Saturday, February 22, 2014

Back on the FP BandWagon

I am sitting here with a big bowl of raeman noodles and thought of something I wanted to impart upon you all!!

I really enjoy the Roast Beef raeman noodles, which are hard to find in my area and can be found normally at one grocery store.  It's good, different, and doesn't have this bad stench that most of the other packets have.  I eat raeman noodles by choice, because they are cheap, easy, fill you up, and I don't have to think too much while making them or if I am going to mess them up.  Because when I cook, that happens.  The best part is, I have perfected the science how to cook them the way I like them, so they come out the same every single time! 

Eventually, the noodles by themselves get kinda boring.  I've found articles in different magazines (even health magazines) that tell you how to spice up your raeman!! My favorites have been raeman with scrambled eggs, cream cheese & kale, butter & shredded cheese, and I just made a new concoction where I pulsed some celery, potato, and onion and put it in there with a little parmesan cheese!!  Pretty good!!

If any of you help yourself to raeman noodles, definitely give one or two of these a try!! Or if you have a cool little raeman recipe, I'd love to hear it! <3

Back to wax!! I have been treating myself to tiny Front Porch orders here and there, and between a few restocks, got these!

4Pack Lavender Noel
4Pack Sandalwood
4Pack Lavender Pink Chiffon
4Pack Sweet Dreams
Single Lavender Marshmallow ZB
Single Marshmallow Mango Bread

What kinda sucks, is that I am 50cents away from the $25 mark to get refunded ten percent.  I'm thinking about just grabbing a single or something to put it over.  It's not like there aren't tons of scents I'm wanting to get.  I just love FP's lavender!! <3  I made a whole list of scents based on FP's new scent list that I want to try/get on my virtual sticky note program!  It's a LONG list!

I really forgot after not ordering FP for a long while how ADDICTING it is, with the free shipping incentive!  I mean, really really easy to just get a single or a four pack because you aren't paying any extra in shipping.  Soooooo nice to indulge a tiny (HUGE) want to order sometimes :D

It seems I have gravitated over to somewhat earthy/spa type of scents for the spring and summer.  Especially spring though.  It's just so relaxing to have a lavender or sandalwood scent on with a little fruit mixed in!  I'm still loving bakery, Pink Sugar and Serendipity too, but I think I am going to try to have EVERYTHING blended with that lavender from FP.  I'm obsessed, what can I say?  lol

Still waiting on my Shayz and my second FP order (above)!  My The Bathing Garden order (SO EXCITED!) should be shipping out Monday because I paid on the 24th! So I should be getting it, hopefully on Wednesday! 

And to make matters even more exciting, my moving day is on the 28th or the 1st of March!  So slowly packing everything up as time grows closer.  I'm moving to a different apartment in the same apartment complex, so nothing too different, just a little manual labor to keep the blood flowing and the bank account better padded! <3

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe weekend!!


  1. Yum, I love ramen noodles but haven't had them in years! Now you've got me craving them, I may have to try to put my own spin on them one of these days =) Looks like you have a great order from FP headed your way! I agree, FP can get so addicting especially since they restock every day! I haven't ordered from them in a few weeks so I definitely have the itch to! That Marshmallow Mango Bread might just need to come home with me. Have a great weekend <3

    1. lol you totally have to get some raeman noodles now!! :D I totally can't wait to hear how you jazz em' up!
      I'm probably not helping with the itch to order, but it is so much fun!! Especially when you have $5-$10 extra to order with!
      I totally want to hear if you order Marshmallow Mango Bread and how you like it! I think it sounds like a delicious fruity bakery blend that would be awesome!!
      Talk to you soon!

  2. I also like to jazz my ramen noodles up with tons of garlic sauteed veggies and chicken breasts with chili oil. It's sooo good. After you mentioned that FP lavender is lavender vanilla I also mix it with other scents and I love it. I haven't ordered from Shayz yet. I'm still on the fence about ordering from 10+ vendors.

    1. Omg Yasmine, that sounds delicious!! I'm going to have to try that with the chili oil and the garlic!! YUMMY! :D
      It's so crazy how wonderful that Downy Lavender Vanilla is!! I would have NEVER thought to have mixed it with bakery (because that's crazy, right?) But it does so well together!
      If you like pink and ZB scents, you'll love Shayz. Her pink sugar is so strong! And yeah with all these vendors out there, it's hard to know which ones are reliable and which ones aren't.
      Talk to you soon!

  3. I LOVE FP and ramen noodles!! I agree, FP lavender is great. Her peppermint gets me every time too. Combine them and I am in heaven!! I have a funny kid version of ramen. I make the noodles, dye them blue with food color, cook a hotdog, slice the end into long strips and it looks like an octopus. Two mustard dots for eyes and it "swims" over a pool of blue "waves". The girls love it! Lol

    1. Ah!! Julie!! Hiiiii!! <3

      That is SOOOO COOL about your raeman!! I LOVE IT!!! I am totally doing that at some point!! I'm tellng you, I'm totally a kid at heart. And why not? Why should the kiddos get all the fun?
      FP's peppermint is good?! :D Like strong but not too strong? I was thinking about getting some Lavender Peppermint, or Pink Peppermint, but I've had some peppermint blends where it seems to drown out everything else, which is a little disappointing to me... I will have to order a peppermint blend or two and let you know!! :D YAY!
      (Like I needed another reason to order, lol )

      Talk to you soon!

  4. I kinda stir fry my ramen noodles with eggs;). I'm not a fan of FP lavender but then again I have only tried it in Lavender sugar cookie dough bread. I love pink peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus & peppermint and marshmallow peppermint twist from FP