Thursday, February 13, 2014

Get Up, Straight and Tall, Get Your Back Against the Wall

Cuz my love for wax is dangerous!  Dangerously FUN!  (Anyone a Madonna fan? White Heat? Lol)

There is a reason I decided to reference this song in my post tonight.  I was trying to think of a drug/reference to being high in a song, but I don't listen to that type of music.  This is the closest that I could come up with.

In many groups, there is always that excitement before and after making an order.  Many times this feeling is compared to having a high similar to, well drugs.  I always think this is such a funny comparison!! Thirteen years in school and every other phrase is "Say no to drugs." and "Drugs are bad."  What we are really comparing is the addicting quality of our hobby.  And the most common thing to be addicted to is drugs.  It's the mere act that is addicting; it's like collection addiction.  We are the obsessive collector.  We are a slave to our senses because we need wax so we can satiate our olfactory thirst.

We are almost forced into action to engage in wax and candles for smell, food for taste, music to hear,   When you have something that makes you a slave to your senses, you love receiving and it almost forces you to comply to your addiction.  Nowadays, in the wax world, you are "smelling" with your eyes with all of the new products that are out: chunks, loaves, brittle, doughnuts, decorated clamshells, etc.  The high that you experience when clicking that submit button, is almost unparalleled!  Dreaming up orders and blends in your mind, thinking how beautiful your wax will look and smell once it reaches your mailbox and into your arms, is what we all feel plotting and submitting orders at all of our favorite vendors.

It is our way of stress relief and enhancing our quality of life by something so simple yet so intriguing. "What scent do I put on today?"  No extra effort, no focus, the automatic body function of breathing allows you to enjoy scent without having to work at it.  It's one of the things that I, and I'm sure everyone else appreciates and enjoys about our wonderful hobby.  This coupled with the array of different scents, the possibilities with the blending of new and different scents, which only increases our want for new and extra stimulating ideas/blends.  You can almost call it, instead of Sense Stimulation, "Scents Stimulation".

I got to participate in this height of stimulation, and ordered three times today (two times if you count with a friend).  I LOVE ordering, I love the plotting, the preparation, everything (obviously)

Shayz Scentz

Six Packs:
2 Pink Serendipity
Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar
Pink Toastie Marshmallow
Lavender Serendipity
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Lavender

Also went out on a limb and got a few shapes!  A jumbo bunny tart in Pink Sugar Vanilla Bean, 2 "Spring Sinus Tarts, and a double heart tart in Pink Serendipity.  I got two cups in Lavender Vanilla and Honeydew Melon!

Then I made a Front Porch order!  Everyone knows I love my Group Hug (which is a blend of FP's lavender vanilla, tangerine, and Pink Sugar).  It's fabulous!  I had just made my Shayz order and was like, "OK, I have a little bit of money, why don't I check for my Group Hug?" Because when I have money and when Group Hug is stocked, those times never get quite aligned.  BUT TODAY WAS DIFFERENT!  Today I grabbed the LAST four pack of Group Hug and a four pack of Lavender SCDB!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Last but not least, my friend was participating in Victoria's Designer Creations flash sale!  I haven't tried too many (maybe one or two VDC's and they've only been in destashes) so I wanted to try in my own little order!! I got a few things!

Victoria's Designer Creations

Pink Grapefruit grubby
Ice Cream Cake Batter ZB grubby
First Kiss Lips
Hot Kiss Lips
Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream Scoop

Yayyy!! So excited!! Also looking forward to my Bathing Garden haul.  I paid on the 24th, so it'll still be a little while!!

The Bathing Garden
2 Marshmallow Cookie Jar
2 Sleepy
Marshmallow Frosted Tangerine Mango
Pomegranate Lime Sweet Tart
Cheshire Cat
Cleopatra's Cream Bath
Illusions of the Labyrinth
Guava Berry Gelato
Gardenia Coconut Cream

Yayy!! Hope everyone's staying safe and warm!!  Our whole road is ICED over! I am not about to go drive in this... hope everyone's got snacks, electricity, and fun stuff to do at home!


  1. BRAVO Ashley! You are so right on with this post. There's so much enjoyment in all the aspects of wax--the plotting, the ordering, the anticipation & waiting, the unpacking and the melting. I love it all. I've always been crazy about fragrance (perfume, home fragrance, flowers etc) but wax has taken it to a completely different level.
    Group Hug is one of the strongest and longest lasting tarts I've melted--hands down, probably #1.
    I hope you have a stocked fridge and stay warm love!

    1. Lol I always feel that there's this poetic aspect to melting that we can never quite put our finger on, do it justice. It's an amazing feeling!! <3
      I used to be really into Bath and Body Works, then I had a friend in a Bath and Body Works group who was always taking about Front Porch or CFTKR. Wax has made me even more obsessive!! lol
      Group Hug is amazing!! Before tarts, blending, and all of these scents I've never heard of before the wax world, I would NEVER have thought that would be a good combo, but it is!! Fabulously so!!
      Is it snowing in Cali, S? If so, stay safe! If not, I'm jealous! lol <3

  2. Right now, I am actually falling asleep dreaming of my orders! Love plotting my orders too, it's so fun to review my wishlist everytime I look at a vendor's scents! Can't wait for my TBG order too, I paid on the 22nd, hoping it gets shipped out soon!

    1. Hi Michelle!! Me too! I fall asleep thinking of different blends, new wax stuff.... it's very calming, and very relaxing to fall asleep to (I think we've cured insomnia in wax lovers!) I have a virtual post-it program on my laptop, and it's COVERED with different wishlists/plotted orders from different vendors!
      I hope you get your TBG order very soon!! I think she is working on the 22nd, so hopefully not too much longer!! :D I can't wait to see pictures and what you think of the scents you picked out!

  3. So true! I hadn't really thought of it like that, but you're right. I find myself getting super excited about putting in an order after reading a blog post about wax, and have to put on the brakes before I end up buying way more than I could ever melt :)

    1. Lol usually my bank account puts the brakes on plenty for me! If I had more of a flexible budget, I'd probably need to put myself on a more ban of my will to buy. Haha!
      But I haven't really bought much in the past few months (besides an occasional TBG order) so I went a little wild yesterday, and once my tax refund comes in, I'm going to go on a shopping spree!! Got my orders already planned out!! Then I'll be set for a little while!!

  4. I love this! I could relate with everything you said. I tend to have mini obsessions. Nail polish, make up, perfume, wax. And I will find my perfect items and once I feel like my collection has what I need I slow down and stop. But I melt my wax do fast and gift so much to my family and friends I keep going with it :-) I go through cycles of wildness then calm with little spending. Last month I was at peak wildness! Lol

    1. Haha but it's so much fun to indulge yourself in whatever the obsesson!! So satisfying! It's good that you know when to stop! Some people don't! Then they get this HUGE collection and never know when they are going to melt it all! Like years and years of melting and still ordering more! I won't lie, if I could, I would do that. Haha! I'm one of those compulsive people. Lol :D Where'd you order in your peak wildness!?!

    2. I had budgeted a big amount for the RG opening in January so when that fell through I bought from aunt smellman, L3, super tarts, FP, CFTKR, TBG, SMT mystery box. Most of them have come in. And quite a few were first time ordering. I was happy with most of them. :-)

    3. You picked some fab vendors to do first time orders with!! Any particular scents you ended up falling inlove with?

  5. Love this post!! There really is a madness to wax and it being so addicting, but it's so ridiculously fun. Planning, plotting, staying within budget, going over budget and then seeing where you can delete, looking up descriptions, blogging and looking at other's just so fun! (Too bad Facebook groups have sort of put a damper on it for me, lol)

    I must try Group Hug! Sounds really nice!

    Looking forward to seeing how you like your VDC order. Hopefully she fixed her CS issues and you get your package sooner rather than later!


    1. Lol I've always had a hard time describing it. This day, I found a philosophical bone in me, and decided to go with it!! And yeah, at first the FB groups seemed like a fantabulous idea! Now it's just seeming to be more of a hassle than it is fun. (Just the FB groups)

      Group Hug is really really nice!! Even just a single, it's worth it!

      I may have to change my VDC order to another vendor. Her shipping, when going to check out, was really high, a little higher than I wanted to pay for just a few items. Sooooo... that's probably a no-go! My friend got me a few things at Rainbow Melts (woohoo!) so that's going to be my substitute VDC order! :D I wasn't too crazy about the botched CS stories either. I remember when all that went down... crazy!!

      Have an awesome week Lauren! <3

  6. I love this post! In one way or another, I've been hooked on fragrance for as long as I can remember, whether it be perfumes, body products, incense, candles, or wax tarts. I have always been slave to my olfactory thirst, as you called it =) What makes so addicting to me is the whole process of ordering - plotting, thinking up scent combos, waiting for it to arrive, sniffing, sniffing again, and melting. I watched a video the other day of someone saying that when you keep wax for too long, it loses it's scent and it's a waste of money. I have to disagree, because the act of ordering and smelling the wax when I get it is just as much fun as melting. Even if the wax loses it's oomph before I melt it, I still had fun ordering and sniffing, and to, me that's not a waste. But I know everyone has their own thoughts on this issue. Anyways, looks like you have some great orders coming in! Can't wait to see them =)

    1. Lol I love describing the undescribable! I sooo SOO enjoy doing everything! Plotting, planning, pressing the submit button, the wait, and the inevitable CNS!! Then tracking it until it's in your arms and you spend an hour devouring the box because it was all worth the wait!! <3 And that's not even actually using it! I love it!! <3

      And thank you! I had to move to a new computer, and I have NO idea if I can load any pictures of my orders (which is sad) but I will definitely be excited to post when I get them!!