Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ramblings of Another Week!

NO ONE LAUGH!  lol OK Yes I am trying the video making thing again.  It's short and sweet.  Tried to keep my Southern Belle accent out!  Man, I swear, in real life, when I speak, I don't hear my southern accent... until I make a video... or a recording... then it comes OUT!  Noooooo, put it back! 

I am going to upload a picture I got from Front Porch (Yes I know, I banned myself from Front Porch, but some of these scents were too good to pass up.  I only got four individuals.  Nothing too bad.)  

I got Celtic Moonspice Noel, Pink Mallow Bread, Pink Sugared Bread, and Lavender Blackberry Cookies.  That Lavender Blackberry Cookies INTRIGUED ME!! And I love Celtic Moonspice and VBN blends... I have never thought of them together!  And anything Pink calls my name!  

This is where I list what I have been melting this week.  I have been mainly in my bedroom (because I moved my laptop in there so I could rest in my nice comfy new bed :D) where I burn mainly candles.  I've been burning a bunch of Slatkin candles (because that's all the candles I have!)

Toasted Pistachio Delight- <3
Frosted Tangerine Cake- <3 <3
S'Mores- <3 <3
Vanilla Snowflake <3
Paris Amour <3 <3
Marshmallow Peppermint <3 <3 <3

I have been melting some tarts too!! Can't leave you guys hanging and not melt any tarts all week!! But its definitely, DEFINITELY less than I have been melting! I have been trying to clear out some of my stash for some orders that have been coming in (Will elaborate later!)

HHS Buttermilk Pancakes- I ordered this the first time I ever ordered from Haley's.  I ordered this and Coconut.  I had never tried Pink Sugar before and wanted two generic sounding scents so I could mix them and even just melt them by themselves, that way I knew what I was getting.  Buttermilk Pancakes... you can smell the sweetness/mapley of the pancakes... just a tiny bit of mapleness.  It's a perfect pancake scent in my opinion. Very warm and very good!
Shayz Pink Dreams - Favorite!
Shayz Pink Toastie Marshmallows- Favorite!
HHS Pink SCDB- Favorite!  I wouldn't be melting this if I didn't have another bag of it and Janet said that she found a dupe for SCDB (THANK GOD!) so I can melt a little more of this! <3
HHS Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Cone- <3 Good!  This was my own personal blend from HHS! It's very good!! Just over the apple.  I'm usually more into apple cinnamon/apple cider scents in the fall... now I'm gunning for peppermint/perfumey/warm scents! Just no apple or pumpkin!  
SMT Pink Noel- :O I can't tell you people how much of a favorite it is for me!! I have them in the little racecars, and 3 of those are less than an oz.  Scented up my bedroom (because I need to melt my SMT!) for two days!
SMT Pink Butter Cookie- YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!  Butter made me worried about this scent... but I am IN-LOOOVEE!! Need more of this!! Straight up cookie with pink sugar!! Now this makes me want to try Butter Fudge!

Also expecting orders from Shayz and JLCCW this week!! Hoping to hear about my OLC order!! Can't wait!

That's about it for me!!  If you guys are curious about a scent and all I say beside it is, "Favorite" or "Love" and you want some more information about it, please leave me a comment!! I will happily describe the actual scent and/or the throw!!  Usually I have mentioned it in past blog entries, and don't want to get too repetitive!  

THank you guys!! Leave me some feedback!! 

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