Saturday, August 11, 2012

LSC/Butterfly Lane Destash ... and Other News

Yayy!! I got my first Lasting Scent Candles, Angel-Made-Scents and Butterfly Lane Scents tarts EVER in a destash package!! Here's a picture!

The AMS one (the cup with no label on the top, its on the side, not visible) is Strawberry Iced Tea.  I will put this out there, because we all have different noses.  I am not a tea person (I don't drink any kind of tea in real-life because I don't like it) and I, most of the time, think strawberry scents smell too generic or sweet.  So I was expecting to put this one in a bag with other's that I have ordered and ended up not liking to give to my MIL for her birthday.  AMS Strawberry Iced Tea is not going anywhere!! I am pleasantly surprised to say that instead of the generic sweetness of regular strawberry scents, this one almost has a strawberry citrus to it.  I LOVE that!! I can't smell any tea-like smell in it, but I'm thinking its going to be like a strawberry citrus smoothie or cooler.  It smells great!!!


Pink Sugar Buns- This one I have been wanting to try and was definitely going to order when/if I found someone else to order with (so we could get free shipping but only had to pay out $30 instead of $65) This one smells very pink, very sugary, then you can smell the buns.  I am not positive if I am going to like this one as much as I thought I would.  But I hope the buns part softens up when it melts.  Its got potential :)
Pink Marshmallow Shortbread-  This is a nice sweet shortbready scent.  This one I am really excited about!! I am a sucker for shortbread scents, so it seems!! I can't wait to melt this one!

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie- I LOOOVVVEEEE this scent!! Food scents are so hard to replicate some times... but this is spot on.  This is the only one that I've melted so far!! I used half and it was nice and strong!! LOVE IT!! :) :)

Iced Oatmeal Cookie- Cold it doesn't smell like anything special, but neither did Slatkin's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie either.  I think this is a scent that I'd have to base solely on it being warm and melted. 

Honey Pear-This one actually smells kinda floral to me.  That might be the pear.  I was going to toss this one in a MIL destash, but the husband likes it.  So I kept it for him. Hopefully it will grow on me melting.

Pink Marshmallow Cake-
MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm yummm :) This one smells so good!! Like pink candy and yellow cake!!

Pumpkin Marshmallow Cheesecake- Now I should also put a disclaimer up here, I am not a huge fan of cheesecake scents.  All of the ones that I've tried, there just seems to be something there that puts the whole scent off.  And I've come to the conclusion that its the cheesecake scents.  I've tried from different vendors and all the same.  Other than the cheesecake scent, the pumpkin and the marshmallow smell DELICIOUS.  I hope I don't smell as much cheesecake melting.

Banana Caramel Pecan- This was a freebie (yay for freebies!!) in the order.  This usually I wouldn't like.  Banana.  Caramel.  Pecan.  But I think I may like it... just hoping the caramel isn't too heavy!

On other news, I have another destash coming!! More Angel-Made-Scents and Lasting Scent Candles, and two vendors that I haven't tried: Can-Do Candles and Candles From the Keeping Room.  I absolutely can't wait!! And it was a heck of a deal!!  9 tarts for $10.34 shipped!  Yayy!!!

I also bought a 4pack of Front Porch's Coconut Pineapple Ice Cream.  Had to.  Even with her new way of adding stock, I'm trying to veer away from Front Porch to vendors who's easier to order from.  But had to get my CP Ice Cream!!

I also am trying out Cheryl's Candles.  She has AMAZING scents and over 1400!!!  You know you're going to find stuff that you like!!  Here are the scents that I have ordered (with free shipping until the 15th! CODE is 100ships) in 1oz cups!!

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