Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Haley's Heavenly Scents

Sorry for the mini hiatus!  Has anyone felt like not talking to anybody?  I haven't felt like typing out anything.... lol I dunno why.  I get in my little moods :)


I got my HHS order today!! It's fabulous!! <3

When I opened the box, I opened it on the floor and handed Barry the
bag of Pistachio Coconut Fluff!  IT IS AMAZING!!
My two bags of brittle in Pistachio Coconut Fluff and Granma's
Monkey Farts (ULTIMATE FAVORITES!) and my sample cup
was in Pink Vanilla SCDB!  
My Twinkies Sampler that I got on the HHS Facebook page!!
Pink Twinkies, Toasted Coconut Twinkies, Vanilla SCDB Twinkies,
Funnel Cake Twinkies, Granma's Serendipity Strawberry Dream Cake,
Toasted Mrs. Clause Twinkies, Apple Cinnamon Twinkies, Fruit Loop
Twinkies, Cotton Candy Twinkies, and Creamy Coconut Twinkies
Here are the few cups that I ordered!  Country Chic, Vanilla
Sandalwood, Sweet Potatoes & Brown Sugar, and Granma's
Pumpkin Blueberry!!
It is never a complete HHS order without Prim Words!!
Vanilla Butter Fudge, Twinkies, Granma's Spiced Apples & Peaches
Pink Cotton Candy ISCDB, Creamy Vanilla Nutmeg, Granma's Apricot
Bread, Toasted Bubble Gum Cotton Candy, Lemon Drop ISCDB,
Granma's Peppermint Fluff, and Pink Noel, 
Last but not least, my free packs!
I did a custom blend in Buttermilk Pancakes/Sugar Cookie, another custom blend
in Pink Lavender/Whipped ISCDB, and Pink CBIC.
I went from barely having a bin full, to having THREE bin-fuls!!

Stay tuned! I will have more awesome stuff coming up in the next few days!!


  1. Hoping to place an order with her one day. I'm too impatient for a 6 week tat.

    1. Actually her TAT for my order (which was before the Black Friday sales) was maybe 2-3 weeks! Not too bad at all!! I would be really impatient for an 8week TAT too!

  2. I love your stocked bins! Did you win the twinkie sampler? I remember reading on the HHS page how they were going to award their best group member. If so, congrats --you are a fabulous group member--I agree!

    1. Hahaha Thank you! Yes I try to be very organized with my wax. People laugh, but if we all lived closer, I'd be organizing everyone's wax, free of charge. I enjoy it!

      Yep I won the Twinkie Sampler for being the most engaging group member. And thank you!! It's amazing!! The Twinkies are amazing!! I've already melted some and am really happy with them!

  3. I totally get what you mean about having days that you just need to stay to yourself ;) Understood, and no need to apologize.... we forgive ya :)

    I'm gazing over your HHS photos and am starting to plot my order for Black Friday :) :) So excited!!!! I always go for the bakery good (I love zucchini blends). Do you have a top favorite bakery scent from HHS? xox

    1. Lol Mine's been a whole month. Haha... Something just hasn't been in me to write... maybe it's the cold weather... :D

      Did you end up ordering for Black Friday?? If so, what'd you get?? Oh man, a one favorite blend... that's really really hard. I love her Granma's blends (even the caramel ones which I normally stray away from), Twinkies blends, Pink blends, etc. If I were to pick one bakery type, it'd probably be Granma's VSCDB. Delicious!!

    2. Hi Ashley :)

      I am SO excited!!! Besides my HHS order I was selected to buy from LCP's RTS selection :)

      Here is what I'm getting from HHS:

      Granmas Creamy Mrs Claus Zucchini Bread
      Granmas Creamy Vanilla Bean Noel Zucchini
      Granmas Creamy Toasted Vanilla Bean Zucchini
      Toasted Mrs Claus

      2oz TART CUPS -
      Cucumber Melon BBW
      Granmas Creamy Pumpkin Apple Butter Zucchini
      Vanilla Bean Zucchini Bread
      Lemon Cookies
      Christmas Cookies
      Granmas Toasted Vanilla Pumpkin
      Toasted Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough
      Toasted Pistachio Coconut Fluff
      Granmas Creamy Zucchini Bread
      Granmas Creamy Toasted Caramel Zucchini
      Granmas Vanilla Pumpkin
      Granmas Vanilla Bean Cookie Bread

      and from LCP:
      Grubby Sampler Bags -
      BRC Blue Ribbon Cookie
      TM Noel ZB
      Lemon Marsh ZB

      Spoon-ur-Scents -
      Grammy's ZB
      Frosty Blue Ribbon Cookie
      Pumpkin Marshmallow ZB

      I wish I could have nabbed more LCP but my wax moola is totally depleted. I know I bought way too much ZB from HHS but it's my favorite and being my first time ordering my mind was in a tizzy :)

    3. OMG!! This looks amazing!! I have tried Granma's VBN (Can only be better toasted YUM!), the Granma's Pumpkin Apple Butter is FREAKIN' AMAZING!! (I am going to get brittle, BRITTLE in that because it's so good!), Toasted Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough, Granma's ZB, Granma's Toasted Caramel, and Granma's Vanilla Bean Cookie Bread. I'm serious, you will LOVE everything!! If you, for some reason don't, please let me know, I'll buy it off of you! Just saying! Haha!!

      And your LCP sounds amazing! I've heard wonderful things about BRC Blue Ribbon Cookie and Frosty Blue Ribbon Cookie!! And her spoon-ur-scents are fantastic!! Perfect consistency!!

      I can't wait to see pictures!! :D Enjoy! <3

    4. Thanks, Ashley :) I'll let you know if there's something I want to destash... but by the sounds of it I'm going to love it all! The LCP spoon-ur-scents will be my first experience with this form of wax. I snuck in a Toasted Pistachio Coconut Fluff to try out since I always hear you saying how you love Pistachio Coconut Fluff :)

    5. LOL yes, Pistachio Coconut Fluff is amazing!! I don't care for Pistachio Pudding because of that cherry note. But Pcf has no cherry note!!

  4. I am def. placing a Black Friday order - can't wait!!!

    1. Did you end up ordering?? What'd you get?!

  5. I too am placing a huge Black Friday order! I need to use up some stuff I already have though! Love your haul! How is her twinkies scent, which were your favs??

    1. Her Twinkies scent is fantastic!! So far, it is my favorite that I've tried, even better than the poundcake blends!! Delicious, Delicious, Delicious!! My favorites have been Cotton Candy Twinkies, Creamy Coconut Twinkies, and Vanilla SCDB Twinkies!!

      What'd you end up ordering??!