have tried otherwise. Now I really want to order from LSC, and I'm the only one around that loves to order this stuff...or else I'd split the order! lol

      I have gotten into bakery big time this year. Nothing caramelly or super sweet. Like, as far as Front Porch goes, I tried her Ice Cream Scoop Bread, and I couldn't melt it past a few minutes... because it was so sweet. Like REALLY super sweet!! I love Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread!! If you order from HHS, she makes an EXCELLENT ONE!!! What did you get in your three orders? Do you like cinnamon scents? Celtic Moonspice is WONDERFUL from Front Porch!

      I haven't tried any of my Scentsy yet, although I do intend too!! I like looking at them right now (I know, I know, what good is it doing me in a box?) But they are pretty!! I am getting some new warmers here in the next month or so, so I will be able to try them out with other scents!

      Yes definitely try Vanilla Snowflake!! I was very pleased! I think we have alot of scents in common as well!! Its nice when you can ask someone else who you know has similar tastes about certain scents!! I know I do!! It makes it easier to order stuff, especially when you can't smell before you buy! You can order from test stores anytime, yes!! And stack coupons. But I wait for sales. You can utilize those coupons better!!

      I can't wait for your next reply!! I love talking about our wax with ya!

  2. Hi!

    I love talking about our wax, too! You seem like a really neat person, from what I've read! And talks of smellies definitely make me feel better, but it will take a while to get over the loss, you know? She had cancer, but it was certainly unexpected that she passed so soon. :(

    See, when I said "willpower," I exaggerated...LMAO, I had to tell my husband to take my credit card during the 2/$20 sale. :P Tiffany's shop is closed until the end of the month, I think, but I'm sure she'll have a sale here and there, before the year is out. Her stuff is so good, has such quality, and her and her husband really care about their customers! If you have a coupon code, and spend $50, you get free shipping. That might seem like a lot, but I'd rather spend more money on wax than $5-$10 in shipping, you know?! MORE WAX = HAPPINESS!!! Plus, sales are the only time I buy, unless it's from Front Porch and I can snatch a few grubby tarts as quick as possible. Free shipping on any sized order?! Amazing!

    Do you follow any good YouTubers? All my subscriptions are of wax people, LOL. :)

    I saw on Facebook that VintageChic1927, a YouTuber, had 2 destash boxes available for $50 shipped yesterday filllllllllled with goodies, but I can't justify the price right now. I am waiting until Nov. 1 to buy a Simply Sensational subscription box, their boxes seemed to be filled with candles and tart, WOO HOO!! How did you find out about destashes, and where do they take place?!

    Celtic Moonspice is my fav from Front Porch! I actually have 3 orders coming from her this week...I might have to be the one to get the mail so my husband doesn't get angry, LOL. It's not ANGER, really, we're just running out of places to fit all my wax! I'll steer clear of Ice Cream Dough Bread, the name alone sounds like a toothache! Super sweet and us = no bueno! What type of scents does your husband like?? :)

  3. Hi! Thank you!! You seem really great too, from what I've read, as well!! We love our wax, how couldn't we be cool? lol
    I know what you mean, its still heartbreaking to lose someone even if you know its coming. But she's in a better place now and is not in pain. (I know you've probably heard that one alot, but its true :))
    LOL! I usually talk with my husband first when I make wax purchases or 2 for $20. He does the same with me and his hobby. So it works out. We'll agree on how many I can buy, if I can buy. So luckily, my poor worn out credit card isn't buried in a block of ice... yet...
    I definitely understand about shipping, and I will check out Tiffany's when she reopens! I hate paying shipping, which has held me back from ordering from a good-many vendors. I just like that free shipping!
    I am not a big Youtube person... I do follow Ellie from BBW and a few others, but I never watch videos. Strange, I know. I enjoy reading blogs and reviews rather than watch videos.
    Let me know how you like that Simply Scentsational Sampler box!! I have been thinking about trying them, I'm just afraid that it'll be mostly scents I don't care for. I'm picky :)
    I found out about destashes, I'm in a few wax groups on Facebook and thats where I see destashes being posted! You should find me on facebook.
    Just message me that you are THE Lauren from the blog :D
    Yes, Celtic Moonspice is AMAZING!! I am trying not to order from Front Porch anymore, since other vendors are duping her scents that are making her unique. I think for a RTS (ready to ship) business, her tarts take too long. They are really good though. I have enough for a while if I do decide to reorder!
    lol Your husband should like it!! ALl the more to choose from!! You can always find room!! I got some discounted "Back to SChool" small cubbies from Walmart for 50cents a piece (regularly $1.50) for mine... Do you have a book case? I have one and put the crates in the bookcase for storage!! I have to get me another bookcase though!! The one I have is slap-full!
    Yeah ICSDB is definitely a toothache, headache, and ache all over for me. WAAAYYYY too sweet!! But there are some ice cream and marshmallow scents that I have found to have liked from other vendors!! I think its just FP's ICSDB oil that I don't care for.
    My husband usually likes the fruity scents. He loves Apricot Vanilla, Lemon Vanilla, Berry Vanilla from Bath and Body Works. He likes cinnamon and pumpkin scents too, thats a new development right there!! How about your husband?