Sunday, February 10, 2013

In GA, it's beginning to feel like Spring...Even with the Blizzard in the NorthEast

Good Morning, everyone!

Its been a novel wax week.  Had some great orders come in!! :)

I got six packs Pink Fire, Cinnamon Toast, Pink Toastie Marshmallows, Pink Dreams, and Warm PInk Vanilla Sugar.  I got cups in Pink Grapfruit, Pink Serendipity, Pink Zucchini, Amish Bread, and Pink Strawberry Jam.  I got freebies in Blueberry Marshmallow and Pink Macstachio!  Love them all!!!

I also got my JLCCW order!!!  

This was a combined order with a friend of mine.  I got 3oz tarts in Peppermint Cake Bites/Serendipity/Pink Sugar, Aloha Pineapple/Pink Sugar/VBN, Gourmet Sugar Cookie/Glazed Cinnamon Doughnuts/Vanilla Sugar, Pink Sugar and Serendipity Jaimie, Nana's Kitchen and Gourmet Sugar Cookie, Pink Sugar, Lavender Vanilla, Gourmet Sugar Cookie, and VBN and two cupcakes in Wildberry Mousse Noel and Pink SCDB.  

My friend got a cupcake sampler in the following scents: Stormwatch, Pink Serendipity, Apple Butterscotch Cake, Pumpkin Marshmallow, Frosted Lime Cupcake, CremeBrulee Pink Cupcake, Avalon, Pink Sugar/ Vanilla Pear, Country Bumpkin, Glazed Cinnamon Doughnut/Gourmet Sugar Cookie, Pink Sugar/Aloha Pineapple, Pink Sugar/Frosted Lime Cupcake and 3oz loaves in Pink Sugar "Type", Pink Sugar Cookie Dough, and Pink Sugar Lemon Ice Box Cupcakes.

I tried melting my Wildberry Mousse Noel cupcake last night, amazing!! It still needs curing, but its fantastic!! I am letting my order cure for a week or two before I melt another!! 

I also got my OLC order!! 

Scents that I got was: Fruit Loops, Iced Lemon Biscotti, Lemon Confections, 7UP Pound Cake, Hello Sugar, Zesty Lemon Squares, Pink Lemon Biscotti, Lemon Squares, Lemon Souffle, Iced Lemon Danish, and Iced Orange Zucchini.   I ended up giving Fruit Loops away to my friend because I am just not a Fruit Loop fan.  Yes, yes I am weird.  I know! :)  My favorites out of this so far (cold) is Hello Sugar, Lemon Souffle, and Pink Lemon Biscotti!  I put in Iced Lemon Biscotti in my bathroom.  Read my review below!  

Let me go ahead and tell you guys what I have been melting!
Shayz Pink Danish - This is a reorder for me!! You can't go wrong with Orange Creamsickle AND Pink Sugar! <3
HHS Granma's Monkey Farts - It's amazing how two scents you don't like by themselves, smell great and compliment each other so well!  If any of you have tried Farty Bread by FP (which is where I got the idea, didn't like Monkey Farts, but loved Farty Bread!) I have another six pack on the way!  
FP Coconut Pineapple Ice Cream  - mmmmmmmm soooo nice! It's not too creamy like most ice cream scents, but has a nice frosty, frothy note to coconut pineapple/colada type.  I recommend this for summer!
Shayz Warm Pink Vanilla Sugar - Absolutely wonderful!  I received a six pack of it in my order above for Shayz!  Great, nice and strong!! Pink and Vanilla! <3
FP Citrus Laundry - This is a mix of Citrus Explosion and Gain Laundry!  It's fantastic!  Perfect mix of both!  Luckily I have both Gain and Citrus Explosion in seperate packs, so I can mix them together since I used the last of my CItrus Laundry!
FP Gain Laundry - This smells JUST like Gain detergent!! It's fantastic and so strong!  
HHS Fresh Linen - Great for you laundry/fresh scent lovers.  It's nice, just not one of my favorites.  Nice and strong.  To me, linen and regular laundry scents smell different.  Linen smells a little harsher to me.
FP Cucumber and Grapefruit - I loved this scent cold.  Got it after I ordered it for a friend of mine.  I went to warm it today, and I just don't think I like it.  With most of FP's grapefruit scents (like Bamboo and Grapefruit), it just seems that the other component overpowers the grapefruit.  And I order these scents BECAUSE of the grapefruit. My husband likes it though... so we will see.  
FP Pink Mallow Bread - I melted this with a Gain Laundry Tart (I know, I know, weird combination) but it smelled good together!! Pink Mallow Bread smells very nice!!  Will definitely mix something like this somewhere!! :)
OLC Iced Lemon Biscotti - I got a sampler of the bakery lemon scents.  Orchid Lake has some great deals on samplers! $9, free shipping for 10 (.8oz) cups of a certain category of scents.  I gotta admit, free shipping gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I am so weak...  My point is, I put one of these little bitty cups in my bathroom warmer, and even the little cup is nice and great for the bathroom! Very fragrant!! I have been getting into bakery lemons a little bit more, especially getting closer to warmer weather.  This is a great one!! 

I also ... happened to make a few orders!! :) 

While I am waiting for a HHS order that I made with my friend (All I remember is that I got my two bags of Pink Sugar.) I keep forgetting that Janet doesn't send out an invoice.  Which makes getting the package in the mail like a present, because I forgot what I got!! But this time, I remembered to write my choices down!
Whipped Amish Friendship Bread
Jelly Beans
Lemon Creme Cooler
Pink Hawaiian Splash
Pink Pineapple Orchid
Pink Sugared Strawberries
Pink Sugar
Pink Noel

My two free packs I want: 1) Granma's Creamy Zucchini Bread + Monkey Farts!
2) Pink Sugared Strawberries + White Cake

I also made a small Closet Full of Wax order!  $5 order, free shipping!! Will be getting it Monday.  She has free shipping all month long, no minimum purchase.  That will always get me to make an order!! That's why I loved Front Porch so much!! 

Toasted Marshmallow
Amish Friendship Bread
Cotton Candy
Pink Sugar 
Lemon Squares

I THINK that's what I got!!! I went to the list again and tried to think of what I had gotten.  That sounds right.  If I like what I get on Monday, I will definitely be getting another order in! :) Everyone should too!! Perfect timing!! 

ALSO before I forget, FussAssMcGee is having $1 tarts plus free shipping (I'm not sure if its on a certain amount or on any purchase) but its definitely worth checking out!! I definitely will!!

Until next week!! You lovely tartlettes be good!! Let me know if it's been cold or warm where you are at and what you have been melting!! 


  1. When I went to FussAssMcGee's website this morning, all the scent cups were sold out, I am so sad I missed it!

    How do you order with a friend, do you live near each other then take it to one another to save on shipping?? That's such a fabulous idea!

    You got some great stuff from Shayz, I still want to try her stuff!

    I hope you love JLCCW, I have a loaf coming from her, my first one! Her stuff is simply amazing!! :)

  2. I got online right after she posted that the sale had ended. I was like, nooooooooooooooo!!!! But oh well. I'm glad they did well during their sale!

    Yes me and my friend live near each other. So one of us orders, the other pays the other back, and once we get it in, we divvy which is our's and smell the other person's! It's wonderful!! We have similar and different tastes, so its nice to smell without committing to an order!!

    You need to Lauren!! Shayz is great! I can't remember if you like Pink scents or not, but her pinks are fantastic! I've heard her zucchini is too, although I've yet to try any of her zucchini. I got Pink Zucchini in my order, but have been waiting for it to cure!

    I'm sure I'll love JLCCW!! It's all I need, another company I HAVE to order from!! lol I've been letting her stuff cure too!! I am going to melt one tonight, my Pink Sugar Cookie Dough. It already smells stronger!