Thursday, September 6, 2012

And In The News...

Hi everyone!!!

First, I would like to explain my last blog post.  The intent of that entry was not only document recipes for my own personal use, but to share with my fellow reader(s) as well!  I am still kind of "starting out" in life so I have been on a Raeman noodles and Diet Coke 2liter diet!  And believe me, I am getting tired of Raeman noodles! So I wanted to find recipes and ways to maximize my dollar for real food.  My main objective is that it is real food and it is cost effective.  I would LIKE it to be healthy... but sometimes that is not always the case.  Seriously, has anyone seen the cost of peanuts and other sorts of health foods?  It would drive even the most health-conscious people to the frozen side of the grocery store!

But I did kinda hit a steal eating out!  My meal the entire DAY was about right at the $5 mark!  I ate at Sonic Drive-In (hehe yep!) They were having their breakfast burritos half off!!  So I had a Zesty Cheesesteak and a Smoked Chipotle breakfast burrito. ($3.25)  Then I had a coupon for two corn dogs for 99cents!  One for Barry and one for me!  ($.50)  Then we went during Happy Hour where all the slushies and drinks are half off, so we got a large Cherry Limeade to split! ($.53, shared).  Then because their ice cream machine was broken, we ventured to McDonalds and I got a Smores Pie for 89cents!!

So $5.17 (give or take a little with tax and stuff) for the whole day!! Yes!!

Anyhow, back to some scents!

Cheryl's Candles and Gifts

Mango Sorbet- This is one of those scents where I can quite describe how good it is!  Its tangy, and sweet all at the same time!! It smells almost even better than it does cold!! Its what I'd want if I were to actually get Mango Sorbet!! Yum yum yum!

Starfruit and Mango- Similar to Mango Sorbet, except it reminds me of Slatkin's Starfruit Crush a little bit!! Very nice and, both this and Mango Sorbet are nice and strong!! Have lasted almost 6 hours and they were just 1oz cups!!

I recommend both of these scents AND this company!! She has over 1400 (Nope, that number isn't a typo!) and she is a wonderfully sweet woman!! She is on vacation right now but she should be back sometime in the next week or so!!  Next time she has a sale on tarts where I can participate, I am definitely going back for more!  Even Barry commented how nice they smelled!!

Front Porch Candle Company

Pumpkin Spice Cake- Delicious! Not too much spice but just enough to make it cozy!

I know I said I wasn't going to order from FP anymore, but now that I have downloaded Google Chrome as my internet browser, I now can order from her site every so often.  I am still not going to order from her as much as I was (I keep thinking how many tarts and six packs I could have gotten at Haley's Heavenly Scents or somewhere else and it just makes me mad!) but I still have some favorites from her that I have not gotten in 4packs.  So the quest continues.


Warm Welcome- Very sweet pumpkin! Very nice and strong!

Bath and Body Works/Slatkin

Leaves- This is from last year!! If you guys haven't tried it and don't mind a little bit of spice, its good!! I think it smells like Apple Cider some, but its sooo good!! (I'm not a huge fan of apple, try not to get it in scents because I feel like apples are more generic scents!)

Smells like fall!! How about in your homes?? Anyone breaking out the fall scents yet?  Decorations?

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